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The Lycan's Abused Fated Mate

The Lycan's Abused Fated Mate

72 Chapters
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He was cheated. She was banished. He was injured by the adulterous couple, while her pack was stolen from her own hands. Now… these lonely, wounded, and vengeance-craving individuals come across each other. What happens to them? —----- Dane Maximus, Alpha of the Black Moon Pack, who is rich and powerful, holds secret powers that could destroy the world. When he caught his wife cheating on him with the rogue leader, his heart tore into millions. His wife rejects their mate bond, while the rogue leader leaves him injured. He was broken, helpless, and dispaired. At this point, the Moon Goddess sent him a blessing in the form of his fated mate, Gianna Lawson. She was a rogue and a former Alpha of the Nightshade Pack. She wants to get revenge and her pack from the Alpha, who stole her pack and banished her. When they met, the world screamed for vengeance! Love…? What about it? Will they be able to come out of the circle of vengeance and give a chance to their bond? Or will they join hands to achieve their goals? Or will they choose their pack and responsibilities? ************* SHREE ABOVE STORY

Chapter 1 Sweet Betrayal

“Move your ass Howard”

My voice boom throughout the training field to one of my warrior who slack behind. He easily gives up and fell hard on his ass.

“You’re holding everyone back, fucking move Howard” I yell.

Howard shrug his shoulder before getting up to his feet and push his legs to move.

I see potential in this kid but he doesn’t seem to know it. Everyone keeps on running without turning back to him. No one dare to mock him. Yes, I make sure not to let anyone discourage another pack member.

“How’s it going?” I look back to find a shirtless Miles with his arms cross in front of his chest. “

As you can see, it’s fuck fun-tastic” I snorted sarcastically.

He shook his head and made his way to stand beside me. “Is it the Howard kid again” he said and I nod my head in return. “How did it go with the warriors?” I ask and Miles scrunch up his face.

“Like you said, it’s fucking fun-tastic.”

We both laugh and suddenly I feel this slight tug on my chest. It’s like my wolf is on edge over something and it’s making me feel uneasy.

“Dave” I link him but he shut me out immediately.

Feeling agitated I turn around to Miles. “Wrap up our training for today. I am going for a run” I told him.

“Is everything okay?” he ask in concern.

“Yeah, just needed a run” I pat him on the shoulder before walking towards the woods.

“Dane” I hear Shanna, Miles sister is calling me but I ignore her and continue to walk towards the wood.

Once I am in the woods I started to run until I shifted in my big black wolf. My wolf let out a howl. It’s weird to hear him howl like this. Like he is in pain. Am I missing something here? I ask myself.

“Dave” I said his name but Dave again ignores me.

He keeps running in full speed. Our wolf paws puddle with mud as he run to an unknown destination. He didn’t even stop at our border barricade, Dave just keep going. I know were about to enter another unknown territory. A dangerous territory that most rogues and lone wolf wanders around.

“DAVE” I shouted through our links.

He shift us back to our human form and completely shut off our link again.

“What is wrong with this wolf” I mutter angrily and try to find any clothe stash around here.


I curse and kick on one of a fallen tree trunk. It didn’t hurt as I am not a human. I run my hand through my head repeatedly. Then I went and sat on the tree trunk.

“Please…please” I hear a faint moan.

Scratch that I think someone is calling out for help. I thought to myself as I hear a faint voice say please again. I wanted to ignore it so bad but something was telling me to go save the day. Hating this nagging feeling I turn around and follow the voice.

What I thought was some damsel in distress needing a hero was completely a fa?ade. I spat in disgust when my eyes meet with her exposed back and half ripped dress while riding a man. Who in their right mind would have sex in an opening and on a territory where rogues most likely roam?

The two didn’t even notice me. Somehow the female was familiar but because I was disgusted by the sight of them I quickly look away. I scoff and turn around to find the sex idiot’s clothes lying on the ground. It’s seems the two already sanctify most area of the forsaken territory.

I smirk as an idea pop in my head.

“Fucker” I cuss as I put on his clothes.

Afterwards I started to walk but something stops me. There is no mistake that the necklace lying on the ground belongs to the only woman I love in this world. Melissa is my heart and soul. I love that woman so much. I know she won’t do this to me unless.

Many scenarios started to play in my head. I try to shake it away as I bend down to retrieve the necklace. I take a sniff and knew straight away it’s hers. I wonder what it is doing here in another land. Don’t tell me?

I focus on her scents and that is when it hits me. Her scent is mix up with the rogue smell.

“No” I mutter in denial.


That voice I am hearing right now. The one I am familiar with. How come I never suspected this before? I swirl around to come face to face with the male wolf.

He is standing five meter away from me. His scent gives his identity away. He doesn’t belong to any pack and his aura is that of a rogue wolf not a lone one.

He look taken aback. The bastard knew me.

Of course he would after all he is fucking my wife, my mate.

I growl inside my head. No wonder why my wolf was not talking to me. My fist clench on both side of me.

“Baby” I hear that voice again.

Oh moon goddess, please tell me this is a dream. I try not to look hurt even though I am already hurt. It’s fucking heart shattering to see someone I give my love and time with betray me in this way.

I have never thought she could do this to me. Never in my entire life had thought will she cross the line. The line I somehow fear and pray to the moon goddess not to let her or I cross it.

She didn’t notice me standing right there in front of her lover. Her sweet serenade voice calls out again. I see her standing up from the ground dusting her dress.

Her eyes snaps on me. Finally, she notice that I am here and I just found her cheating on me.

Unlike others who are caught in their act. My fucking wife just smirks at me.

She shot me right in my heart and I just stood there watching her. There was no guilty in those beautiful orbs that I used to admire when making love to her.

“You’re here” she said, shooting me twice. My heart bleeds nonstop.

She proudly stands beside her lover and look at me with a happy smile. There, she finally kill me with another bullet.

Why? I keep asking my stupid self.

I should be tearing the bastards apart right in front of her but I wanted to hear her first. I want to know why she is doing this to me. Was I ever good enough for her? Was I not enough? What did I ever fail to give her that she decided to hurt me this way?

“Why?” I ask in a whisper.

She scoff pushing her lover behind her. She proudly stand before him giving me a bored look. “You’re seriously asking me that” she said in annoyance.

“You were never a man to me. I mean at first I thought you are the one.”


“Gosh, you were nothing like I thought you were” she accused me. “You are just like those wannabe man who lack in relationship and so weak. The sex was good and I thank you for that but you are one weak Alpha I mated. I mean your pack is slowly sinking to the pit of the world. I regret mating with you”

Melissa didn’t look sorry at all while saying all those hateful words. I just stood there feeling useless and weak.

I always pity the people who got cheated by their other half but never thought I would be a victim of it one day. She has finally decided to let out her side that I never knew exist. It fucking hurts. I want to cry out but that will only prove her point. I look at the bastard and see him look at me with a smug look.

“You, fucker” I growl and was to reach for him when my mate’s words holds me back.

“I, Melissa Woods reject Alpha Dane Maximus Arden as my chosen mate and Alpha.”

Something pierce my heart and I fall on my knees helplessly. I wanted to breathe but I fail to do so. She just rejected me right there with no regret. I cough blood on the ground. The pain immensely numb my body.

I should have died before this. I should have gone blind before seeing her betrayal. I should have kill her. I growl and look up to find her smirking at me evilly. “Bye, scum” she spat and after saying it I see rogues coming out from the woods into the open area.

“We just call in a few friends” she chuckle at me.

Forgetting all the pain I howl in agony before I shifted into my wolf form. My anger consume me.

“Fuck you” I growl and block the first rogue’s attack.

I bit on its neck and rip off his head before moving to another. They all jump at me at one time and I took them all down one by one repeating the action I did to the rogue before. I didn’t even let them touch a single fur of my wolf. Despite the pain from my mate I still fight.

I am an Alpha and I won’t go down without a dirty fight with the fuckers. I was busy fighting all my enemies that I didn’t even look out for the bastard.

He cowardly attack me from behind, taking me in surprise. He bit on my shoulder and his claw slashing my leg. I howl in pain as I kill off the last rogue.

“Coward” I growl and jump at the coward.

My sharp fangs dig deep in his wolf leg. He cry in pain making me smirk before I kick him and he went flying to the other side. His back hit the tree trunk hard and together it fall down with him. I growl in joy as I ready myself to kill him.

I move in to finish him off but a stab on my abdomen made my wolf let out a painful howl. I suddenly shifted to my human form and fall on my knees.

I look up to see that face again. The angel I used to know. I watch her run to her lover with tears in her eyes. She help him up with concern and care.

She didn’t even see if I am wounded. A tear betrays me as I watch her put his arms around her.

“What about him? Is he dead yet” I hear him ask her.

“He will be as the wolvesbane will kill him” she reply to him.

“Let’s go take care of your wounds” she said in sobs to him.

Together they walk away without another glance back. Even in the brink of death and feeling betrayed and broken by the woman whom I devoted and vow to be with. I still wanted to see her care for me this once before I died.

“Mel” I call out to her. I still wanted to hear her telling me it’s all a nightmare.

My vision blur as I watch them fade in the deep forest. If this is what love does to anyone then I promise myself never to feel for anyone anymore.

No one will ever be worthy of me.

My whole body drop on the ground. I lie on my back with a bitter smile on my face. “This is how the Blood Pack Alpha died” I thought in pain.

However, before I submit to darkness, I saw another angel running over towards me.

She looks like an angel. An angel who is under disguise.

I laugh bitterly and slowly I close my eyes with hopes that I won’t wake up from this nightmare.

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