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Love Trap: Time Tells No Lies
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Chapter 1 Controversial Homecoming
822    |    19/01/2021

"Breaking news: We report to you live from the airport, where international model Tasha Su and her five-year-old son have just arrived moments before.

Tasha Su's homecoming has immediately courted controversy. In an ambush interview with reporters earlier, she confirmed that the father of her child was none other than the founding CEO of the Dragon Group, John Gong. This validated suspicions by eagle-eyed observers who had noted that the apparently illegitimate child bore a striking resemblance to John Gong.

This revelation, however, is expected to cause difficulties for John Gong, who is set to marry Helen An, eldest daughter of the An family, in three days.

Would Tasha Su's homecoming drive a wrench in the wedding of the season? How would John Gong react to this news? Stay tuned for further updates!"

There would be no further updates, however.

The news was suppressed by the Dragon Group in less than five minutes after it was aired, with articles online immediately taken down or blocked, a clear testament to the company's power.

As this happened, a gleaming Benz sped through the highway.

Inside the car, Tasha, wearing a long black windbreaker and a pair of sunglasses, and Edison Su, playing with his video games, lounged in the backseat. Tasha looked the very picture of a fashionista even in her casual wear and with the sunglasses covering her sultry eyes.

At the moment, however, a frown marred her exquisite features as she browsed around on entertainment websites on her phone. She glowered as she checked one showbiz website after another, finding absolutely no reports on her juicy tell-all this morning.

The internet should be on fire with the news by now!

She huffed irritably.

She knew, of course, that the Dragon Group had a firm hold over Z City. With just one word, John Gong could silence any information he wanted.

She sighed and leaned back in her seat. From the corner of her eye, she spotted Edison playing on his laptop. A light bulb went off in her head.

She sidled up to the child and rested her chin on his hair, pouting. "Edison, mommy is sad. Your daddy has blocked news of our arrival," she whined.

"Blocked?" Edison turned to look up at her, blinking his big, round eyes innocently.

Then, with a sweet smile, he patted his chest. "Not to worry, Mommy. I'll take care of it."

He turned his attentio

n back to his laptop, exiting his video game and entering a web page. Then he started cracking. Edison's little fingers raced over the keyboard, the rapid-fire clacking sounds filling the car.

A minute later, he turned the screen of the laptop to his mother. "I'm done, Mommy, look! Stop being sad now. Okay?"

The screen showed news about their arrival and Edison's paternity at the top of search lists, the articles up and accessible again on entertainment and news websites. Tasha's eyes danced in delight.

Tasha knew her son wouldn't fail her on this, having witnessed him hack into no less than the defense network of the Security Bureau a year ago. A smug smile tugged on her lips.

The internet was abuzz now. Even the Dragon Group wouldn't be able to tamp it down. She pinched Edison's cheek. "My amazing baby! You make mommy so proud.

I'm so happy," Tasha cooed. She leaned back in her seat and smirked. "Your daddy must be very angry."

Edison huffed irritably, "Daddy is mean. I don't care if he is angry!" he yelled. He had no affection for John at all.

He put his laptop aside and rested his small head on Tasha's chest, pouting.

"That's right. Daddy is a bad, bad man," she purred. She gave her child a quick squeeze and stroked his hair absentmindedly as she looked out the window.

Tasha smiled with satisfaction. She could just imagine John's face now.

The imagination in Tasha's head, in fact, wasn't far from reality.

At that exact moment, at the twelfth floor of the magnificent building of the Dragon Group, John was at his desk, his mouth drawn in a harsh, tight line.

His sharp black eyes stared coldly at his computer screen, which currently displayed the news that was gripping the internet.

John furrowed his brows. The news claimed that he apparently had an illegitimate five-year-old son.

But over the last decade or so, he had only ever touched one woman: Kate An. And she had died five years ago. It was impossible that any woman could have given birth to a child of his over the last five years.

Who was this Tasha and why was she claiming that the boy was his son?

John turned to look at his assistant, Felix Gu, who was standing attentively to one side. "Bring that woman to me!" he snapped.

She must be taught a lesson. No one dared cross John and got away with it.

"Yes, sir!" Felix promptly answered.

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