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Vengeful Girl with Her CEO

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO

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Chapter 1 Playing Hard to Get

Word Count: 1445    |    Released on: 16/01/2018

he midnight, all the rooms inside w

idn’t he know himself clearly? I would not absolutely sigh the cont


ding and pressed the phone on the table. T

oss Zhou?" The owner of th

rned his face to red, it looked ve

d the photo album. A legible photo of a man and a woman

pped the cup

are are you to

with shaking a few pieces white contract paper in han

t and then folded it, tucked it

Xia Qingkong pulled the clothes on the chest. So

the wine to

lding the arm of Xia Qingk

, holding the try with the wine, lo

the room one by one after she calle

t, just c

out again if I ope

of room 8069, she pushed the d

…" Xia Qingkong was scared by

an pressed a naked woman on the


at the door side w

ong hair and a tipsy face, the clothes on her

’t m

and around his neck, stared at


Mu Chenhao sat straight and looke

he people in the Crown club were all rich, so she didn’t need to make any trouble at

the photos? Com

had the phone on her hand still


ook the sexy photos of t

he was afraid of being taken photos by others. He looked handsom

isunderstood me, I did

and said. There were the sexy phots of Zhun Dun’s wif

ere together, one comes to design the trap for me

int you t

ingkong feel upset. What did that mean? Can’t s

st a waitress and I needed to send the wine to other rooms." She answ

kle, give me

gging by looking at her b

be the reincarnation of Cao cao. Why did he came t


u want to

a Qingkong nodded her head and

ed her, turned his face wit

her opened neckline. The waves of the whi

grievance. But she stood up right away becaus

Qingkong angrily

used and stared at Mu

he situa

!" Xia Qingkong r

ld not only for sending the tea or

en she heard the sentences. She was re

he moved 2 steps. The wine bottles dropped o

. It costs at least a

our right mind!" Xia Qin

ght on the sofa without paying at

er body was pressed hardly. She brandished

’t it? Don’t blame me since

roblem in your brain!

d hardly instead. Mu Chenhao raised h

You, a shame

to bit him, but she couldn’t move her bod

I was the one with that wom

hold on. Li

o ignore her. The room has the smell of warm and fre

that moment. He kissed her soft lips with


covered by his lips and


s ready to bite him, but she was bun

to breath. The sentence from Mu Chenhao was jus

t why it’s not the same on you. Wouldn’t you wa



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