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Trapped with Colin

Trapped with Colin

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Chapter 1 No. 296, You Can Go!

Word Count: 1291    |    Released on: 26/06/2018

a woman in a long red wine colored sweater. The room was on the 22nd Floor, the Presidential Suite

red in the sun. The tip of her nose was slightly turned up,

s balanced delicately on the bridge of her n

med with da

her of the same day,

orizon, the woman knew it

y during her time at the women'

omen entered the room. One policew

isoner was working on

ement many times. Every time she had hoped the policewoman

ourse, she underst

free. She could fina

in dark green clothes walked through. Her chubby figure had

lot of weight, her f

he man looked dignified, and the woman was graceful. Althou

er woman walked toward her. "Oh,

face. Her face used to be plu

mple, welcoming words felt

t real Aunt), it is you who got me out of he

was followed by an orderly who

inese way of showing politeness, not real

d deeply, "Uncle, Aunt, thank you very mu

's go!" Wendy seated Sophia in

a big room, where she took a soothing ba

hes were

othes for Sophia in

was 163cm in height but had w

she was led to the dini

had been specially prepared for

offered, Sophia politely n

s Bailey. Please be

by Newman's serv

e meal. In the past, she usually had steamed fish every second

he servant had informed her that they would be in t

s I got are too large. I will note it for later.

aid, "No, Aunt. They fit me

her sentence, eaten fish, meat and hot rice, and had taken her first comfortable bath in a long

was very we

. If you have any problems


he urge, "Thank yo

r father had followed your mother on her archeological research. When I re

was sent to a suburban psychiatric hospital. But m

cient tomb had naturally collap

d accompanied her mother. How was it that they were all safe

ou ask me for help after things happened? How did you end u

r Sophia to tell. How could s

Town now. Several days after my parent's accident, I was fra

ust have been married b

the story. Sophia was such an innocent an

She explained to Wendy, looking

body. But this is all in the past. You should stop thinking about it so m

have one thing to ask o

back of Sophia's

has disappeared." Her brother was just 1

itting nearby, took out his cellph

by Wendy, Sophia went to the psy

university professor, was now skinn

s, and his clothes

treatment, the hospital was g

y response. When she was about to give up, Jay suddenly chuckled and

ia couldn't help

transferred to the best psychiatric hospital in Ascea. Jordan a

dy called Sophia to her room and a



Chapter 1 No. 296, You Can Go! Chapter 2 Shall We Call You Soapy Chapter 3 The Unusual Woman. Chapter 4 You Think I Am Not Good Enough for You Chapter 5 Was she threatening him Chapter 6 I Won't Do What You Want! Chapter 7 I Will Be Well With Colin Chapter 8 Hugh Chapter 9 Look What's Behind You Chapter 10 Fat and Ugly Chapter 11 What Happened to Miss Bailey's Face
Chapter 12 Have A Child As Soon As Possible
Chapter 13 Who Punched You In The Face
Chapter 14 This Tramp Is Not Worthy!
Chapter 15 You Want to Use Me
Chapter 16 Where's Your Self Respect
Chapter 17 Looked Like a Girl Who Was Wronged
Chapter 18 A Spoiled Woman Lived A Better Life
Chapter 19 Both of You Will Apologize to Sophia
Chapter 20 How did She Get Colin
Chapter 21 I Am So Very Ungrateful
Chapter 22 That Made a Lot of Sense
Chapter 23 Kneel And Apologize
Chapter 24 Have You Lost Your Mind
Chapter 25 Pretend to be My Girlfriend
Chapter 26 Mr. Leopard Has Done It Again!
Chapter 27 To Catch a Foodie
Chapter 28 Ego or Love- Colin's Dilemma
Chapter 29 Lovers' Quarrel
Chapter 30 A Snitch
Chapter 31 Chapter Why Are You Still Here
Chapter 32 I Need To Borrow Your Secretary
Chapter 33 He’s Already Married!
Chapter 34 What Is Going On with Mr. Newman and Miss Bailey
Chapter 35 Our Marriage Will End in Divorce
Chapter 36 Lightning Will Strike You, If You Tell Lies
Chapter 37 A Big Shot
Chapter 38 Speak To Me Now
Chapter 39 What Was He Mad About
Chapter 40 The Many Faces of Love
Chapter 41 Waking Up Naked In The Morning
Chapter 42 Didn't I Sleep With You Last Night
Chapter 43 Leave Sophia to Mrs. Newman!
Chapter 44 Little Sophia, Take Care!
Chapter 45 The Final Say
Chapter 46 The Lonely Figure
Chapter 47 I Don't Want to Get Hurt Again
Chapter 48 Complicated
Chapter 49 You Don't Have to Pretend
Chapter 50 Family Dinner
Chapter 51 A Relaxing Evening
Chapter 52 No Escape
Chapter 53 The Fifth Time
Chapter 54 Just an Act
Chapter 55 I'm Not Going to Touch You!
Chapter 56 Please Help Me
Chapter 57 Ransom
Chapter 58 No Other Choice
Chapter 59 I Will Die if You Divorce Me!
Chapter 60 Only Three Hundred Thousand
Chapter 61 Not Wanton
Chapter 62 A Letter from a Foreign Land
Chapter 63 Terrible Love Story
Chapter 64 Let Me Treat You
Chapter 65 Dinner Meeting
Chapter 66 Do You Love Him
Chapter 67 Does Colin Love Sophia
Chapter 68 What You Deserve
Chapter 69 Aftermath
Chapter 70 The President's Wife Is a Friendly Person
Chapter 71 The Birthday Present
Chapter 72 Meeting the Newman Family
Chapter 73 The Warmth of a Family
Chapter 74 A Perfect Match
Chapter 75 What Do You Want
Chapter 76 Leila's Feelings
Chapter 77 Invisible Colin
Chapter 78 Sibling Reunion
Chapter 79 Don't Play Dumb with Me
Chapter 80 The New Sophia
Chapter 81 No Competition
Chapter 82 Out of Line
Chapter 83 Heartbreaking News
Chapter 84 Overtime
Chapter 85 Dorothy's Curse
Chapter 86 Money Matters
Chapter 87 Company Gossip
Chapter 88 Sophia's Husband
Chapter 89 Emotional Comfort
Chapter 90 Media Ambush
Chapter 91 Getting Along
Chapter 92 Red Light District
Chapter 93 Prince Charming
Chapter 94 Back to the Beginning
Chapter 95 Good For You
Chapter 96 Colin's Cooking
Chapter 97 Getting Closer
Chapter 98 Date Night
Chapter 99 The Best Present
Chapter 100 Out of Line
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