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Love Mission: Ex-wife Strikes Back

Love Mission: Ex-wife Strikes Back

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Chapter 1 Who Stole Julia's Husband

Word Count: 1172    |    Released on: 30/03/2020

Today was a very important day for Julia Gu. Her agent, Consuela Shen, had just informed her of the award she'd receive tonight!

Julia Gu just couldn't wait to share the news with Terence Chen.

However, no matter how much she tried, he still wouldn't answer. Unbothered, Julia Gu simply dialed his number again and again. On the fifth ring, he finally picked up. "What?"

His cold voice was almost unrecognizable that she had to look at her screen to check if it was him.

"Where are you?" The moment the video chat connected, Julia squinted at the screen. Just behind him was the large signage of the infamous motel in H City – Double Q.

This place was infamous for people who were looking for one-night stands or a place to entertain their cheating escapades. Adulteries happened very often here, that the hotel had its own nickname: Catching Adultery!

Coincidentally, a new movie Julia acted in was shot on Double Q, so she was very familiar with the place.

Her fingers wrapped around the phone so hard that veins popped out of her skin.

Julia restrained herself and smiled. "Mr. Chen, are you going to the motel to fix your business? I'm quite impressed."

Before she had a chance to say more, Terence Chen immediately hung up the phone.

She gritted her teeth, stomping out of her lounge. "Abby, give me the car keys."

"Julia, the party will begin in two hours and–" Abby furrowed her eyebrows, glancing from left to right.

"Did you not hear what I just said?" she demanded. Abby froze, her hands already trembling at the sight of Julia losing her temper. Consuela Shen finally approached them. She asked Abby to leave before dragging Julia to the lounge, her lips curling in irritation.

"Are you crazy? Do you see how packed this place is? Do you even know the importance of being here? Anyone can write about you. You'll be in the headlines by sundown, that's for sure if you keep acting like this!" Consuela scowled, throwing her hands up exasperatedly.

"Yeah? Well, I don't give it a shit." Julia sneered. Right now, at this very moment, her husband would be having an affair with some other bitch he probably got from a bar. She didn't care what the whole world would think of her.

"Please, Consuela. I need an hour. I need to talk to my husband," she pleaded as she grabbed her agent on the wrist. However, it had no effect on Consuela.

"Do you have any idea how much I've worked just to get you here? Even if the skies fall out, you're not allowed to go outside. Not until this event is over."

"Consuela..." Knowing that pleas wouldn't work on her agent, Julia decided to come clean. "Terence... He cheated on me. I can't be like this for the next two hours pretending as if it's not happening right now!"

"I knew it was that jerk again!" Consuela's face turned pale in rage. She wagged a finger at her. "You're a great girl, Julia, but this is getting ridiculous! The man doesn't love you. You've already been married for three years, and who else knows? Just me. Isn't it better that you call it quits now?"

"You're right." Julia smiled bitterly. "I just... I just want to talk to him."

Julia glanced at her. "I wasn't able to make up my mind in the past since I was blinded by my love for him. I has been thirteen years... If I see him with another woman, I'll give up."

"Julia." Consuela furrowed her eyebrows. "Look, I can solve any problem for you whenever, but this isn't the right time. You can't do anything stupid tonight."

"Please." Tears welled up in Julia's eyes as she begged again and again.

However, Consuela didn't budge an inch. She stood by the doorway with her arms crossed.

"Don't you think it's time to lose weight?" Julia raised her eyebrows.

Consuela only glared back at her.

Consuela knew what kind of person Julia was. She'd try everything just to get what she wanted. "If you used the same method you do to me, to Terence, then you wouldn't have ended up like this."

She glanced at her watch. "There's still an hour and fifty minutes left before the dinner party. You got fifty minutes. Come back no matter what."

"Okay." Julia wiped her tears and rushed out of the door.

Due to the fear of getting noticed, Julia wore a big coat, a pair of sunglasses, and a mask. Without another thought, she ran towards Double Q.

She had gotten Terence's room number right away, having connections with the receptionist. She rushed up the floor and smashed the door with all her might.

The thought of Terence holding another woman made Julia want to puke.

Everyone huddled over the room to see what happened. She sneered. "Terence, don't hide yourself, coward! You think you can cheat and not show yourself?" She snarled out, "Open the fucking door!"

With a bang, the door creaked open. She suddenly found herself being pulled in.

Just as soon as she looked up, she saw Terence's livid face masked with indifference. He stood before her as if he'd done nothing wrong.

"You are really something!" He crossed his arms.

"You didn't answer my video call, yet you'd sleep in a fucking motel?" Julia shoved him away, wanting to see the bitch who stole him.

The room was incredibly large so Julia had to pass another corridor before she bumped into the person whom she was looking for.

Just as she was rubbing her aching forehead, she heard a scream from the opposite end. Terence rushed over and helped the woman up.

Her jaw dropped when she saw who it was.

"It's you?" It took a while for Julia to get her voice back.

"It's me." The woman arched up her eyebrow, snuggling into Terence's arms. "Long time no see, my dear sister."

The woman was no other than her sister, Jean Gu.

It never occurred to Julia that the bitch she'd catch would be her own sister.

"You two..." A million thoughts ran through her mind.

Jean Gu was wearing a very revealing pair of lingerie. The white lace decorated her lower neckline as it embraced her curvy body, the dimples on her bra very visible to the naked eye.

Julia gaped, like a fish out of water. She didn't know what else to say.

After all, it was Julia who 'stole' Terrence from Jean Gu three years ago.

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