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My Possessive Brother's Desire
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Chapter 1 Jacob, my brother
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Avery POV:

The breakup is the truth, but I can’t accept it at all. My eyes are getting wet again and again, even after wiping the tears. I can’t stop that anymore... It’s like they are flowing on their own. It’s hurt as painful that I can’t take it anymore.

I take my cellphone and call the number of my boyfriend again. The ring is being cut repeatedly. He may have blocked me. I call him again. The ring is cut off again, but I am still calling.

My phone’s battery is dead. I get restless and run, putting the phone on charge. Standing next to the nightstand table, I start calling again. Repeatedly just busy and busy from the other side of the phone; I can’t hear anything without it. It’s so unbearable.

Suddenly Mommy calls me from downstairs for breakfast. I haven’t eaten anything since yesterday. That night I told her that I was not hungry as I went to sleep. If I don’t eat now, Mommy will suspect. And I don’t want that, so I go to the washroom to get my eyes watering. I know if they see me like this, they will surely hit me with their questions.

On the way down, I send a message to him, “I can’t, Mark. I can’t take it anymore. I’ll do whatever you tell me, just pick up the phone once, please.”

I stand still there for a while, holding the phone in my hand. But there is no reply come from the other side. I take the phone into the pocket of my shirt and turn on the ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode and make it silent.

Then I went downstairs.

Mommy has already arranged the food on the table. I see Daddy is done with his breakfast and now ready for the office as he looks at the newspaper. Seeing me sit down, he takes down the paper from his hand. Daddy doesn’t wear eyeglasses all the time. He takes the glasses when he has to read something with his eyes.

Daddy still looks at me and treats me like a little kid. He believes that I will always be a little kid in his eyes. The same thing happens today. Daddy drops the paper on the table, brings the glasses to his nose, frowns, and says,

“Why my Honey’s face looks like? Didn’t you sleep well last night, Avery?”

I giggle a little. I don’t have any pain when I get in front of Daddy. We are three brothers and sisters, my brother than me and then my younger sister.

This time I was on vacation from my high school. I gave a joint examination a few days ago. Although the test has been given, no good results are expected this time. Next time I have to study better, my brother and dad are discussing it properly.

My brother finished MBBS this year and was admitted to do MS in Surgery. He wanted me to become a surgeon. But I really want to be an engineer.

But now I don’t like anything. Everything seems annoying to me.

Before I can answer Daddy, my brother enters the room and says, “What else will she do, I’m sure she was with her mobile phone all night. Now look at you, you just look like an owl and if you stay awake all the night you will become a black owl. Then no one will you marry again, huh?” He says, laughing and starts to move to a safe distance from me.

That’s it. I found my brother and forgot everything. As I was walking toward him from the table, I shouted, “Mommy, look, brother is calling me an owl!”

I see brother move to the opposite side of the table. As soon as I turn the table and go in the opposite direction, he runs and goes to the other side. It’s as if the two of us are playing around the table.

Daddy looks at the two of us but doesn’t pay much attention. Because he knows that this is a normal in this home. I always had a fight with my elder brother. Otherwise, the house would have been very quiet.

He shouts from the other side as I run to catch him, “I said owl, look, you can’t see anything during the day. I’m still in front of you but you still can’t catch me!”

He is going to say something more to annoy me. But Then Mommy enters with my younger sister Eva in her arms; Eva is only one year old. Very affectionately, when I see her, I just want to take her in my arms. This time, it happens too. I run and take my sister in my arms.

“Don’t you have to go to the hospital, sit down and eat first. You have nothing to do but to annoy your sister every day!” Mommy scolds my bother as I break my tongue towards him, take Eva in my arms, and go to the balcony.

Suddenly something is vibrating in my pocket. It’s the phone!


Jacob was looking at her younger sister, Avery. His sister grew up day by day. A few days ago, he used to walk around with Avery on his lap. Jacob’s mom was probably looking at him.

Seeing Jacob’s intense love for his sister overflowing, she said, “What will you do when she moves to another house a few days later to get married?”

Jacob sighed. “Unless I find someone who will keep Avery happy, I won’t let her go anywhere, and no one will ever be able to hurt my sister. If anyone cries my sister, his death will be written in my hand, I will never leave him.”

Jacob’s mom sighed as she looked at his son’s tightened fist. What if her son was a doctor but very angry and stubborn when it was about Avery.

Jacob is about six feet tall, very healthy, and has a lot of energy in his body as he goes gym and practices martial arts every day. But Jacob’s only problem is that he loves her sister very much; he is very possessive towards Avery.

When she first gave Avery to 7-year-old Jacob’s lap, he hugged little Avery very carefully and was surprised to see her. Wrapped in a small cloth was a doll-like baby, Jacob’s sister, Avery. When Jacob’s mom was busy, Avery cried, and he ran before Jacob’s mom would reach, calming her in his lap, putting a bottle of milk in her mouth, and putting her to sleep on his lap; nothing was left out. In a word, Jacob has raised Avery from small to big.

Then one day, that happened. Jacob’s mom was called from school that day. For Jacob. He had a fight. It was so unusual for him that she couldn’t accept it. At some point, she ran to the school and saw fourteen-year-old Jacob sitting in front of the principal’s room, hugging seven years younger Avery.

The scar on his face proves that he really had a fight. But still, he is hugging her sister tightly and taking his hand on her head.

He bowed his head at the sight of seeing the arrival of his mom. She moved forward toward his son and took Avery from his lap. When she took Avery, she cried.

The principal himself called Mrs. Linda to come.

“Mrs. Linda, it’s unbelievable to me that a boy like Jacob would do such a thing. He’s a bright student.” The principal said, but Mrs. Linda was looking at his son. The principal’s words did not reach her ears at all.

This time she opened her mouth, “Madam, I don’t know how to apologize, but I had a question. I know my son. It’s hard to believe he hit anyone for no reason. What had happened?”

The principal said helplessly, “We don’t know. We have to take the three boys to the hospital. What can we do if we don’t know the reason? But Jacob doesn’t open his mouth yet.”

This time she looked at his son to ask Jacob, “What happened, son? I believe you that you have a reason for doing it.”

Jacob sat down with his face down. It was very difficult for him to lift his face. He tightened his fist on his lap. Then he looked up and saw his sister sleeping in his mom’s lap. And in an instant, his eyes became very red and glowed again.

A gruff voice was heard from Jacob, “They were laughing with Avery’s pants off. I was on my way to Avery’s class after my class. Seeing this condition of her made my head heat up. No one can touch her. I will hit them like this.”

Depending on how Jacob spoke, this thing could go very bad. But neither the principal nor his mom took the matter well. The principal immediately called and asked Avery’s teachers to come

to the meeting room.

The principal warned him, “Jacob, it’s too bad things happened to Avery, but next time you won’t beat anyone. Let us know. And Mrs. Linda, we’re having a meeting. You need to don’t worry about this matter. You can take him home. He is not letting us treat his face at all. You can take him home and treat.”

As soon as he left the principal’s room, he took his sister in his arms as he turned to Linda and said, “Mom, I want to strengthen myself so that no one can look up to my sister.”

Mrs. Linda stopped that day. She did not understand what to say.


I left the phone and cried under the pillow; nothing could be heard except the sound of my sobs. I do not want anyone to see my tears.

Daddy and mommy are downstairs, but next to my room is my brother’s room, and he studies late at night. If he guesses something, he asks me now, and he will finish me off by asking many questions. He loves me very much but thinks a little more about me.

He doesn’t like any boy to come around me. I did not have any boyfriends for fear of my brother.

Once, on my way back from school, I was very young then when some boy on the side of the road saw me and made some nasty comments. I still remember that incident. I started crying back home. When brother returned from college, he knew it right away…what happened to me…from mommy, and he got angry and left.

Daddy tried to stop him, but he didn’t listen to him that day.

After that, Daddy got a phone call and left. Then after a while, he came back with my brother. I saw that his face was black only on the side of his lips. Mommy ran to him when she saw that. And I, the little one, went to my brother’s stomach crying and hugged him. He leaned over and took me in his arms, kissed me on the forehead, and hugged me that day.

Then Daddy yelled, “Take care of your son. Your son is fighting again. People in the area have come to report to the police and the police have separated them. Your son was sitting at the police station. He will be a doctor in two days. Now he doing this thing! Boo boo, State Police was my patient, so this time I don’t have to face any problem. But what will have happened next if your son doing fighting again.”

Daddy shouted as he looked at mommy again.

Mommy then came in front of my brother. “Why are you fighting, Jacob? This will happen when the girl grows up! How long will you save your sister like this?”


For the first time in his life, Jacob looked up at his mom and said, “As long as I’m here, no boy, no one can look up to her.”

Linda looked into his son’s eyes and was shocked to see something. Then she pushed her hand on her son’s back and took him and Avery to the room. As Avery lay down on the bed, sleeping, Mrs. Linda dragged Jacob to the door, sighed once, and said, “You’re wrong, Jacob. That’s not possible.”

Jacob was probably shocked. Then he reacted very softly and said, “Why not? Avery is not my own sister.”

Mrs. Linda sighed again. Then after a few moments of silence, she said in a serious voice, “But not everyone knows that. Everyone knows Avery is your sister. Society will never accept it. What will happen next, you will suffer yourself and your sister Avery will also suffer.”

Jacob was silent for a long time. Then he hugged his mom and cried, “I can’t do that, mom. Trying a lot. But I can’t.”

Avery didn’t know any of this; she was asleep then. She was dreaming in her sleep, holding her brother’s hand, holding a balloon in her other hand, and started walking toward an unknown world. Gradually falling into a deeper sleep, she embraced her brother’s hand in absolute faith.


I loved my brother dearly, so I always accepted my brother’s insistence. But since that incident, the boys had been avoiding me. Who would be beaten just for a girl, for me!

So, when I first got an offer of love, I couldn’t believe that any boy really offered me. Incidentally, daddy bought me a very expensive smartphone for good results. I opened an account on Facebook after telling my brother a lot. However, my brother’s condition was that no picture could be given on Facebook. A lot of people can do something bad with my pictures, as my brother told me.

I happily accepted a friend request from a handsome boy named Mark on the first day. The first messages were just a little talk. I liked talking to Mark. He asked about my family. I told him everything but just excluded my own brother’s incidents. Because I suspected that he would stop talking to me if he knew everything about my brother. But he was probably not a local boy, so I was not particularly afraid of my brother.

After talking for a few days, Mark was embarrassed and asked me to send him my picture. I happily went crazy. Someone first time wanted a picture from me. I immediately took my pictures with selfie camera and sent them to him. Then there was no SMS coming for a while.

When mine’s mind was getting very upset, maybe he didn’t like me as I thought an SMS came in.

He sent me a message, “Mark: I never thought you would be so beautiful.”

“Avery: Thank you.” My cheeks turned red as I wrote this.

“Mark: I’ll make a request, please don’t say no, will you meet me one day?”

I didn’t know what to write; I was afraid of my brother, and I was terrified if Mark had left my life for my brother. Again, at the same time, my body was repeatedly trembling in excitement.

With a trembling hand, I typed, “Avery: OK, I’ll meet you.”

“Mark: Thank you, you don’t even know how much you made me happy, Avery.”

This was how the relationship between him and me developed.


Suddenly I heard a knock on the door and lifted my face from the pillow.

Brother was calling me, standing outside the door. “Hey, what’s the sound coming from your room, Avery. Open the door.”

I immediately switched off the phone.

Then I responded, “Coming. “I hurried into the washroom, wiped my face with water, turned off the light, and opened the door.

I saw him standing in a boxer’s suit; his chest muscles tightened, and I was sometimes proud of him. I have never seen such a beautiful body as my brother.

He tightened his facial muscles and said, “What sound was coming from inside your room.”

Saying this, he removed me from the way and entered my room. He turned on the light, looked around the room, turned to me, and stopped.

As soon as he came in front of me, he leaned towards me, raised my face towards himself, and observed me very sharply. Then I saw that my brother’s eyes became very sharp.

His eyes lit up terribly. “Who is he?” Brother stopped saying that; there was a clear depth in his voice. I was silent.

Suddenly, I realized that he was tapping on both sides of my shoulders.

“Brother, it hurts, relax,” I mumbled. But his hands did not loosen.

But after his hand almost leaned over, he raised my face to himself and asked, “I’ll ask once, and you know, Avery, I don’t like to ask a second time, tell me who the boy is.”

I was shaking like a leaf. If he finds out, he will kill Mark.

He started shaking me by my shoulder. I was in pain. I had never seen my brother get so angry. I have no choice but to lie now.

I quickly looked into his eyes and said in a low voice, “No one, no one, no boy in my life. Believe me, brother, I was terrified of my results, what would happen if I don’t get a chance in a good college.” I lied and tried to convince him. Then I hugged him because he was very angry. I hugged him tightly with both my hands, and I knew he wouldn’t be angry if I hugged him like this.

Suddenly I felt my brother’s anger subside. He pulled me closer against him with his two hands, “It’s a mistake, Avery, I didn’t understand. I don’t understand you are so worried about result. Please, forgive me, honey.”

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