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Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife

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Chapter 1 Divorce Gift

Word Count: 1534    |    Released on: 07/11/2018

She knew she needed to get out of bed, but her body disa

he was talking on the phone. From the conversation, it seemed he was about to leave. She rubbed her eyes as

sheet, she stood by the door. Jean tapped her bare foot on the ground a

d his conversation abruptly. A beep sounded as the call dis

the color of the bedsheet. He particularly liked how her ruffled hair added to her all

d in a nonchalant tone. He

he land in the su

mmediately. He didn't even

m and said, "I don't think you can be sure that the land has potential. P

poke in a low husky voice, "Mrs. Qi, please be careful about what you sa

nd homiletic tone displeased her, she smiled sed

yesterday..." Jea

ark. He finished settling his shirt before

most charming expression as she pleaded, "Please, please, do me this favor. I know you are a very genero

with her perpetuance, he gave her a

stubborn. She couldn't hide her frustration as she had tried mu

word, Zed walked

didn't follow him. Instead, she took a few

help cursing, "You are a jerk, Zed. I tried so hard. I even slept with you last night! I can't be

a sudden pain between her thighs. Memories of the pre

nder hand holding a dres

een loudly cursing her husband and now, he was sta

said?" Zed's face darkened a

Didn't I? Why did

ld she possibly have for all the things she just s

antly in front of Zed to please him.

nt to help me with the

omeone talking? I heard nothing." Although embarrassed, Jean casually flicked her hair away from her c

fter glaring at Jean for a while, Zed threw the dress into he

rned for th

sts in the air and murmured with anger, "If I had known that y

revious night, shame and guilt flooded her.

tular marriage, however, had been arranged by Jean's greedy father. He had coerc

r? Jean had learned a lesson. Zed was no

had no other choice but to go hom

failure to her father. Mr. Wen flew into a

couldn't do the one thing

Father. I did everything I could. There is nothing else for me

dn't understand it and the more she tried, the more frustrated and anxious she became. Now, after th

. There's no need to agree to the divorce. Don't dream about coming back home

o Zed's house and waited him to arrive. She kn

this meaningless marriage any m

ive house. She gave up when she realized

d couldn't accept that her effort from the previous nigh

'm inexperienced

ked very tired. After walking through the

on Zed. She helped hang his coat, and wiped his face with a wet

g the quilt and lying down. Jean sighed as it look

led his advise about her marriage, Jean frowned. The appointment

re chances for me. I

ooking too good. I can give you a little ma

laced her fingers on his shoulders. As she began kneading

to speak of the previous night. She hesitated before trying again. "We've been, you know, in a husband-and-wife relationshi

her request seemed to make his eyes sparkle. "I



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Chapter 99 Last Night, You…
Chapter 100 I Have To Work On Location Tonight
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