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Trade For Love: Stick With Bossy Billionaire
Xia Luowei
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Chapter 1 The Wrong One
9303    |    27/07/2020

It was snowing heavily that day. There were hardly any people on the street, and a figure in red was moving slowly in the snow. As she looked up at the snowflakes falling on her long eyelashes, which instantly turned into crystal water drops, Laura Yan couldn't help smiling, and two pretty dimples were visible on her cheeks.

This woman seemed to be quiet and rather composed. She didn't seem belong to this city adorned with skyscrapers, but the sight of her made people who saw her feel at ease.

All of a sudden, her phone rang. With an anxious look on her face, Laura Yan quickly took out her phone. It was a number unfamiliar to her. It wasn't her father calling. That was good!


"You finally answered my call! Where the hell are you right now?" A man's cold and overbearing voice came from the phone, interrupting her greeting.

Laura Yan was taken aback. She didn't recognize the voice on the phone. "Sir, you are..."

"Sir?" The man asked in response to what she said, clearly quite angry, "Where the hell are you?"

This violent roar brought a frown on Laura Yan's face. She worriedly looked around. Since she wasn't familiar with this place, she was a bit uncertain, "I..."

But, before she could even say another word, the man roared out in anger again, which made her eardrum buzz. "I'm warning you. Don't test my patience. I'm only going to ask you one last time. Where are you right now?"

Trembling in fear, Laura Yan looked up at a sign and blurted out, "The Shadow Lake!"

"Wait for me there. Don't go anywhere!" An unquestionable order had been given to her.

Before Laura Yan could say anything, the man hung up the phone. With a deep frown, she wondered who it was. Why was he so angry and looking for her in such a hurry? Was it someone sent by her father? Laura Yan stared blankly into her phone for a while. When she was about to continue wandering, the screeching sound from brakes startled her and almost made her drop her phone to the ground.

A black Ferrari pulled over right next to her. A tall man rushed out of the car and slammed the door behind him. Then, he began to look around.

There was no one else on the street at this point. She couldn't take her eyes off of this handsome gentleman. His physique along with his tailored clothes displayed his unique taste and personality. His attractive face and slightly furrowed eyebrows made him seem a little angry, but it didn't do anything to lessen his charm at all.

Seeing him take out his phone and dial a number anxiously, Laura Yan faltered a bit. A moment later, her phone rang and startled her, so much so that the phone in her hand almost fell to the ground.

The man's eyes were like an eagle's, turning into cold arrows and piercing right through Laura Yan.

She quickly looked away and answered the phone in a low voice, "Hello?"

Before she could say anything else, the silhouette of the man appeared in front of her. She heard no sound on the phone, and his shadow surrounded her petite body, which immediately made her feel so distressed.

"Did you answer your phone just now?" His icy voice was even more frightening than the whistling cold wind.

Hearing this, Laura Yan reflexively nodded her head. She could tell right away that the man standing in front of her was indeed the intimidating man on the phone earlier.

"Sir... You must have mistaken me for someone else," she said, carefully raising her head. The man's towering height felt so intimidating that it made her want to get as far away from him as she could, as soon as possible.

The man's eyes glistened under the sharp light as he looked Laura Yan up and down. Her petite figure and eyes, which seemed to be on the verge of tears, made her look so frightened. Her nose was a little red due to the cold, and her tiny lips had gotten pale as well. She was beautiful, but she wasn't the person he was looking for!

The man's eyes grew colder and colder by the second, and he almost turned a little violent. The corners of his thin lips moved ever so slightly, and he asked, "Who are you?"

"Me? Why should I tell you?" Laura Yan answered sourly, embarrassed by the man's intense stare and his question. She turned around and was about to walk away, but she suddenly felt a tight grip on her wrist.

"What do you think you're doing? Let go of me..." Laura Yan tried to break free, but he was too strong for her.

The man's sharp gaze were glued to her. "Tell me, where is Olivia Jiang?"

Laura Yan tried to shake him off, but he just tightened his grip even more. Writhing in pain, she frowned and yelled out, "Let go of me! I do

n't know the person you're looking for. Let go of me..."

The anger in the man's eyes made him look crazy. He snatched the phone from her hand and said, "Don't you know that name? How can you possibly use this phone number if you don't know her?"

Her phone had been taken away, and Laura Yan was sent into a panic. "Give me back my phone!"

To which the man sneered, "Are you worried about this phone? Then, tell me who you are and where Olivia Jiang is!"

"My name is Laura Yan. I've been using this phone number since I arrived in this city a few days ago! I really have no idea who the person you're looking for is, let alone where she is! Please, give me back my phone..." Laura explained eagerly.

"Laura Yan?" The scary man looked at her and smiled all of a sudden. "A member of the Yan family?"

Seeing the smile on the man's face, Laura was actually a bit scared, but she stubbornly asked, "What's wrong with the Yan family? Do you hold a grudge against my family?"

Completely ignoring her question, the man let go of her and quickly took out the SIM card, and handed the mobile phone back to her.

"Give me back the SIM card!" Laura glared at the unreasonable man and protested, without accepting the phone.

The man looked at her, held the tiny SIM card in his hand and said word by word slowly, "I'm warning you, you can't use this SIM card!"

Biting her lower lip, she stared at him without saying a word or taking back the phone.

"Okay!" As soon as he was done speaking, the phone drew a beautiful arc from the man's hand and was thrown away.

"Why? Why did you do that?" Laura asked in astonishment.

She watched as her phone flipped in the air. With the sound of the ice breaking, it fell into the Shadow Lake not far away. Left utterly dumbfounded, she shot the man an intense glare and ran into the thick pile of snow. There was a hole in the thin ice's surface, and ripples were still spreading. The thin ice on the entire lake trembled slightly.

Gritting her teeth, Laura jumped into the lake, creating even more ripples. The biting cold water cut her face like a knife as well as her hand. It quickly made its way into her clothes and to every inch of her skin. Her heart skipped a beat. It was the first time that she had seen snow since she grew up in the south. Simply put, she hadn't fully grasped how cold the snow was in the north.

The man frowned as he watched her walk toward the edge of the lake. She paused for a while and unexpectedly jumped into the water. The man was completely taken aback. It was winter right now, and the temperature was well below zero. The snow was still pouring down.

"Silly woman, you can go to hell for all I care!" The man cursed and turned around to leave. Since she was not Olivia Jiang, this matter had nothing to do with him! However, when he had already walked away, the man suddenly turned back. This woman was such an idiot! He could've easily paid her back for the phone. Did she really have to jump into the lake? No, she was a member of the Yan family! She shouldn't have jumped into the lake for just a stupid phone!

At the thought of that, the man slowly walked toward the bank of the lake. A big hole was visible on the surface of the frozen lake, and Laura was nowhere to be seen. With his eyebrows deeply knit, the man took off his coat, glared at the big hole, and then jumped into it.

When he finally came out of the water, he looked so angry as he held the unconscious woman in his arms. The man carried Laura and went straight to the Ferrari, throwing her on the back seat.

He started the car and turned on the heater, but the anger on his face hadn't gone yet. The cold water on his hair was drying up in the warm air, and he seriously felt as though there was smoke above his head.

The man glanced at her from the rear-view mirror. Earlier, she said that she just arrived in this city.

With a solemn expression on his face, the man dialed a number and ordered, "Mandy, go to the villa right now!"

Without giving the person on the other end of the line a chance to speak, he quickly hung up the phone.

The captivating woman stopped in front of a villa, looked up and smiled triumphantly. Harrison Li, this man let her come here at last!

"Are you Miss Mandy? Come in, please!" The servant, Betty, opened the door and invited her in.

"Mr. Harrison!" Mandy Tang's voice was so alluring, and she had such a sweet smile. His eyes and eyebrows were full of amorous feelings, but she still didn't dare to approach the owner of the villa, who was lazily lounging on the sofa. He was none other than Harrison Li.

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