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Sold To The Gang Leader
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Chapter 1 Sold Out
11586    |    15/04/2021

Saved And Hated By The Gang Lord (-Saved by him-)

Madison's P O V

I sat alone in a dark room, tired and hungry. I can't remember when these last animals fed us. I don't know how long I've been staying in this house, but I was brought here when I turned 12. Looking at the way my body has developed, I might be 18 or 19 years old now.

I can't really recall what happened that terrible night, but I do remember that my friends and I were returning from a friend's house, where a party was thrown in my name, unexpectedly a black Jeep pulled over in front of us and kidnapped my other friend and me.

We both screamed out and struggled with the hefty men as they carried us up into their Jeep.

“Wait, why is my other friend left behind?” I turned to look at her, and I saw her staring at us blankly as the men closed up the door to the jeep.

"Good job." I heard the man holding me announce before the driver in charge of the black Jeep drove off at enormous speed.

My other friend, who was taken to the backside of the vehicle, couldn't stop screaming. The man who held her had to shut her up. He injected her with something in a syringe, and she instantly passed out.

I was so nervous that I had to keep quiet. The man holding me was already frightening enough. But why was Blake left behind? She didn't even scream to alert people, she just stood there like a mannequin.

That question always bothered me till today. My parents on the other hand. I don't even know if there are alive, but I hope that they are alright, and I hope they retain me in their hearts.

The compartment entrance spurt open, and a girl about my age entered the room and went under the bed. She looks terrified.

What could be the problem? I thought.

Another girl ran into the room and went to hide in another corner of the room alerted; I stood up on my two shaky feet and went closer to the door to look at what was going on. I can hear screams and shootings.

What's happening? I thought.

More girls ran past me and into the room to hide. Some couldn't stop crying. I mean, the newer girls among us can't stop crying.

The noises downstairs and the shootings continued until I saw men dressed in shady dresses approaching our room. I took my head in and quickly locked the entrance to the room.

They look frightening, just as horrifying as the men that retain us in imprisonment. A kick came to the door, and I had to move away from the entrance, I'm not that scary-cat type of girl, but with this right now, I'm frightened.

I mean, everyone in this room is trembling and with all those shootings outdoor. I wonder what is going on. The men succeeded in breaking the entrance to the room, and they passed into the bedroom.

"Everyone out! Don't let me repeat this!" The first man to enter screamed at us to get out of the bedroom with a powerful voice.

When no one made any move, he brought his gun out and shot at the air, frightening us the more. The newbies instantly ran out from their hiding places, obeying the command that was given.

The men behind the person that came in first started directing them somewhere else, and just like that, I was the only girl left who hadn't obeyed. The man put his gun back into his trouser pocket and stared into my face.

“You are the one." He groaned and instantly pulled me by the ankle, he started dragging me out of the room while I was struggling with him.

He pulled me down to our captors meeting room. There, the girls lined up on the floor. I can see our captor kneeling before a man, a hazardous man whose back is turned to me.

"Boss, she is the one." The man holding me said to the formidable man who has our captor kneeling before him.

The man slowly turned to look at me, he was putting on dark shades and a cigarette fixed between his lips. His hair glued to the back, making him look handsome, more like dangerously beautiful.

But why is a handsome human like him looking so terrifying and unapproachable? He seems dangerous with the way he puffs out smoke from his mouth. His backside is firm, and he looks stern; his muscles reflect through his tight roll-up sleeve.

He pulled his shades down a bit, his bored grey orbs settled on me, and he stayed there for two seconds.

“Take her to the car and wait there." I heard him speak for the first time.

His voice sounded alluring and authoritative.

I don't understand what's going on but my gut tells me that his deep gruff voice is alluring. I mean, His voice holds so much power mainly by just hearing it.

"Yes, boss." The man holding me obliged and started pulling me away.

How come most of my captors men are lying dead on the floor. Were they attacked? Oh, was that heavenly man sent to save us?-Oh my! I think that's what he is doing. He is saving us. The man holding me got into a black van with me.

Heart beats later, the other guys joined our van, and the driver drove out of Santiago's prison house. -Yes, I call it prison-house, else why will they keep holding other girls and me captive for how long while training us to act like whore.


After hours of driving, we finally arrived at an enormous building, and it's more like a fortress, and it was boldly written on it- EMILIO'S CASTLE.

The driver parked at a corner, and we all came down, more like the man holding me pulled me down.

"Follow me." He groaned, finally letting go of me.

He let's go, perhaps because he is hundred percent sure that I can't escape from here—men in Black are all over.

The security looks tighter than that of Santiago's prison house.

I quietly followed the man into the magnificent-looking building. There, I saw servants going around cleaning the house. They all seem to be in a hurry—What i

s this place?

I'm getting more confused, am I not being saved or what?—Did he bring me here to work as a servant or what?

I followed the man until he stopped in front of an older woman, not too old but old enough to be a mother. He whispered something into her ear before leaving, I proceeded to follow him, but the older woman halted me.

"Follow me." She instructed after giving me thorough cleaning with her eyes.

I followed her slowly from behind as she ascended the stairs. Her weak legs can't let her climb the stairs faster. I followed her down the hall to the third room on the right side of the aisle.

“Stay here for the meantime; I don't know when master Enzo will return. I'll know what to do with you after his instructions." She notified me and waited for me to enter the room.

I got on into the room, and she closed the door. She opened it a few seconds later.

“You can take your bath, and you don't look like you've bathed in a while. I'll be bringing you some food soon." At the mention of food, my stomach jubilated.

She closed the door then and walked away. I turned to face the room given to me. It isn't so flashy, and it's decent enough. I went to sit down on the bed after staring around the small space. My stomach grumbled again, making me place my hands on it.

It's okay. Food is coming. It's okay. I told myself.

After waiting for like 15 minutes, the door finally opened, and the older woman walked in again, this time with a tray of food. A smile crept up my face.

"You haven't bathed?" She asked, coming to stand in front of me, but when she noticed me staring intensely at the tray, she understood how hungry I was.

"Oh," she ohed and handed over the tray of food to me. I opened the covered plate to see delicious spaghetti and turkey meatballs.

What? I don't know the last time I tasted meat. Am I going to eat meat again? Tears welled up in my eyes at the thought. Without wasting time, I dug into the meal, and I don't know how many seconds it took before I devoured the whole meal.

"Wow! It would be best if you were starving. I'll have to give you another plate of that. Don't they feed you where you came from? You look so malnourished. I'm not sure you are strong enough to take him." The elderly lady looked worried at me.

"Um...I'll appreciate that," I answered, not minding her last word.

"Go into the bathroom and have a proper bath. I'm sure you know how to. I'll ask someone to bring another plate." She obtained the plates from me with a frown.

"Don't you drink water?" She asked, noticing that I didn't touch my water.

“I...I" mumbled and grabbed the cup of water. I gulped it down in one go.

"Thank you." I thanked her gratefully.

At Santiago's prison house, we girls had to share the little water we were given. I end up leaving the water to the rest of the girls. That has been so for long now, and I don't know how long.

She left with the tray after that. I stood up and walked towards the dual doors at the left side of the room with renowned energy. I haven't felt this great for long, honestly.

I opened the first door to notice that it was a walk-in cabinet. I opened the second door and found the bathroom.

"Ah, ” I gasped in relief and entered the well-built bathroom. I pulled off my dresses and dumped them on the floor before standing under the shower. It's been so long since I came under the bombardment.

After standing under the running water for about 20 minutes, I picked up a white towel that was hanging, then wiped my body dry before I picked up my old wears and put them on. I walked out of the bathroom after that to see another tray of food waiting for me as promised.

I giggled and rushed to the meal; I was so happy that the older woman fulfilled her promise. I opened the tray to see the exact quantity I was given earlier. I began eating it slowly, without care. I'm glad at least I had something to eat here.

Could it be that man that ordered them to feed me?—He might be the one, and he might be a nice man despite how handsomely destructive he looks. I mean, he is the most handsome although the rough-looking man I've seen.

After finishing my plate, I stood up and walked to the room's window. I can see the gate and the guards from here. The gate opened, and about six black cars entered the building.

Men wearing black dresses came out looking exhausted, but what caught my attention was the heavenly built, handsome yet rough-looking man from earlier.

My formal captor was pulled out from one of the black Jeep's booth and was brought to him. The handsome, savagely looking man bent down to eye level with him before saying some things to him.

My formal captor spat at him, making the men holding my standard captor start beating him up. This is getting more intriguing and also terrifying. What is happening?

After about 10 minutes, the handsomely barbarian man ordered the men to stop, and they did. He moistened down again to look at the body of the almost lifeless man. It was treacherous. Blood covered his body, blood, and sweat.

After whispering some things to my formal captor, he straightened back up and ordered his men on what to do before heading into the fortress.

I kept staring out as the men dragged my formal captor like a piece of trash. Not that he doesn't deserve it though, he deserves more than that. He deserves more for making me go through hell for who knows how long.


My Heartbeats increased immediately I heard footsteps approaching, not long, the door opened, and the older woman walked in urgently.

“He is here. Come with me, ” She announced and grabbed me along with her out of my space.

Wait, are we going to meet that man? The handsome barbarian man?

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