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Good intentions

Good intentions

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Elena Grant is a young, workaholic professor who has no spare time for love. That is until Lenel, a workaholic billionaire tumbles her world over. He is intimidated by how she isn’t affected by his presence unlike all other women he has met who throw themselves at his feet. He goes out of bounds to keep him after a night they shared but for Elena, is his intentions good or does he wish to tame her?

Chapter 1 Her Devotion

The winter morning was excessively cold in Fortworth city center. Elena was dressed in a coat and wore long boots; yet her beauty as she exited her grandfather’s old beetle was undeniable. She walked into the office with elegance, greeting her favorite receptionist, Miss Mia Lawley.

“Good morning, Mia”, she said with a simple smile. Her smile could make any person stop in their tracks and just stare with adoration.

“Morning professor Grant” Mia responded with an even greater smile, “you look jaw dropping even in the cruelest of weathers, I envy you.”

“Oh, please Mia, you flatter me all the time, if I had a penny for all the sweet nothings you sell daily” Elena responded blushing.

“Now that you are flattered, please don’t forget to bring me souvenirs from the conference, and maybe convince Dr Connell to marry me during his spare time.”

“Ha-ha I think that’s a fair price to pay, if I don’t manage to make it happen, I’ll pay your lunch for 2 days when I come back.”

“It’s a deal. Mr Meyers is waiting for you in his office so please head off before he stops you from leaving for the conference and ruining my marriage before it begins.” She joked.

Their interactions were usually these funny and yet sarcastic remarks in the morning; it always managed to brighten up their mornings, to worry less about the busy schedule before work began.

Elena had worked at the Bio-Infinite Solutions Institute for 2 years now, after the senior professor referred her to help with biomedical solutions because of her extraordinary research in genetic defects. Elena Grant was one of the brightest young minds in Fortworth University, so the university kept her as a professor working for both BSI and the University. She had earned her PHD at the age of 24 and was the youngest PHD graduate in the university. She had a poor background; her father Luther Grant owned a small tow shop that did not make a lot of money. Although she grew up poor, her grandfather owned a great enterprise that got bankrupt when his eldest son Marcus Grant took over 15 years ago. This led to the great illness old Mr Grant suffered. However, after working in the university Elena did her best to manage his illness but her grandfather had always been emotionally distressed because of all the properties he treasured through the years including the villa that he had to sell so he could ensure his granddaughter manages to pay her tuitions and complete all her degrees. He was the proudest when it came to Elena’s achievements. When Elena got a job at the institute, she combined her salary with her savings from her prior work at the university and bought him back his villa. In return he begged her to keep his treasured Volkswagen beetle and she loved it to bits, although very old and close to breaking down.

She could afford to buy a car now but instead has invested her earnings in ensuring her father and grandfather had all the necessary staff to run the villa and take care of her loved ones.

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