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Author: Halimatk2
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Chapter 1 The beginning

Word Count: 820    |    Released on: 17/07/2018


door and the wails became louder, this was different, I decided to peep from my door because I was still in my undergarments, but then I saw the rampage that filtrated in the hall, bloo

not hear my command, maids runner from fifteen angles even

was my castle being bombarded by the enemy!"I struggled to get up from

to run, the castle.....the white walkers

out them"."the colour of her face changed as I ment

shouted", talk to me..

saying, our king and queen has left this world Aur

l never forget, w..hat, my parents!"I sat back on the floor, just looking i

they leave me so early, by

r, Arthur, he must still be in his cradle, I stomped on my feet and ran towards the long hall, I

hambers and scrambled to his c

where and eve checked the under of his cradle but he wasn't.....I kn

get up", the voice commanded, I didn't budge to any of the word spoken, I just wanted

ed along a distance, my eyes closed, m

e a sound at the pain that endowed my knees, I j

.Arthur, I looked up instantly to find a ma

back and I fell to the floor again, but that did

th my brother on his laps now"take the child, h

ther"the man stood on his feet and walked towards me with his hands besto

nt of me", your kingdom has fallen, the earlier you

at was when I spotted Arthur in the hands of Gloria..

s head towards Gloria"oh....yea, she is an accomplice to my ar

this kingdom, since your brother is still young

just a w

istake....I am not just a



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