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Evil CEO: Lost In Bossy Love
Catherine Pipe
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Chapter 1 I'm Not Your Brother-In-Law
1197    |    01/06/2020

The city lights lit up the lonely nightscape.

In the private box of a nightclub was a woman. Her eyes were watery, and her face unusually flushed red.

"Ahhh... It's so hot..." Growing more and more uncomfortable, Emily Mu tried to take her clothes off.

Suddenly, she heard footsteps. Propping herself up on her elbows, she desperately tried to get up from the bed. Unfortunately, she was too weak, and slumped down back on the mattress.

A man walked up to her and raised her chin. "Are you Flora Mu's sister, Emily Mu?"

"You are..." Emily Mu tried her best to open her eyes. The light in the room was dim, and the man's statue-like features looked quite handsome. The expression on his face was cold, and his sharp eyes stared into her face with a ferocity. It was a look that was definitely not the friendly type.

The man leaned over, and the pungent smell of alcohol swept over her nose. His burning breath sprayed on her face. "Well, don't you look so innocent and pure? I guess I'll have to take you to atone for your sister!"

The woman's long black hair fell down the sides of her face, making her look even more beautiful. Her complexion was as smooth as porcelain -- not a single flaw could be seen on her fair skin. Because of the drug she had unknowingly taken, Emily Mu helplessly panted and squirmed around.

"Damn it!" Edward Situ cursed in a low voice.

'How can this woman be so arousing?!'

She was his enemy. By now, he should have been in the middle of torturing her. 'I ordered those people to make her unconscious. Not drug her like... like this!'

Lifting his hand, he gingerly touched her cheek, which in turn made her tremble inexplicably. "I... Why am I here?" she mumbled under her breath.

Her cheeks were pink like peach, and her lips were slightly parted as she took in deep breaths. Above her big eyes were her raised eyebrows, which were knitted together in confusion. It was an understatement to say that Edward Situ was very much interested in this woman.

"Why are you here? Can't you see? We have this room all to ourselves." He smirked. There was no one around who could stop anything from happening.

"It's I want..." From the looks of it, Emily Mu couldn't understand what Edward Situ had said to her just now.

There were a lot of things going on in his head at the time. Here was a gorgeous looking woman lying in bed in front of him, as innocent and helpless as a rabbit. From the looks of it, she didn't even seem to realize that she was in danger.

'I know I have a job to do... But why not take advantage of the situation first?'

A cold light flashed across Edward Situ's eyes. He would not let her go so easily!

"It's very hot, isn't it? I'll do what you want now. I'll make you feel comfortable!" He picked her up, walked into the bathroom and turned on the shower head. Cold water rushed out of the shower head and instantly drenched her clothes.

"Ah..." Emily Mu was wet all over, her hair messily matted down on her face. Despite her appearance, she sighed in relief as she suddenly sobered up.

After a while, she looked around her. "Why am I here?" Finally, her eyes laid on the man in front of her.

His eyes, which were framed by his thick brows, were as bright as dark diamonds. A strong, pressing aura exuded from him.

Still in a daze, Emily Mu couldn't help but think how handsome this man was!

Even though she was still out of her wits, she recognized him almost immediately that this man was her sister's fiance.

Which made him her...

Brother-in-law! But now he was alone in the bathroom with her!

"Brother-in-law! What are you doing?" With a blush on her face, she stared at him with her bright eyes. It wasn't until this point that she realized that something was wrong.

"I don't want to be you

r brother-in-law! And I don't want to marry a murderer!" Edward Situ sneered.


"What are you talking about?" Emily Mu mumbled. Looking around, she was starting to get a bit uneasy. "I want to go home." She bit her lip and was about to take her leave.

However, Edward Situ grabbed her waist, carried her on his shoulder and walked out of the bathroom. His eyes were full of aggressiveness. "Since you're already here, there's no reason why you should go so soon."

"Let me go! What are you doing?!" Emily Mu struggled desperately, but the discrepancy between the strength of a man and that of a woman was too great, and her struggle was in vain.

In one swift movement, Edward Situ threw her on the bed. After regaining her composure, she felt a pair of burning eyes staring directly at her.

She subconsciously grabbed the quilt and covered herself.

Edward Situ walked to the bar counter, took a bottle of Vodka, and drank a few mouthfuls.

"Brother-in-law... Maybe you've been drinking too much." 'Where did this all go wrong?' Emily Mu asked herself.

She remembered that when she was on her way home from work when a car suddenly stopped beside her. Several men dragged her into the car, and then they pressed a cloth against her mouth and nose. At that point she had lost consciousness. When she woke up again, she was already lying here.

What didn't make sense for her was the fact that her brother-in-law was here.

It was even more incomprehensible for her how he could say such things to her earlier.

And from the looks of it, Edward Situ had one too many to drink.

Edward walked over and raised her chin. His eyes were filled with hatred. The strong smell of alcohol wafted into her nose. "What a stupid woman! Remember, my name is Edward Situ, not brother-in-law!"

As soon as he finished speaking, he forcefully pulled away the quilt wrapped around her body. With a pull of his big hand, the clothes that Emily had tried to loosen up earlier had easily slipped away from her body as well.

There were still droplets of water all over her face and body. Her red, supple lips trembled in fear, making her look especially delicate yet pitiful.

A hint of amazement flashed through Edward's eyes.

'Damn it! Am I actually interested in her body? This is an insult to Lucy!' he thought to himself.

"Brother-in-law... No, I mean, Mr. Situ... You can't do this... Please, let me go..." Emily raised her hands and tried to push him away. Her thoughts were such a mess right now. Why would he want to do something like this?

At that moment, Edward caught a whiff of her scent that seemed to trigger some memory of another person. "Lucy..."

For a split second, he had an illusion that his Lucy was back!

As Edward's eyes fluttered shut, Emily saw a golden opportunity. From the corner of her eyes, she saw a bottle of wine that was within her reach. Her eyes narrowed, and without a second thought, she reached out to pick up the bottle and smashed it right on his head.

The bottle didn't break, but it hit Edward's head with a loud and hollow bang. With a livid face, Edward sneered and pounced on her.

"You should feel honored to be on my bed! No woman has ever been so bold!"

Realizing that she had taunted him, her hands started to tremble. "Brother-in-law... I was wrong... Please let me go."

However, no matter how hard she begged him, he couldn't suppress his anger. His hands went over her body mercilessly, his grasp rough and fierce.

"No..." Emily knew by now that this man in front of her was about to tear her into pieces.

"It's too late. There's no way you can get away from this!" Edward said coldly. He took off his tie and subdued her in a blink of an eye.

In an instant, a shadow came over, and Emily's eyes were drowned in despair.

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