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The CEO's Second-hand Bride

The CEO's Second-hand Bride

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On their wedding night, Nadine's husband told her he was impotent. Having no feeling for him, she accepted the situation without protest. It was later revealed that her husband lied. He didn't want to touch her as he had someone else in his heart. After getting a divorce, Nadine found herself receiving ridicule from many people. They thought she would never find another man to marry her, but Nadine soon married a wealthy and dashing CEO. "Honey, people keep saying that I'm not deserving of you since I'm a divorcee," she complained. "Who the hell said that?" her CEO husband replied in a deep voice. Little did Nadine know that he had been trying to get her for ages, ready to shower her with unparalleled love.


Nadine Wheeler, Warren Harper, Nadine and Warren

Chapter 1 Betrayal

In a dimly lit hotel room, two figures lay entwined, their heavy breaths and soft moans filling the space.

Nadine Wheeler, utterly exhausted, quickly succumbed to sleep.

She stirred to the sound of two phones ringing.

As she fumbled for her phone, her hand brushed someone's warm skin. Startled, she opened her eyes and found herself gazing into a handsome, stern face.

Who was this man?

Her eyes narrowed, noticing the scattered clothes beside the bed.

Memories of the tumultuous journey from the elevator to this room flooded back.

Quickly, Nadine got dressed.

The phone rang again. Warren Harper, irritated, opened his eyes. When he saw a woman frantically getting dressed, a dangerous spark flashed in his eyes.

"Stop!" he commanded coldly.

Nadine, now fully clothed, grabbed her phone, intending to leave swiftly. The man's voice halted her.

Warren, donning a robe quickly, demanded, "Who sent you here?"

Confused, Nadine almost claimed she came here with her husband, Caden Gordon, but caught herself.

Sensing the man's unstable mood, she thought it best to escape. But as she opened the door, a surprising scene unfolded.

A barrage of camera flashes met her, clicking and flashing. With that, came the clamor of journalists that greeted her.

"Miss, what's your relation to Mr. Harper?"

"Mr. Harper is engaged to Rylee Brooks. Are you trying to be the other woman?"

"Do you intend to disrupt their relationship for wealth?"

Overwhelmed by the journalists' relentless questions, Nadine stood, dazed and speechless.

Journalists clutched at Nadine's clothes, trying to stop her from leaving. They even pulled her hand from her face, eager to capture her face on camera.

Just then, Warren emerged, fully dressed, drawing the journalists' attention.

Nadine used this distraction to slip away unnoticed.

Once she was alone and the journalists stopped chasing her, Nadine finally lowered her hands from her face.

During her escape, she remembered the man's name.

His name was Warren Harper, recently returned to Rocshire from abroad.

He was the centerpiece of last night's grand event, an annual gathering of business magnates, also celebrating Warren's return.

Nadine typically avoided such events, and Caden knew it. But this time, under Caden's insistent urging, she had reluctantly attended.

Caden had led her to greet the influential guests before disappearing.

Alone, Nadine sought refuge in a corner, nursing her drink.

Her tolerance for alcohol was low, and she unknowingly drank too much. Searching for Caden, she stumbled and collided with a sturdy figure at the elevator.

Through her hazy vision, she thought Caden had called her name. The man's breath against her ear sent a thrill through her.

Mistaking him for Caden, she pleaded in a whisper, "Caden, I want it... Please..."

He responded with a passionate embrace, kissing her neck and guiding her into the elevator.

Now, reflecting on the previous night's events, Nadine felt a wave of headache.

In her drunken state, she had confused Warren for Caden. But what about Warren? He couldn't be drunk either, could he?

After some thought, Nadine decided to contact the police. But before she could dial, her phone vibrated with an incoming call.

It was Caden, his third call that morning. He must be worried, having woken up to find her not at home.

She answered, and Caden's voice came through. "Nadine, I drank too much last night. A friend took me to a hotel, but I forgot you were still at the party. Are you at home now?"

Nadine, focusing on the initial part of his explanation, responded, "I'm okay. You should have some hangover tea to sober you up."

"Alright. Ouch, stop it..."

A peculiar noise followed from Caden's end, causing Nadine to frown.

She asked in confusion, "Stop what? Anyway, which hotel are you in? Do you need me to come pick you up?"

After a pause, Caden replied, "I'm at last night's party hotel. You go to work. Don't worry about me."

The realization that they were in the same hotel sent Nadine into a flurry of panic.

She hadn't yet figured out how to explain last night's incident with Warren to Caden. If someone else revealed it first, she'd be at a loss for words.

Nadine's thoughts whirled, searching for the right words to soften the situation for Caden.

Her attention was then diverted by a couple rounding the corner.

They were hand in hand, the woman radiant with joy, the man still on his phone, interacting with the woman beside him.

Caught off guard and forgetting she was still on the phone with Caden, Nadine blurted out, "Who is she?"

"What? Who?" Caden's confused voice came through the phone. He looked up instinctively, and his eyes met Nadine's.

He visibly tensed, quickly releasing the woman's hand and approaching Nadine. "Nadine, what are you doing here?"

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