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Author: Shinsori
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Chapter 1 Losing Mind
Words Count: 811    |    Released on:27/02/2018

A public execution.

Thit is one of the few events that makes people of Quas excited.

Today's main event is the execution of Tobias Camry, the criminal who sold out his country.

Tobias Camry is the disowned son of Eamon Camry, the Minister of Finances. His father Eamon disowned him when Tobias eloped with a maid.

Tobias was supposed to become the husband of the Eight Princess, making him the Prince Consort. In the marriage between Princess and a Noble, the Princess is the head of the family, converting a proud Nobleman into a male concubine struggling in Princess' harem.

Since young, Tobias was educated to become the next family head. Just like every man, he dreamt of cultivating to Saint Realm, obtaining military achievements and creating his own harem full of beauties. However, with the engagement with the Eight Princess all his dreams were crushed.

Tobias made up his mind. If his father could crush his dreams without batting an eye, he would do the same. He took one of the maids he fancied in his arms and ran away.

Since the King considered Eight Princess just as a cannon fodder, he punished Eamon only with wage deduction for a year.

After eloping with a maid who's name he did not know yet, he raped her on his first stop.

After three months of traveling, Tobias finally found a place to settle. He settled in the neighboring Azure Empire.

He tried to start a new life in the prosperous Azure Empire, however in Azure Empire, he was just a commoner. He was a commoner with a pregnant woman which he called 'Hey'. He didn't need to know her name, to him she was just a toy he brought along.

Working in the fields, he heard other farmers talking about the coming war between the Country of Quas and Azure Empire.

'A chance!' He thought. He was the son of Minister of Finances. He was trained to succeed his father. He knew many things Azure Empire could only guess.

Thus, Tobias and his 'new' family have become traitors to the Country of Quas.

On the day the war between two largest countries on the continent started, the maid gave a birth.

Unfortunately, she died after giving birth. Leaving Tobias with a newborn.

Once he heard the maid died, he left the baby in the care of his personnel.

After five years, the tides of the war started changing. Tobias was getting worried. If by any chance Azure Empire falls, just what fate will await him, a traitor? His mind was getting worse every day. Every day in fear that Azure Empire will lose the war.

"Hihihi~" He looked out of the window and saw a small five-year-old girl running around, happily chasing butterflies.

He gritted his teeth.

"I'm suffering here in fear of getting captured by Quas and this little shit is running around happily!" He ran out of the house, grabbed the girl by the collar and dragged her to the kitchen.

"Owie, it hurts, pwease *sniff* release me!" The little girl cried. However, Tobias who was mentally down was set on punishing this girl.

He took a knife from the drawer and without batting an eye, he mercilessly cut the girls tongue out!

After a while, "Ahh, it's finally quiet."

The girl was liked by the servants in the house so after Tobias left the kitchen, they quickly reacted and saved her life. However, she wouldn't be able to speak again, unless she receives a Sage Grade recovery pill.

The war continued and another three years passed. Azure Empire was on the brink of destruction.

Every day, Tobias would lock himself in his room and come out only to release his stress by using his maids.

He would meet the little girl now and then. For two years he didn't take a notice of her, but after the situation got worse his eyes were always searching for enemies.

He then saw the girls eyes. Her right eye was azure, just like his. But what he was concerned about, was her left eye. The violet one. It was the color of the maid he ran away with.

The girl looked at him with her violet eye filled with hate and fear, just like that maid did.

"Why are you looking at me like this!" He shouted in anger.

"You... Stop looking at me!" His voice louder than before. The girl quickly averted her gaze, however, it didn't seem like it to Tobias.

"Are you looking down at me? Okay... I will make sure you never look at me with that eye again!" He grabbed the girl and gouged her left eye with his fingers.

The girl having her tongue cut off before couldn't even scream in pain.

"That will teach you, try looking at me with that hateful eye now!"