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LUNA'S RETURN : keeping his son

LUNA'S RETURN : keeping his son

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"Mate!" He called and she turned swiftly knowing he felt what she was feeling "Alpha..." Kayden called in a whisper as his hand went for her face caressing her cheek warmly *** Alpha Xerxes bethroned to Kamila daughter of Alpha Loren of the Wild glow pack, mates and marks Kayden a night before his mating ceremony. Realising he marked a weak omega he rejects her. As punishment for seducing the alpha she is to serve his wife as a maid. When Kamila was found with a child, Kayden is chased away... What happens when Alpha Xerxes finds his wife's biggest secret and her reason behind making him chase Kayden away. He sets out to find Kayden who had moved on with her new mate, Alpha Dark his stepfather. Will he find his child and reclaim his mate? Will he hate her for keeping his child from him?


"Nanan, the Alpha sent for you" Blake informed the beautiful woman in her mid eighties

"I'll be there right away" she answered getting up while Blake turned to go "Blake son," she called and he turned smartly to her. "The work in the palace is beyond the maids, I have called for assistance... do let them in when they arrive " she informed him

"Okay Nanan" he replied taking her hand and helping her up the stairs

"Yes, you don't have to worry, they are people I know... very beautiful ladies, you'll like them" she teased and he laughed softly knowing where she was heading

All the young men in the pack like their Alpha were unmated, Nanan had been on their necks especially the Alpha blaming him for leading the other men astray in the area of mating. Finally able to convince him to settle down with his mate, Blake was her next target.

They approached the palace hall and her eyes caught a red decoration near the throne. She immediately knew why the Alpha had sent for her

"My Lord" she greeted bowing slightly

"Nanan" he answered signalling her to arise "who is in charge of the decorations here?" He asked knowing fully well she was

"It is I, Alpha "

"It seems you are forgetting my colours, do you want me to remind you again?" His firm voice came

"My Lord, the work in the palace for the past two days has been beyond the maids and servants. Hence, I got extra hands, they must have done this. But, I will see to it that this is taken care of, I apologise"

"And the chairs... is this how you intend to leave them?"

"We are not done with the decorations yet. But I can assure you that the food, drinks and decoration are in good hands. What you should be worried about is the security, the escorts for your bride and looking your best for tomorrow" she advised warmly looking into his eyes

"Umm" came his short reply "you are dismissed " he added

"Alpha... do try to relax, you'll make a great mate" she encouraged like a mother would her son before taking a bow and turning to leave. He watched her go with genuine love in his heart towards the woman he had grown to take as his mother. She knew him too well, nothing gets pass her when it comes to his feelings.

"Kayden darling!" Nanan exclaimed throwing her arms around the young lady who walked into the kitchen with Blake trailing behind.

"Nanan!" Kayden called embracing the older woman

"Welcome my dear, hope you didn't find it hard to get here?"

"Not at all Nanan"

"Blake son, come over here" she called gesturing to him while holding Kayden close with her free hand "this is Kayden, my sweet angel, isn't she beautiful?" She asked but continued immediately without giving him a chance to reply. "Kayden dear, this is my handsome Blake" Kayden gave him a beautiful smile "Blake what are you waiting for take her hand!" She half yelled making the maids around turn to look at them. He moved closer to Kayden taking her hand

"It's a pleasure meeting you Kayden" he said with a smile, kissing her hand

"Same here Blake, I've heard a lot about you" she answered returning his smile

"Is that so?" He asked suddenly interested

"Indeed" she assured him nodding gently

"Now isn't that beautiful," Nanan asked batting her lashes in excitement "There's so much to be done in so little time, Blake" she called facing him causing him to let go of Kayden's hand "could you please accompany Kayden to the garden at the end of the field to collect some hibiscus flower for tomorrow?" She added

"Nanan, I have to be with the Alpha and you know"

"Oh please... Xerxes can take care of himself but pretty Kayden here can't, she doesn't even know where the garden is" she explained calmly in a dramatic way handing Kayden a basket and pushing her to Blake who caught her immediately "be a gentleman for once Blake" she added

"Fine" he sighed "Kayden, this way" he gestured towards an exist. Kayden nodded before heading for the small door. As they walked away they could hear Nanan singing "love is in the air, I see it, I feel it and I want it"

"I love your smile Kayden, it's beautiful" Blake confessed when they were out of the palace and were walking side by side

"I just hope you're not saying that under pressure, it's just us, no Nanan" she teased smiling sweetly

"I assure you that I am complementing you genuinely. We both know what Nanan is up to but the end of the whole thing is left to us to decide" he said and she smiled looking into his eyes

"In that case, I think you are handsome"

"You think?" He chuckled softly shaking his head

"Of course, it is just a thought"

"So you don't believe I am handsome, you're only saying you think I am because Nanan had been saying that to you"

"You're wrong Blake, I never said that"

"Then what did you say?"

"I only said I think you are handsome because you only said my smile is beautiful"

"I see where this is going" he smiled and she returned the smile as they kept walking down the lonely path that led to the garden. "But you do know you are beautiful right?"

"The truth, they say is established in the mouths of two or three withnesses"

"And beauty they say, is in the eye of the beholder"

"So..." She asked and he stopped making her turn to look at him. He held her shoulders gently making her tilt her head to look at him.

"I behold you Kayden and I say, you are beautiful" she placed her free hand on his right hand blushing softly

"So do I " came her answer as she quickly turned and continued walking even when she knew he wasn't following. After taking two more steps she turned to see him looking surprised, smiling broadly knowing she had gotten to him she asked


"Don't you think this is unfair, I call you beautiful and you say same" he asked with his hands in the air

"I am a lady Blake, that's how we are" she teased but he remained fixed at the same spot. She retraced her steps, took his arm pulling him in an attempt to move him but he didn't move, she tried again to no avail

"Common Blake, the sun is setting and we're not yet in the garden"

"I think you know the magic word" he informed folding his arms

"Blake you are handsome" she admitted giving up

"Not like that"

"I behold you Blake and I say you are handsome" she repeated his line and his eyes lit up

"Now, isn't that beautiful?" He asked mimicking Nanan and even though she was mad at him for being childish, she found herself smiling. He took her hand intertwining their fingers as they continued their journey in silence.


"Kayden dear, I know you are tired but can you help me take this to the Alpha's room."

"Nanan, won't the Alpha be mad at me for entering his room without being summoned?"

"Don't worry about that, I don't think he's in his room; but if he happens to be there, just take a bow and tell him I sent you, then keep it on the table, bow and leave. You can do that for me right?"

"Nanan, I'm scared of the Alpha and you know"

"Please don't refuse me my child; if I go myself he'll keep me there for too long"

"Ok, let me have it" she agreed taking pity on the old woman

"Thank you my dear, see you tomorrow" Nanan said kissing her forehead tiredly.

She walked quickly into the Alpha's chambers and into his room. She looked around and saw nobody then moved quickly to the table keeping the well wrapped box and turned to go but felt a presence that even her wolf recognised and became excited. She turned to go, but she heard a voice behind her

"Mate!" He called and she turned swiftly knowing he felt what she was feeling

"Alpha..." Kayden called in a whisper as his hand went for her face caressing her cheek warmly.

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