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Author: Halimatk2
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Chapter 1 The beginning
Word Count: 820    |    Released on: 17/07/2018

I woke up to the strange screams and wails that wandered in the castle, those petty maids, they better run away before I get hold of them.I forcely got up from my bed and headed to the door and the wails became louder, this was different, I decided to peep from my door because I was still in my undergarments, but then I saw the rampage that filtrated in the hall, blood were spilled, warriors fighting like it were there last and I just froze like an ice-cream.I pushed the door and got into the hall, where were my parents?, my nanny?what was going on!

"Stop", I ordered, but my voice was buried six feet, do you not hear my command, maids runner from fifteen angles even pushing me to the ground, these petty maids" I flinched".

I was still on the ground trying to conduct my mind, was this a dream, was my castle being bombarded by the enemy!"I struggled to get up from the ground and that was when i saw my nanny Gloria running towards me".

My lady"she screamed", get up...we have to run, the castle.....the white walkers, she said as she dragged me on my feet.

What about my parents?"I asked her, I can't go without them"."the colour of her face changed as I mentioned them and I met her eyes before asking again".

Where are my parents?"I shouted", talk to maid!"I screamed".

She looked at me with full tears in her eyes before saying, our king and queen has left this world Aurora and they are not coming back!"she finally said".

I stumbled on myself, my throat choking itself, full of the pain that I will never forget, w..hat, my parents!"I sat back on the floor, just looking in thin air, how exactly do I cry, I I do will it reduce my pain in any way?

Father, could they leave me so early, by myself....."I asked myself".

My lady, we have to escape"Gloria said holding my hands", and then I remembered my little brother, Arthur, he must still be in his cradle, I stomped on my feet and ran towards the long hall, I climbed all the stairs with my bare foot, I felt the sharp pain of glasses sprayed on the floor.

My brother....I ran into his chambers and scrambled to his cradle.... but he wasn't there!

Who would have taken him, who took him, where is he?I searched everywhere and eve checked the under of his cradle but he wasn't.....I knelt on the ground not hopeless but fateless, why is my life this way!

A cold object tingled on my neck as I felt a slightly sharp pain against my throat, "get up", the voice commanded, I didn't budge to any of the word spoken, I just wanted to die there, "strike me, if you want, I have nothing anyways, "I laughed painfully".

Take her"the voice ordered"i was dragged along a distance, my eyes closed, my fate sealed, thus was the end of me!

___dropped like a sack of potatoes, I didn't make a sound at the pain that endowed my knees, I just looked at the blur and waited for my death!

But then I heard a sound, a baby's voice....Arthur, I looked up instantly to find a man on my Father's throne holding my brother.

I jumped on my feet towards him, but I was pulled back and I fell to the floor again, but that didn't stop me.... let me go, let me go!!"I screamed"

The voice on my throne laughed at me, still with my brother on his laps now"take the child, he ordered and Arthur was taken my some person".

I whimpered as I groaned on the floor for my life, and the life of my brother"the man stood on his feet and walked towards me with his hands bestowed behind his back, his white long hair was the only thing I could see".

Hello, princess Aurora"he said, now standing in front of me", your kingdom has fallen, the earlier you know this the better...don't you think?"he stated".

I raised my head up to look at my surroundings and that was when I spotted Arthur in the hands of Gloria....I looked at her not hoping what I thought was true.

What are you wondering"his voice commanded, and then turned his head towards Gloria"oh....yea, she is an accomplice to my army, is that what you need to know"he said kneeling down to me"

You and your brother are the only alive heir's to this kingdom, since your brother is still young and weak, I will let him live and as for you....

You are just a woman.....

That was where he made a mistake....I am not just a woman, I am princess Aurora

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