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My Submissive Ex-wife Is A Secret Boss?!

My Submissive Ex-wife Is A Secret Boss?!

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For three arduous years, Emily strived to be Braiden's perfect wife, but his affection remained distant. When he demanded a divorce for another woman, Emily disappeared, reemerging as his ultimate fantasy later. Dismissing her ex with a smirk, she challenged, "Interested in a collaboration? Who are you, anyway?" Men served no purpose; Emily preferred independence. As Braiden pursued her relentlessly, he uncovered Emily's secret identities: top hacker, chef, physician, jade carver, underground racer... Each revelation heightened Braiden's bewilderment. Why did Emily’s expertise seem limitless? Emily's message was clear: she excelled in all things. Let the chase continue!


Emily Morris, Braiden Collins, Emily Morris and Braiden Collins novel, Emily and Braiden novel

Chapter 1 I'm Divorced

"Let's get a divorce," Braiden Collins declared.

They had been married for three years. Yet, the man remained as reticent as he had always been. His voice carried no warmth, only a chilling detachment.

Emily Morris found herself behind Braiden, gazing at his tall figure. The reflection of his indifferent expression in the floor-to-ceiling windows sent a shiver to her very core.

Her hands, previously relaxed at her sides, now formed trembling fists.

The moment she had dreaded was upon her.

When Braiden turned to face her, his features became even more pronounced. Despite the years spent together, the sight of his perfectly sculpted face still held her in awe.

"Do we have to?" The words barely escaped Emily's lips. She struggled to voice out the words, her voice a blend of despair and a faint glimmer of hope.

Braiden narrowed his eyes slightly as he looked at her. The absence of makeup did nothing to conceal Emily's natural beauty, though her eyes were red from emotion.

She was not striking in the conventional sense, but her clear complexion and the innocence in her eyes made her a comforting presence.

She looked at Braiden with her clear and reddening eyes. Under her right eye, a small mole added to her beauty, her black hair framing her face softly.

To Braiden, however, she represented nothing more than a quiet and unremarkable woman. She had fulfilled her role as a wife without fault, but he felt no love for her.

Three years ago, a car crash had left him with a serious spinal injury, casting doubt on his ability to walk again. The prognosis had been grim. He had faced the possibility of being paraplegic for life. During that challenging period, circumstances had forced him to part ways with the woman he loved. Under his mother's insistence, he had entered into an arranged marriage, marrying a doctor who could care for him indefinitely. Emily had become his choice, her lack of a prestigious background and her quiet nature being key factors.

"You have been by my side for three years, looking after me. As compensation, I am prepared to offer you ten million dollars." Braiden's tone was devoid of emotion, indicating no particular affection for her. "Unless, of course, you desire something else—"

"Why?" For the first time, Emily cut him off. Her teary eyes sparkled with a mix of determination and reluctance. "Why are you asking for a divorce now?"

Her question hung in the air. Tomorrow would be the day of their third wedding anniversary. She had envisioned celebrating it and many more to come, dreaming of a lifetime together with him.

"You know the one I love isn't you." Braiden's voice cut through her thoughts, cold and detached, offering no glimmer of hope. "Natalia has returned. I plan to marry her."

The revelation hit Emily like a bolt from the blue, making her tremble.

The marriage she had poured her heart into for three years seemed to easily disintegrate with the mention of Natalia Powell's name.

"Sir—" The butler's sudden arrival broke the silence. "Miss Powell vomited her meal and even coughed up blood!"

Braiden's demeanor shifted as he quickly moved past Emily, heading towards the guest room. His voice, deep and urgent, commanded, "Prepare the car. We're heading to the hospital."

Shortly after, he reappeared, tenderly carrying a fragile woman in his arms. Natalia was enfolded in a blanket that Emily had embroidered herself.

She looked exceedingly frail, her pallor making her seem like she was on the brink of death. Cradled by Braiden, she murmured weakly, "Braiden, Ms. Green is..."

Braiden halted, turned towards Emily, and announced, "The lawyer will discuss the divorce details with you. You need to leave the mansion within three days."

Then, he carefully adjusted the woman in his arms and proceeded downstairs, not once glancing back.

Emily remained rooted at the top of the staircase, eyes fixed on their departing figures. Natalia, nestled in Braiden's embrace, cast a victorious look towards her.

Just an hour ago, Natalia had said to her with a sly grin, "I'm back. Give him to me."

Emily's resolve crumbled only after they had vanished from sight. Silent tears cascaded down her cheeks as she wrapped her arms around herself, a shiver of coldness enveloping her.

It had been ten years. From the moment he had saved her from despair to this day, she had observed him from afar for ten years, loving him. How many ten years did she have in a lifetime?

Yet, his love couldn't be forced. No matter how much she debased herself, it was clear she could never stir his heart to feel the same way.

"Braiden, I won't shed tears for you again."

With those words, Emily brushed away her tears. Gone was the gentle and fragile woman, replaced by someone cold and unwavering. A spark of determination lit up her eyes.

It was time for her to move on.

On the bedside table in the master bedroom, the divorce papers were impossible to overlook.

Emily turned to the document's final page, her gaze landing on the familiar signature. A brief flicker of emotion crossed her face as she tenderly traced the name "Braiden".

She stifled a sniffle, holding back the tears, picked up the pen, and signed her name.

It had all started with this name, and it was fitting that it should end with it as well.

Beside the papers, Emily left a seal she had spent nearly a year selecting and carving from jade, intended as her third-anniversary gift for Braiden.

Over their three years together, she had presented him with numerous gifts, each chosen with care, only for them to be disregarded, ending up forgotten in a closet or discarded like her feelings.

Stepping out of the mansion, Emily saw a black luxury car waiting by the curb. She entered the vehicle and announced calmly, "I'm divorced."

The man in the driver's seat, donning a pair of sunglasses, smirked and said, "Congratulations on reclaiming your freedom."

He passed a laptop to her, his voice encouraging. "It's time to rediscover yourself. We've all been eagerly awaiting your return."

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