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Odyssey to Dominion

Odyssey to Dominion

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The beginning Nytri Alcore Elnora, the first Calamity from the mortal realm. Her name alone birth fear and terror in the hearts of gods and devils. Born an orphan, betrayed by her adopted father and ordered by said father to die for his plan failing. Nytri survives after one faithful encounter to become a champion. Unfortunately, her memories are muddled but she knows she'll recover them because only she is capable of messing with her mind in the realm of mortals, devils and gods. Forgotten Memories, Forgotten Power, Forgotten Skills. But her will to slaughter remains etched deep in her memories. War across realities begins with Nytri Alcore Elnora. "I'm going to SLAUGHTER ALL OF THEM!" Also, There will be other books on different universes with different CHARACTERS so crossovers will happen.

Chapter 1 The Awakening

Darkness…… A jolt of energy flashes. Breathe inhale, “Yyyhhh. Exhale, “Wwwhhh.” Slits like eyes open as a dark chamber comes into view, turns to the left then to the right. People in red cloaks are bowing low as torches light the room, there are crystals before them as they bow. A right hand appears as it turns and the back is seen, followed by the left hand.

“What is this?” The light in the room changes as if late in the day as everything becomes clear yet still in the dark chamber. The right hand moves closer to main perspective as it feels flesh and hair, it pulls the hair as black hair comes in the vision. The vision changes as the owner of the hands are made visible.

The owner’s appearance is striking and unique, the figure is female floating at a height of 1.6meters. The figure has a plumb yet athletic build, the skin being a rich shade of dark brown. The black hair that was seen actually falls down to her waist as red circuits can be seen in them on closer inspection. The eyes bear symbolic meaning as the left eye is that of a white clock, the right eye is that of a black hole as it’s surrounded by red lights and golden lightening flashes in and around it. At the center of each eye is a series of letters which is even unknown to the owner of the eyes as it’s all symbols representing the owner’s abilities.

The owner’s attire is black with golden designs, the attire is a jacket with jeans and the footwear seems to be metal. There’s a blue shirt below the jacket with the picture of giant wingless dragons.

“What happened?” Flashes pass before her eyes as her memories are restored. “How odd, I’m able to remember somethings but not everything. My name is Nytri El- “

“Welcome, Overlord Nytri Alcore.” A tall bald man bellows at the head of the group shocking Nytri but she didn’t move or flinch. “We are the Cult of the Eternal Flame, we have released you from your prison and ask that you show mercy on us and help us.”

Nytri scowls as she looks at them but they can’t see her face in the darkness despite there being torches in the room, it’s as if the light is afraid to get close. Nytri gaze wonders to the roof as her thoughts, “Prison? Didn’t I plan for myself to be here? My memories……hmm, now I remember. This is the result of that grandiose plan to buy time and bui- “

Her thoughts are interrupted again by the bald man. “Please help us, we’ve been pushed back by the demon kings for the past decades. Mankind is on the brink on extinction, our people are slaughtered and there’s nothing we can do to help them. We lost…….” He keeps talking but he loses her attention.

Nytri goes back into thoughts, “I find it hard to believe a word you’re saying when that face of yours screams a schemer. The schemers do control the world one way or the other. Wait the world.” Then she finally speaks, “What has become of this world?” Flashes comes in her vision multiple times but still blanks. What she’s seeing is mostly of wars and destruction beyond reason.

The man grinned as he bowed, he sighed heavily. “Overlord, the world which was right for you to rule has fallen into the hands of the demons. They dirty it with their filthy hands and even desecrate your sacred name. They’ve hunted down all those who believed in you and- “ He loses her attention again.

A vision flashes before Nytri, “Right, demons and humans did fight. But didn’t I make a champion to seal me? For things to turn this bad it must mean no one could succeed him, or he secluded himself. Hmmm, according to my memories I caused the extinction of demons. So, devils made more demons, and wars begun again. Still, why do I feel nothing for humanity? If things are so bad, I should feel bad for humans yet nothing.”

The bald man kept rambling on, “They ravage our lands, enslave our people and use us for entertainment. We know we do not have the right to ask this but please, please save us from the demons.” He prostrates himself as if praying to a god.

Nytri looks at him with disdain as her thoughts, “Look at him. Yapping on and on about the world like it’s ending. Wait, wait wait wait ending? The world should have ended so why is it still alive? My blank memories, they’ve been sealed by SOMEONE, but who?”

Nytri remains silent as the man kept talking, occasionally taking in a few words. Her thoughts, “Savior? Last I remember, people would run just from news of me passing by. The world is alive and has changed, but it got weaker. Disappointing, their levels aren’t even up to 10, only feeble E rankers.”

“At least I should see the world.” She floats down slowly as the cult observe her with awe. The moment her feet touched the floor, a map of 30 kilometers is made in her mind. The terrain, the birds flying, the insects in the earth, everything is visible to her. With each step the map got wider, when she reached the door a live map of the continent is in her mind. The cult rise and follow her amazed she can find her way around this maze like tomb, as they walk through a hall.

Nytri keeps getting more flashes, “Hmmm, I have kins. This structure is deliberately made to delay people for a few decades. If I recall, the demons didn’t have this much power or influence. They were a joke to my kin, hehehe. Hmm? What happened to my kin? I can’t connect to any of them, it seems I still haven’t regained my bearings yet.” She makes her way out of one door after another surprising the cult even more as no one gave her directions.

The cult kept going on and on about the state of the world the Nytri finally responds. “Very well.” Her words brighten their faces, she continues. “Let’s see what this world has become.” Now confusion is on their faces. Light falls on her hair as it slowly brightens her body, she’s found the exit as she stands before a mountain as the mountain was built on the structure. Yes, the mountain was built.

The cult cover their eyes due to the sudden change in light intensity but Nytri did nothing of the sort. Nytri raises her head and then squints her eyes as she peers deep out of the earth into space. “Well well well, it’s still up and working. Good.”

“Pardon?” the bald man is curious.

Nytri waves her hands, “Please continue yapp- ahem, with what you were saying.” Her thoughts, “It nearly slipped my out, yapping.” The cult does indeed start to yap as she keeps staring up.

Nytri’s vision changes from space to the earth as it shows her surroundings and herself as if viewed from the sky. She smirks at her cool jacket and her vision moves across the continent bordering the next continent as her map is still increasing.

The yapping cult continues, ““Yes, the demons invaded in droves and took over most of the continents. Even this continent we have little space.” The bald man tried to narrate.

Nytri finds it strange and asked, “When did the invasion start?” she turns to look at them.

“It started 50 years ago.” Nytri looks ahead and smiled but because they were behind her, they didn’t see it.

The yapping continues, “They attacked and even the previous world champion lost to them, we have been pushed back ever since. We came across news about your revival and decided to seek your aid, we ask that you show mercy and help us.” He pleaded.

In Nytri’s mind with a hint of irritation, “Blah blah blah blah blah blah, demon kings, blah blah blah. Just when I thought peace would be possible with my sealing, there’s even more chaos. What a pain” Nytri looks around at the scenery around her. She closes her eyes and tries to get the feel of her surroundings. She hears birds singing or just cursing since they were really loud. She digs her toes into the ground through her footwear and feels the energy flow in the earth, she felt for as far as 30 kilometers. She inhales and exhales, then she opens her eyes and looks around her. Her thoughts, “400 years.”

Nytri’s thoughts as she observed her environment and compares it to the past. “Still feels different from how I remember, my body feels stronger than I was 400years ago. Is it because I aged? Even so, such a growth is unexpected, it will come in handy.”

She smirks. “I’m still not use to my body so, I’ll use Flight mode not to cause problems.” Nytri’s back moves as wings grow out of them, literally. The wings are twice her height to support her weight (If she has any) and to make movement easier. She could fly with energy but she prefers not to waste them when she has wings.

The people around her were shocked at how wings grew from her back with slits behind her clothes, they whisper in unbelief, “Wings! She grew Wings!” the others were also shocked by this. They continue to debrief her about the state of the world or the continent.


Far up high above the clouds, in space like many waters, there is a floating asteroid with many holes through it. Inside the asteroid is a space station since inside is bigger than outside, but it is empty. This was a research station made to test weapons. On this asteroid at the very top is a young boy with feathers on parts of his body with 2 big wings behind him. He gazes on the earth and at a barrier millions of kilometers surrounding the earth and the asteroid. The barrier is filled with chaos energy. Energy with many colors and lightening flickering in it.

The boy smiles as his captivating beauty shines, “The chaos energy is dwindling slowly, that means she has woken up. Has it really been 400 years? I’d like to meet with her but…. maybe another time, so I can show her how great I have become.” The boy has a sweet yet arrogant voice as continues to stare at the earth and the barrier.


Beyond the barrier are alien ships bombarding the barrier with powerful explosions. They have been trying to break the barrier for 400 years and have failed. The ships number in the millions as on the brig of the flagship. The captain conversates with the leader, it’s audio.

Alien Leader enraged, “Shourailli izetus harll!” *BANG* a table was banged


Alien Captain speaks while shivering in fear, “S..Sire, we’ve been doing our best but haven’t breached the barrier. Maybe we should giv-” *BANG*

“GIVE WHAT! GIVE UP?! You’re unfit for this position. Find a way to the garden or I will have your hide! *BANG* You have until- " Alarm blares on the captains ship. "What?! What is that!”

“S…S…Sire, i…i..t-“ a report comes in on a screen.

“SPEAK YOU FOOL!” he is seething with rage due to interruptions.

“Y…yes sire,’s a report on t…the ..b…barrier.” he reads all the report.

“WELL! WHAT DOES IT SAY?!” something like a low growl.

“Y…Yes…..huh…" The alien Leader hummed then the captain replies, "The barrier…. It’s losing power.”

“Humm?! Hahahaha!" He's elated. "For 400 years, the damn barrier is finally falling apart! Make ready to harvest the garden, I’ll send more ships to aid you should that MONSTER show up again. Don’t disappoint me.”

"Y….Y…Yes sire.” The communication ends with the captain sighing in relief as he slumps down into his chair. “For millions of years I’ve served, this is the first time a garden has fought back. If this spreads to other universes…….*Sighs*. Lieutenant."

Lieutenant responds with "Sir!"

The captain commands, "Get the fleet ready, we’ll take the garden once the barrier falls.” Lieutenant salutes and communicates across the ships. They start to move about the ship preparing to invade earth.

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