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Ex-wife's Temptation

Ex-wife's Temptation

Author: Bethony
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Chapter 1 His Sweetheart

Word Count: 1868    |    Released on: 25/05/2020

room, the phone kept ringing.

snapped at the man next to her, "Kevin Fu, you–" Before sh

rength to glare at him anym

ody had softened undernea

He smiled lazily before reaching out to

the living room?" There was a short pause before he

charming and sexy, especially with the sweat running all over his skin. There was som

a fact that those fe

only belonged

t voice, she fro

he blanket that had fallen to the ground while Ke

ly open, and she could hear

tems were imported from D Country. That meant t

, but Anne Luo felt that the room was no different

too busy staring at her surroundings, Kevin Fu had al

as if she was just another

uch. Although she was his wif

other. All she did was go to bed at this time of every day. It was clearly writte

ares of the AN Group would be repossessed and s

rbes List, soaring so high up that none of

s just seventeen, he had already doubled the net worth of the A

o Marry' three times in a row. He was also de

Anne Luo knew that his sweetheart

ional photographer

ld as night. "Are you really that stupid that you don't even know how to

in her heart, and sh

on't forget that you have dinner in the Cloud and Heaven tonight. If y

Luo clenched her fists. For him, noth

headed towards her war

to endure all of this, but was that r

glistened w

ress. Except for the small discomfort on her lower

d every tim

act already, he wouldn'

in her hips, sh

taking photos with Cherry

It enveloped her figure perfectly, and

match made

w that Anne Luo was al

faltered. "What took y

. In reality, all she wanted

Anne. "It's Kevin who insisted on taking a photo of us together and posting it on our We

ason as she reached out her hand

phone before smiling

d take some lessons for the next few days. Maybe then, you might

Anne's heart, but s

yed at the fact that she wa

his hand on C

n!" Cherry teased as

r gaze was on Anne. Her eyes flashed prov

e was ver

und Cherry's body felt like si

o matter how much she hated the two people in fron

rom her eyes. But at this moment, she restrained

ist. In other photos, he even l

hyly, Che

t she didn't miss

's face still didn't change the slightest. "Give me back my ph

ation, Anne hande

like a spoiled child. "Do you

ound her face. "Of course not! You're the most beautiful woman in the world," he imm

Don't you believ

t meant she was also good looking. Altho

dded imm

ht to her waist, framing her heart-shaped face and large eyes. There was something about h

act, any man who saw her wou

be beautiful, especially since Ann

gle one of them, Cherry's beauty was highlighted and his gracefu

his heart, he impatiently put a

about to leave whe

Your clothes have the same color as Cherry's. Don't wear the same color as

. "In fact, toss all the clothes that may be si

seconds to get the words out as she gritted her

s! How the hell did she disrespec


rs of her lips. Something flashed in her eyes

ite clothes and thre

erred light-colored fa

nne disdained herself fo

osted them?" Cherry asked,

as he smiled brightly at the wo

s their arms wrapped around each other, it was obvious that they were the perfect match. However, the more he s

py Birthday, Baby. I

osting, a lot of people

torture to for a si

you? You kill me, my friend. At le

"Cherry, you're glowing! Happy Birthday! I hope that

in had a wife, they also knew t



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Chapter 99 Do You Love Me Or Not
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