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A Second Chance With My Tycoon Wife

A Second Chance With My Tycoon Wife

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Erik, three years into his marriage, scarcely spared Stephanie a glance. She harbored hopes of rekindling their love, but Erik's intentions darkened towards her very life. Stephanie, entangled in the complexities of love, found her desire for it fading. When Erik unexpectedly encountered Stephanie once more, he was unprepared to find her transformed into the world's wealthiest woman. "Miss Gilbert, how did you achieve such success at a young age?" someone asked. Her reply was sharp. "Avoid men; they're nothing but trouble." The next day, the paparazzi shadowing Stephanie were stunned to see Erik Palmer, notorious for his cold nature, eagerly joining their throng. "Miss Gilbert, I have a proposition for you," Erik declared. "What's on your mind?" Stephanie asked, her curiosity piqued. "Let's think about getting remarried," he suggested.


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Chapter 1 A Bitter Anniversary

The aroma of a delicious dinner hung heavy in the air, but the mood at the Palmer household was anything but savory. Stephanie Gilbert, the hostess, had just finished setting the table when a sight curdled her stomach—her husband, Erik Palmer, strolling in with Vivian Howard, his lover, on his arm.

Three years into their marriage, the love Stephanie held for Erik felt like a wilting flower, neglected and thirsty in the shadow of his indifference.

Vivian's provocative messages to Stephanie, including her intimate pictures with Erik, were designed to twist the knife in Stephanie's already wounded heart.

Like a wilting flower struggling for sunlight, Stephanie's marriage had barely survived these three years, leaving her drained and heartbroken.

Leaning on Erik like a vine clinging to a trellis, Vivian cooed, "Stephanie, so sorry to crash your dinner party! Did you do all the cooking? You're quite skilled in the kitchen! Unlike me, I've always struggled with my health. That's why Erik takes such good care of me and never lets me cook."

Stephanie's pursed lips betrayed a brewing storm within. Vivian's mere presence was a stark reminder of the love lost, the void etched where Erik's affection should have been.

"So, can a mistress just stroll into my home now? It's utterly absurd."

"Stephanie, don't jump to conclusions!" Vivian pouted, a hint of mock hurt in her voice. "Erik and I are nothing more than friends. My doctor recommends strict diet due to my delicate health, you see. So, when I learned of your exceptional cooking skills, I practically begged Erik to bring me here. Surely, you wouldn't deny a poor soul a healthy, home-cooked meal, would you?"

Stephanie clenched her fists. "Hold on, Miss Howard. We hardly know each other, so don't talk like we're friends. This meal was for my husband, not uninvited guests."

"Come on! What's the drama? You're supposed to be hospitable! It's just a meal. Relax."

"Honestly, get over yourself. It's just dinner. You've been hosting us ever since you married my brother. Don't act like Vivian's presence is some huge tragedy!" Lacey Palmer impatiently chimed in as she descended the stairs.

"And to be honest, Vivian might have married my brother if you weren't in the picture," Lacey said as she habitually sat down at the table, motioning for Vivian to join her.

They sat in tense silence, Lacey and Vivian's chatter a jarring contrast to the strained air between Stephanie and Erik. Their averted gazes and tense postures spoke volumes, painting a stark picture of a fractured marriage.

The phone rang.

Erik hastily answered it, exchanging a few words before abruptly hanging up.

"I have some business matters to attend to at the company. Stephanie, please take care of things here. I won't be back tonight," Erik announced hurriedly before leaving.

Pushing aside her untouched plate, Stephanie met the remaining women with a steely gaze. "I'm done here. Enjoy your meal."

With that, she stood and ascended the stairs.

"What did I do? Is Stephanie upset because I'm here?" Vivian fluttered her eyelashes, feigning concern.

"Leave her be, Vivian. Try this..."

Lost in thought, Stephanie traced the quilt's pattern, three years of memories swirling in her mind.

Never in her wildest dreams did she expect to be swept off her feet by someone during a campus speech. Yet, there she was, completely captivated by Erik's every word and gesture.

From that moment on, marrying him wasn't just a desire, it was an inscription etched onto her soul.

However, her Mr. Right turned out to be Mr. Not-So-Right-After-All, and her dreams unraveled like a rom-com gone awry.

He did possess the gentleness she had envisioned, but it was not directed towards her.

He possessed the strength and influence she had believed in, but he proved unwilling to shield her.

Caught in a gilded cage, she smothered her own needs, serving the Palmers with a heart both resentful and hopeful for a love that seemed to fade with each sacrifice.

Despite the obstacles Erik's mother and sister threw her way, she endured everything without causing any trouble for him.

With a fragile hope clinging to her heart, Stephanie vowed to persevere, hoping it would finally open his eyes to her genuine love for him.

The invitation was a slap in the face, a blatant disregard for her feelings as Vivian, the source of her insecurity, waltzed into their home.

Was his next step to make her give up her place to Vivian?

Knock knock!

There was a knock at the door.

Stephanie opened it to find Vivian looking remorseful. "Stephanie, I'm sorry. I didn't realize today was your third wedding anniversary with Erik. I didn't mean to intrude."

"Erik isn't here. You can drop the pretense," Stephanie replied bluntly, not in the mood for conversation with Vivian.

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