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Candy Jefferson understanding of love shattered when her fiance broke her heart in a cruel way without felling remorseful. She had forsaken her father's warning and sacrificed her dream to be with him. After her father's death, she left her home to stay with him but he became someone she couldn't recognize... This heartbreak led into a fatal accident, claiming the life her lover and her unborn child. Drown in her misery, her step mother, Natalie used the opportunity to control her. Candy's father married Natalie after the death of his first wife. A cunny woman who hated the fact that all the wealth was transferred to Candy. Knowing the wealth can only be transferred to Candy's child. She decided to force Candy into a dangerous marriage to secure control.. Candy found out her step mother's evil plan on the day of her marriage and escaped. At the same day, Diego Gonzalez, a man known as the Billionaire devil because of his cold heart and ruthless way, was set marry a woman named Venessa. This was because of his ill grandfather who had threatened him with his death. Meanwhile, a turn of event happened that made Candy appeared to the alter instead of Venessa. Getting to know Candy was the wrong bride, he wanted to send her away but Candy wasn't ready to go back to the wrath her step mother had prepared for her so she reluncantly made a deal.. With the Billionaire devil.... ___ "Don't send me away! I promise to do whatever you want. Don't just send me back" Desperate Candy pleaded with the man she knows nothing about. He slowly turn to look at her, his gaze piercing as ever, sending a chill down her spine. Stepping closer, he reached of her chin and raised it up to make her meet his eyes, using his index finger. "Little woman, accepting to be my wife means I'll own you and there's no turning back. You seems too fragile to be in my hell" He warned in a deep, dangerous tone. With nervousness kicking in, she took a deep breath. She'll rather face his hell than to be stuck in the misery her step mother had prepared for her. "Yes, I want to be your wife. In return you'll have to protect me from my step mother," She boldly declared prompting the man's lips to curl up into a devilish smile. His gaze went down to her slightly exposed cleavage, and lust filled them. "Strip" He ordered. ____ Will Candy ever regret her decision? What happens when enemies, dark secrets and unexpected emotions threatened to tear them apart?

Chapter 1 Puppet

"You were out there cheating on me while I was busy trying hard to make our lives better" Candy yelled at her fiance, Mark as he drives them home.

"Can you just keep shut Candy. For Gawd sake this is not something new. You wanna tell me you don't cheat too?" Mark ask and Candy breath out in disbelief.

Even after her father disapproval Candy stick with her lover Mark giving up her dreams and family just to be with him. Only to find him cheating on her in a hotel room where her friend work in.

"I would never cheat on you. I can't believe you think cheating on me is normal. After all the things I've done? I gave up almost everything for you even after my father's death. Is this how you repay me?" Candy's voice croaked as her eyes brimmed with tears.

"I don't wanna hear this bullshit no more. Do you think I'm glad you abandoned your rich family? We just keep on struggling because of your decision!"

"I did it because they don't want us together. I did it because I love you Mark!" Candy's voice croaked.

"That's just a crazy excuse. If it wasn't that your bitch ass friend. I would have been in comfort.. Fuck!" Mark held the stirring wheel hard as he clinched his jaw.

Candy's heart shattered into piece as she heard the unbelievable words coming out from his mouth.

"Do I really deserve this? Did you forget I'm pregnant for you?" She began to sob.

"You know what, let's break up. You are always the type that complains a lot. When I met you at first, you were a bad ass bitch and now look at you, you're like an old hag" Mark said cruly not giving her a face.

"Don't you think I knew you went to your Ex house last week huh? And then you lied you went there for some fucking business" Mark asked looking at her. "Why are you acting all innocent?! You're an whore..."

At this moment, Mark's words were reaching the peak of Candy's anger.

"You heard me, you're a fucking w..."

Mark couldn't finishing his word as Candy screamed and hit his head hard on the stirring wheel. The car moved to the other lane. Raising his head up, Mark eyes widened at the upcoming fast truck coming their way.

Candy's heart skipped a beat. Mark tried to dodge the truck but unfortunately for them, it was too late. The truck hit the car and it tumbled several times with many of its part flying out. The car stopped upside down.


"Hello this is 911 what's your emergency?" A voice sounded through the speaker.

"Hello... Help.. I just got into a fatal.. accident and.. I don't think my husband is breathing anymore.. please.. he..lp..."

Candy's whole body was shivering as her phone dropped to the floor. The seat belt was the only thing holding her. She could feel the intense pain coming from her abdomen, she was bleeding.

Her eyes were on Mark who wasn't moving at all. The truck had hit his side taking his life in the process. Did she just killed him? Blood were dripping down to her head and her sight was getting blur.

She could hear the people murmuring and sound of sirens outside. The car door was forced open and the rescuers grab her from behind. An oxygen mask was placed on her face as they put her on the stretcher.

Candy saw the men taking Mark out too, but slowly drift into darkness.


"He died Immediately after the accident ma'am. I'm sorry for the lose of your husband and also the baby" The nurse said to Candy whose expression was blank as she stared into space.

Mark was confirmed dead and she lost the baby.

Candy's step mom, Natalie was stun, she held her lips with both hands.

"Oh my, gawd Candy. Are you going to be alright?" Natalie asked her step daughter, deep down, her heart was screaming with joy.

"Stop pretending" Candy muttered and raised her head to look at Natalie. "Isn't this your wish"

Natalie swallowed and finally stopped the act. She was dressed in a luxury dress worthing a lot of money.

"Well Candy. I warned you about him. Even your father did before passing away but you never listen.."

"What do I do? It hurts so much. I want this pain to go away" Candy muttered and Natalie smirked secretly.

"I can take the pain away from you if you want.. All you have to do is, do what I ask" Natalie said.

Candy look into her eyes for a while and nodded..


"The lawyer request to see Miss. Candy" Natalie assistant informed as he stood behind her. She was seated in the living room, her face devoid of emotion.

"Didn't you do what I asked you to do?" She asked.

"I did, Mrs Natalie. I told him Candy is currently sick and won't be able to see him for a while"

Natalie smirked. She had found out that her husband, Mr. Jefferson had given all his properties to Candy. Which is something she definitely won't take.

Dropping the glass of wine in her hand, she raised her calm gaze to the other man seated before her.

"When am I going to get my balance?" The man asked placing one leg on top another.

"When the wedding is done" Natalie smiled and then looked up to her assistant. "Where is she?"

"She is locked up in the room as usual" He replied professionally.

In the not so dark room, Candy sat on the bed, her look lifeless as she stared outside her window. The last time she stepped out of this room was seven months ago.

After the tragic incident, Candy was like a puppet to her step mother. Her weak heart was helplessly controlled by her. She had been drowning herself in the pit of her misery and then pretending to be fine.

Her door creaked opened, Natalie walked in and composed herself.

"Hey sweetie" She greeted.

Candy turn to look at her. Her face lit up.

"Mother" she masked up her pain with a smiley face.

"It's so good to see you're happy and doing well. I have a good news for you" Natalie said.

"What is it mother?" She asked.

"You're getting married" she announced and Candy's face dropped.

"Marriage? All of a sudden?"

"Yes my dear. It's just a temporary marriage dear. This man will give you the power I promised you about. You'll be able to face the world again and have men crumble under your feet.. men like Mark" Natalie said. Knowing those name will reach Candy. After thinking for a moment..

"Fine, I'll do as you say" Candy nodded with a smile.

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