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The Alpha's Mysterious Mate (The Fate Series Book 1)

The Alpha's Mysterious Mate (The Fate Series Book 1)

Author: Audrey W.
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Chapter 1 An Orphan

Word Count: 2396    |    Released on: 20/08/2021


e was having a picnic along with other she-wolves on the lawn. They carelessly threw all the

rown it properly themselves. But no, of course, they wouldn't do that because there was a

ck and my waist were already very sore. With a deep sigh, I picked up a broom and went over to sweep their garbage

to the grass? It's so hard to sweep." I gritted my

ne." The she-wolf crossed her legs nonchalantly and spat anoth

and looked at me mockingly. "Oh, whatever. Don't listen

dropped my broom and

One she-wolf got up and blocked my way, splashing her drink on m

else I'm going to report you to the A

hink I was? I was just an orphan anyway, adopted into the Black Moon Pack. Other than slave, I held no other status in th


and vampires, making my very existence an object of disgrace in itself. Hybrids were powerful creatures, which made them a threat t

sked a reliable friend of theirs, who was a wizard, to cast a spell that hid m

f Alphas had surrounded our house along with other werewolves. While my father was trying to fight them off in the hall, my mother took me aside to send me out through a secret passageway. I cried and begged

f who you are, more than you can even imagine, but you must hold on. One day, you're going to become a very powerful hybrid, with the power to maybe change the world.

and couldn't say anything more. With tears in her eyes, she wrapped me in one last emb

now. We'll try to catch

fully subdued my parents and shoved them to the center of the hall. The Alphas all wore masks. Some looked hesitantly at my parents, as if they were arg

My parents fell limply to the floor, thei

I couldn't afford to make a sound, but I had to go now. With tears still streaming down my fac

tiple bruises. But every time I fell, I gritted my teeth and got back up right away. Despite the physical and emotional pain that tortured me, I had to keep running. I didn't know how much longer I ke

ll to the ground. But this t

n up, I found myself i


hose words and believed they would come true one day. However, it had been six years

because they were all wearing masks then, I couldn't recognize them. I didn't know how to avenge for my parents. Although, I

ving hell. I realized later on that, the person who took me in was the actua

t me live in his house, but in all h

ugh just for me to fit. All chores in the house were assigned to me. Each day, people would tell me th

hen, I was afraid no amount of gratitude would convince anyone to happily live this mis

ited for all of them to leave before picking up all the discarded shells on t

n the hall. He always walked with a prideful air about him, as if there was nothing worth his precious attention. I had placed my bucket of dirty wat

t damned buc

to the dry floor and checked to see if


cket and set it

was big enough not to be missed, though. Tyler should have seen it from a mile away. But I knew he would nev

t of anger or beat me up. I was just an orphan, a slave

ce up now. We have g

ound and left, without even looking at

dirty water. I estimated that it would take over an hour for me to cle

me some good food. Brandon was Tyler's son, the future Alpha of the

. Although being the son of the Alpha, he wasn't exactly allowed to spend much time with me, he was still my sole playmate back then. Grow

s would pair us together as mates. But even if the Moon Goddess didn't assign us togeth

. In fact, it was one of the biggest reasons why I stayed here. Despite the discrimination I faced from everyone else because I was a lowly orph

Thinking of him definitely took away some fati

I saw something glinting. Curious, I inched closer and saw a bracele

Slowly, I recognized that this was the gif

ored cobblestones from the river. I worked to carefully grind, drill, and polish them until I could string them into an elegant bracelet. Although my hands sustaine

d out that it was here all this time, collecting dust in the corner. He'd always been careless with hi

told myself I'd return it


lly headed to a meeting room. Guests started

ing the guests. They looked like they were going to announce som

n Goddess has finally arranged my son Brandon Trump and Shirley Hunter, daughter of Alpha Thomas Hunter, to be each other's mates. Soon, we w



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