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Billionaire Substitute Bride

Billionaire Substitute Bride

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"Don't you feel a bit of regret, or even sadness? You should know you've spewed coffee at Mia, because if one day I exchange places with her and she's still mad at it, she would definitely get back to you and she might even get frantic. Do you understand how terrible a frantic woman can get? Are you not afraid?" Charles raised his eyebrow, "She won't have that opportunity." ********************* Maria replaced her sister to marry Charles. She originally thought it would be a widow-like marriage, but Charles who had disappeared for two years suddenly came back. All she wanted was her father's well-being, but is tangled with Charles and her sister's life. What will she do when it's time for her to leave but she was already in love with Charles, who she believed loved her sister, the real Mia? What happened when she found out about her real identity?

Chapter 1 should I call you Mia Miller or Maria William

Maria POV: should I call you Mia Miller or Maria William?

Standing in the airport, I was looking at the mobile app, sweating profusely in anxiety, “Oh no, why is the earliest flight to Mexico at 8 p.m.?”

I was not going to Mexico for a vacation or business trip, but to escape from my husband!

Two years ago, I, with a face similar to her sister Mia Miller, married the young master of a super-wealthy family in California, Charles Smith.

Immediately after the wedding, Charles boarded a flight to Europe.

Two years of separation made her almost forget this person. I lived a widow-style marriage pretending to be her sister.

But now, my husband who had been gone for two years was about to return!

Suddenly, a hand was patted on my shoulder. Irritated, she slapped it away, “Oh please, I don’t know anything. Go ask someone else!”

That hand patted my shoulder again.

I was so anxious that I turned around abruptly. My mouth had just opened shut in shock.

The person who patted me is a man. He wore an expensive tailored suit with an air of nobility. His lean jawline was sharp and defined, framing a perfectly symmetrical face adorned with deep-set eyes that seemed to hold the secrets of the universe.

Even though I had not seen him for two years, I could still recognize him. He was my husband– Charles.

Oh my god!

Was it just a coincidence?

Almost at the moment my mouth closed, I reflexively asked, “How come you… arrive so early? Isn’t it supposed to be 8 pm?”

Charles coldly stared at me, “It seems like you don’t want me to come home?”

I forced a dry laugh, “How is it possible? I’ve been eagerly waiting for you to come back home every day. Look, I even specially came to the airport to pick you up when I heard you were coming back today.”

After saying the last sentence, I averted my gaze nervously, looking everywhere but him.

Charles looked deeply at me, he seemed to notice but held his words, and turned to walk out of the airport, this somehow relaxed me.

Caught in the act, I dared not to run away anymore.

I could only muster up the courage to follow behind him.

On the way, I couldn’t make any movement, I held my breath. But as soon as we arrived home, I jumped out of the car immediately and rushed into the bedroom with my phone.

I repeatedly dialed a number, but the person refused to pick up.

Just as I was getting nervous, the bedroom door opened and Charles appeared at the doorway.

“Tomorrow Morning, let’s go to the Civil Affairs Bureau and get our marriage certificate.”

“W- what?” I was so shocked that I dropped my phone on the floor, staring at him incredulously like he had two horns on his head.

Marriage certificate?

Getting a marriage certificate with my brother-in-law means death!

I panicked.

Ignoring my panic, Charles unbuttoned his shirt and walked towards me, “Now, let’s make up for our wedding night.” He removed his shirt, unbuckled his belt, and removed his trousers, leaving his brief only.

“W- Wedding night…?” I was dumbfounded.

My breath stops, my eyes quickly scanning left and right, looking for anything that could save me from the situation. Instantly, I saw where my phone had fallen on the ground and took a step back.

Bending down, I picked up the phone. With an awkward smile, I said, “I dropped my phone.”

Charles watched me, just watched me with a hint of coldness flashing in his eyes. I could not look at him at all.

Pretending to have something important to do, I unlocked my phone and tried to contact my mother for help…

My phone was immediately snatched away from me by two slender fingers.

In a great panic, I looked up and found myself unexpectedly meeting a pair of deep-green cold eyes.

Charles stared at me, “Is the phone more attractive than me? Are you going to pay attention to me or your phone?”

Biting my lip lightly, I admitted that the man in front of me was very handsome, with undeniable raw magnetism. Two years and he didn't age at all, the same dark icy orbs with a sharp bridge to go with, but I could not…

As he suddenly turned his gaze to my phone, I panicked and was about to grab it back. But I saw that the screen was already off, so I quickly withdrew her hand.

Not seeing any messages, Charles raised an eyebrow and threw the phone onto the nearby sofa. Then, with a sweep of his large hand, he easily picked me up like I weighed nothing.


I burst out, my heart in panic. I grabbed Charles' clothes on his shoulders with both hands, but immediately my back sank and I was pressed onto the bed.

Looking at the man’s approaching handsome face, I felt that I was ready to die. I had to protect my innocence!

“Char- Charles…”

The man’s deep voice carries a hint of anger. “Call me darling!”

Terrified, I looked at him, tears almost bursting out. Although he was handsome, he was extremely terrifying when angry.

“D- Darling.”

Biting my lip, I looked at him pitiably, “My Aunt Flo is visiting me. Today, oh no, this whole week is impossible.” I said, holding my breath. I prayed silently that he would believe my lie.

“Aunt Flo?”

Charles' gaze went down as if trying to find more.

I quickly covered myself, feeling as nervous as a frightened deer. “Um, it’s true. Well, now that you are back, we have plenty of time in the future. We don’t need to rush it tonight, right?”

Charles glanced at me with disappointment, then rolled over and lay beside me.

Soon, steady breathing came from beside me.

I gave a long sigh of relief…

I could only delay it for a week. In a week, I should be able to switch places with Mia.

Until late at night, I don’t know when I fell asleep in fright.

In my dream, I suddenly felt a pair of cold stern eyes staring at me. No matter how I tried to run or escape, the eyes kept coldly watching me. It felt so real.

“Ahhhh!” With a cry, I woke up from my dream and sat up on the bed.

The bedroom was lit. I stared blankly for a moment before suddenly realizing that the pair of eyes from my dream hadn’t disappeared. In fear, I looked up only to find that the man who should have been sleeping beside me was sitting on the opposite sofa.

His eyes were icy, his handsome face looked cold as frost.

My phone spun in his slender fingers.

Charles curled his lips and sneered, “Mia Miller or should I call you Maria Williams?”

My face instantly turned ashen!

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