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His Contractual Wife Wants A Divorce

His Contractual Wife Wants A Divorce

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Emilee had never envisioned ending up in bed with Jonny, let alone becoming his wife through a contractual agreement. Yet, Jonny's heart belonged to another. When his true love came back, Emilee was overwhelmed with despair and chose to seek a divorce. But the typically distant and reserved man was unexpectedly firm in his refusal. "Emilee, the moment you married me, your life became mine! In this family, one may become a widow, but divorce is not an option!"


Emilee Bates, Jonny Owens, Emilee and Jonny novel, Emilee Bates and Jonny Owens novel

Chapter 1 Mistake

After a few drinks, Emilee Bates felt a searing sensation in her stomach.

Her body began to heat up, and her clarity of mind started to cloud.

Desperate to keep her balance, she pinched the palm of her hand fiercely and staggered forward.

Today was supposed to be a festive occasion, celebrating the company's recent acquisition and the inauguration of the new CEO. She had been coaxed into drinking several glasses of wine, never suspecting they were spiked.

Once Emilee sensed something was amiss, she mustered all her strength and dashed out.

But as the drug's effects intensified, the inner heat nearly overwhelmed her.

Soon, her wavering consciousness could no longer sustain her, and her body weakened, causing her to collapse forward.

Surprisingly, the expected impact never came.

Instead, she found herself in a broad, warm embrace.

The man who caught her carried a subtle mix of alcohol and a crisp, cold fragrance. As Emilee rested in his arms, the scent struck her as strangely familiar.

"Sir... please help me..." she murmured.

Feeling him attempting to detach, she instinctively tightened her grip around his neck.

Emilee's head swam, feeling as though she clutched a block of ice.

Unbeknownst to her, when she held him tightly, his body stiffened abruptly.

Through her dizziness, she saw him clearly.

He had taken off his suit jacket, and his white shirt was unbuttoned at the collar, exposing a glimpse of his chest. A silver chain dangled from his clavicle, disappearing beneath the fabric of his shirt.

His face retained its handsome, stern features, yet there was a shift from youthful charm to a more seasoned maturity.

At that moment, his deep-set, inscrutable eyes fixed on her without blinking, assessing her like a predator sizing up its prey, hinting at a hidden, ominous threat.

Jonny Owens...

Why was he here?

He was supposed to be the man of the hour at today's gathering.

As the scion of the formidable Owens family, he had just returned to the country and orchestrated a major takeover of her company. Following the acquisition, a lavish celebration was expected.

Yet, why had he left his own celebration?

Before Emilee could gather her thoughts, the room seemed to whirl around her, and suddenly, Jonny's arms scooped her up.

It wasn't until she was tossed onto the plush, spacious bed in the hotel room that her mind began to clear a bit.

But then Jonny was there, hovering above her, his large, muscular frame imposing a crushing weight.

His breath warmed her cheek, and he stared down at her with piercing intensity, his voice rough and deep.

"Do you know who I am?"

Emilee gazed at him, spellbound, and spoke automatically, her tone tender and melodious.

"You are Jonny Owens..."

Her words were abruptly cut off by his impassioned kiss. His large, firm hands clasped her waist, effectively trapping his prey.

But Emilee harbored no thoughts of escape.

If she were to be with a man, why not one who was attractive, affluent, and flawless?

Besides, given Jonny's esteemed status, he was unlikely to notice a mere secretary at a newly acquired subsidiary—much like he hadn't noticed a plain high school classmate named Emilee Bates.

After tonight, he would continue as the influential heir of the Owens family, returning to Piland to assume command of Owens Group amid much grandeur.

And she would return to her routine life as an ordinary secretary in this modest company.

Their paths would not cross again.

Just this once...

Emilee mused silently.

Summoning her bravery, she arched her neck and pressed her lips against his lower lip.

At that, Jonny's grip around her waist tightened, securing her firmly beneath him.

In the dim light, the air crackled with passion.

What ensued spiraled beyond control. Emilee succumbed to the overwhelming sensations and lost consciousness...

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