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Ex-Luna's Revenge

Ex-Luna's Revenge

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On her wedding anniversary, Brielle plans on gifting her husband, Alpha Argon, a news on her pregnancy. But she's left shattered when she found Argon proposing to his first lover, Estelle, a super model and daughter of Alpha Deron from Red Wood pack. Argon rejects Brielle for his first love. He and Estelle don't hesitate to mock her for being wolfless and a burden with no family. When she planned to hide the news of her pregnancy, a curious Estelle fishes out the report, shocking Argon with the news. Brielle thinks the goddess would mend her broken relationship, but her whole world came crumbling when Argon and Estelle pushed her down the stairs, resulting to her miscarriage. Broken, she receives a divorce letter from Argon, giving her twenty four hours to sign and leave. In her pains, something was awoken in Brielle. Something rare and deadly. "Don't sign it, Brielle. That's not the way of the IVYs. Make them pay." Her eyes glowed green.

Chapter 1 ONE


My body quivered on seeing Argon and Estelle kissing in the bedroom. I tried to hold back the tears welling in my eyes, but I couldn't.

My heart was too heavy to hold it anymore.

I heard Argon and Estelle laughing with so much joy, as Estelle yelled out the word 'Yes' to Argon.

"I will marry you, my love. I am ready to be your mate, " She accepted his proposal, wrapping her arms around his neck with her lips locking his in split seconds.

It was mine and Argon's first anniversary after our wedding. I have been looking forward to this day, to give Argon a gift that would brighten not just our marriage, but his heart for me.

And that gift was right in my hand in form of a hospital report.

I am pregnant with my Alpha's first child.

He has never looked at me with love since the day I was made his Luna by the late Alpha, his father.

Argon always found fault in every little thing I did and would end up leaving me in tears. But the only day I felt wanted was the night he took my first and made me a woman.

And I came with the result of that night, hoping that love I've been craving for so long would finally be given to me, when he learns I'm expecting his child.

But who am I kidding?

Estelle, daughter of Alpha Deron of Red wood pack and a super model in the city, has always been the apple of Argon's eyes.

She was and has always been his first love before I even came into the picture.

She was always on Argon's heart, and today being our wedding anniversary, he finally got her to say yes to him.

"I belong to you alone, Estelle. You are my true mate, " Argon confessed, grabbing her by the waist with his lips trailing down her neck.

Estelle moaned out with pleasure, burying herself in his grip.

The sight of this shattered me deeply.

I drew back, meeting the wall next to the room with my whole body shivering.

I felt my lips trembling, tightening my fist around the report in my hold, with tears streaming out from my eyes.

"Where do I stand, goddess?" I sniveled, trying my best to hold back my tears so I won't be heard.

All of a sudden...

"What are you doing here?!" A voice questioned, causing me to skitter in fear.

I turned to the door and saw Argon and Estelle standing there, glaring at me.

"Where you spying on us, you shameless woman? " Estelle groaned, stepping forward to hit me.

I drew back to avoid her attack, but Argon pulled her into his arms, calming her temper with a stroke to her head.

"Honey, I thought you said you were going to get rid of her?! What is she still doing in our home?!"

"Calm down my love. You don't have to worry yourself about her. She is a nobody," He said cruelly, caressing his lover's face in my front.

With his words striking my broken heart, I lowered my head down to hide the tears streaming out.

"Are you stupid? I thought I told you not to come anywhere near my room?" He questioned harshly, causing my body to tremble.

I was afraid to tell him the reason why I was here, but my heart pushed me to speak up.

I reminded Argon about our wedding anniversary being today, and that got both of them laughing out hysterically.

"Wedding anniversary? It seems this fool is still blind to the truth. Tell her my love," Estelle bragged, lifting her finger to show me the ring Argon had placed on her.

Argon boldly shared his proposal to Estelle and how he's going to make her his Luna.

"You were only a wolfless burden with no family. You tricked my poor father into pitying you and making you my Luna. But this time, I'm going to make things right."

Placing Estelle aside, Argon stood forward and said, " I, Alpha Argon of Wolf Crest, reject you, Brielle."

The moment he said that, I felt a sharp pain in my heart, causing my legs to tremble.

I placed my hand on my chest, trying to ease the pain.

Argon didn't care. He began laughing with Estelle. I watched how they played with each other lovingly, ignoring my presence.

My tears came flowing, as I began to cry before them, slowly hiding the report behind my back.

"Oh, she's crying. Imbecile." Estelle mocked.

"Argon was never yours. He belongs to... What is that?"

I heard Estelle question, with my eyes lifting to see what she was talking about. Only for me to see her looking directly at the hand I hid behind my back.

That got my heart pounding.

"It's nothing," I lied, trying to hide the report from them.

Estelle, who was curious than ever, rushed up to me and forcefully pulled the report off my hand.

"No!" I tried to take it from her, but Argon stood in my way, shimmering his golden eyes at me.

My heart began pounding in fear, looking directly at Estelle.

Her face came all swollen with shock, dragging Argon back to her point.

"What is it? " Argon asked, standing beside her.

His eyes grew large, taking the report from Estelle.

I could feel my hands shaking with heat engulfing my whole body. My feet drew back, staring at their stunned faces.

"Positive? You're... Pregnant?" Argon uttered, dropping his gaze on me.

The look in their eyes troubled my racing heart. I couldn't tell if Argon's surprise was that of joy or the opposite.

He just stared at me.

"You were going to hide this from me?" He questioned, stepping forward.

His tone and temper came all calm, slowly taking away my fear. I watched as he drew away from a shocked Estelle, approaching me.

I didn't have the confidence to give him an answer. I just took my steps back, feeling scared.

But when his hand came caressing my face, my heart glowed.

There was a peaceful look in Argon's eyes that left me staring at him.

Could this be a sign from the goddess?

Has she finally heard my prayers?

But to my greatest surprise, Argon pulled my hair roughly, grabbing my throat.

I choked out, grabbing his hands to break free from his clutches.

"There's no way I'm going to allow you bear that thing," He groaned, squeezing tighter.

With a few more sways, I managed to pull myself from Argon's hold, running away from him.

They both came after me, trying to catch up. I kept running, praying to get away from them.

I finally got to the staircase, about to race down when someone pushed me forcefully from behind, sending me tumbling down hard.

My body crashed hard to the floor, unable to move.

I slowly lifted my gaze up the stairs and saw Argon and Estelle staring at me, having no remorse over their action.

"Someone help! She's bleeding!" A maid screamed in terror, as my eyes came shut.

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