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Ruthless Ex-Husband

Ruthless Ex-Husband

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"Blue, let's talk." My husband responded coldly to me. I smiled before answering "About what Sean?" I was going to say something to him too but he got ahead of me so he will go first. "I have something to tell you too, but you go first" when I offered to him. He took something from the drawer and placed it on the table, he's giving me this cold look again. "Sign this." I looked at the brown envelope before I took it. Something is telling me not to open this, I nervously opened the envelope, and guess what i wasn't wrong. A divorce paper. I looked at Sean as if to indicate what this meant. "Sign it." He pointed out the brown envelope. "B-but why? What did I do?" I asked with a trembling voice. "Blue, let's get over this, we didn't like it" he answered. "I made a promise to Brianna" he took a ballpoint pen and placed it on the side of the brown envelope. "Brianna huh? You really like women, what can I do?" I have to let go. As for who would like someone like me, Sean was right. There were tears in the corner of my eyes, I was looking at the divorce paper, thinking if I should sign this or no Considering that he is a famous actor and owns a large company, how will Sean's fans react if they find out that his girlfriend is a man? They'll probably just bash him, his career means a lot to his family and to him. Actually he is Sean Gilo Falva and I'm just a normal fan, Blue Carvaro. "Before I sign it, can we hug you at least for the last moment?" I saw confusion in his eyes. Why did I say we? Because I'm pregnant, I'm 2 weeks pregnant, I want to tell him not to throw away our future child. "Sure..? I thought yo-" "Nevermind that, I also forgot to tell you" I cut him off. He nodded, you can still see the confusion in his eyes. I smiled bitterly, I came to him and hugged him tightly, he hugged me back. After that he signed the divorce paper. I then packed my things and left the house, he was just outside the house, he's watching me leave. I rubbed my tummy "sorry baby I can't do anything, your father doesn't want us so I'll hide you from him" I didn't realize I was crying, I wiped my tears before getting inside the car.

Chapter 1 Home

Chapter 1

"Milo, come down so we can have breakfast, you're going to be late for school." I shouted.

"Come on mom!" answered my son.

It's been seven years since Sean and I broke up, I named him milo because it's Sean Gilo, I changed the G to M.

My son was already downstairs, I kissed him on the forehead and fixed his uniform.

"Mom, what did you cook?" He asked again.

He's so cute.

"It's your favorite." I answered him.

It's already 10:55PM but I haven't gotten home yet.

I have alot of work to do, I'll just text pin.

I took out my phone and texted the pin.


Pin, please take care of my son, I still have a lot to do, maybe I'll be home by 11 or 12, I'm sorry, I'll get back to you, I promise!


What's up, I'll take care of your child, you were asleep a while ago, tell me about your work experience when you have free time, be careful lovelots


Thank you very much, I'm leaving, I'll finish this so I can go home.

There was a sweet smile on my lips when I read pin's reply to me, I didn't make a mistake in choosing you to be my friend pin, I'm lucky to have you.

I turned off my phone and went back to what I was doing.


It's already 12:30 AM.

I looked closely at Sean, he looked so tired, I even made his favorite coffee to warm him up a little.

I stood up and approached him, I'll just say goodbye if I can leave, maybe my son is waiting for me.


"You can go home" he cut off what I was going to say.

"Sir, go home, you need some rest, you also have an appointment with Mr. Hilton tomorrow." I am concerned as his secretary.

He looked at me before saying "Why do you care? Whatever happens to me is none of your business." It brought back the tone of what he was doing.

Well, that's important to me because our son doesn't know you, if you hadn't chosen Brianna, I hope we're okay now, because who would believe that someone like me is pregnant? It's better that I hide our son from you because the career that you care so much about might be ruined, I'm just afraid that you might push our son away, I hope your two paths don't cross.

It's already 4AM in the morning, I just have to get ready for my son, it's crazy and my face is bursting now.

I prepared vegetables for milo's breakfast and lompia for lunch.

I went upstairs to wake up my son.

I opened the door to milo's room, as usual he was still asleep.

I kissed it on the forehead "baby, son, wake up with school kapa."

He rubbed his other eye before looking at me.

"Mommy?" I sat next to it.

I support it to sit.

He sat on my lap, he kissed me on the face before hugging me.

"Don't work mom, I miss you, I want you to sleep next to me." he snorted, tightening his embrace around my waist and burying his face in my chest.

"Son, you know I'm doing this for us." I loaded it and sat it on my thigh "how come if mom doesn't work, I can't buy you the things you want."

My son just gave me a smile.

"Mom, I'm going to take a bath." I just nodded as a "yes" answer.

I went downstairs and fixed myself, I was still sleepy.

Later, my son came downstairs, wow, he knows how to dress himself, in the case of the uniform, he's not quite yet.

"Mom, am I okay?" He said it jokingly.

"Are you really my son? I guess you didn't inherit from me, did you?" I pinched his cheek before kissing his cheek.

"It's mom, I inherited from you of course, chaka mom, let's eat, I'm hungry." I agree with what my son said, I'm totally hungry because I haven't eaten since last night.

After we finished eating, he put away all the dirt and took milo to school, I went home first and rested, I'm leaving at 8:15 tonight, it's still 6:40 in total, I'll just set the alarm.

In the middle of my thoughts, there was a question that interfered with me again.

What if milo looks for his father? That situation will be more difficult

My smile widened as he kissed me all over my face.

"Chicken!" Milo ran to the kitchen to sit down and eat.

I scooped some rice and put it on his plate, I took a chicken and put it on his plate.

I sat in the chair opposite him and watched him eat.

His eyes, his pointed nose and his thick eyebrows, he looks a lot like his father.

Poor son, your father doesn't like us.

"Mama, your chicken is getting cold." he pointed to the chicken on my plate.

I laughed softly, he wanted to get the chicken skin.

"Let me guess?" I took the chicken that was on my plate and removed the chicken skin "chicken skin." I put it on his plate and ate.

After we ate, I washed the things we ate.

I first took Milo to his school and went to my friend's place.

I first knocked on the door and waited for someone to open it.

"Just a moment!" Scream from inside.

He opened the door and revealed my friend to me.


"Hey you're blue, come in." when he offered me.

"How are you, my baby Blue? Bring Milo here sometime, he misses him," he grumbled.

We both sat on the sofa.

"You know the boy is still studying, we're okay, aren't you?" I will return the question to him.

He laughed before answering, our man is really crazy.

"It's okay, I'll just make some juice." he stood up and went to the kitchen.

When he got back, he put the juice he brought on the small table, he sat next to me and drank the juice.

"Pin, maybe you know something I can get a job with" I took the juice and drank it.

"Why? Did you get fired?" He put his juice on the small table.

"No, you know my work is at night, I want my work in the morning, it's okay for me to go home at night, I don't want to do my work at night, I don't want to cause more problems for you." my long story.

"You know, you're not my problem, but you have a point, wait, I'll just get something." he stood up and went to his room.

He came back and sat next to me.

"Here, they're hiring." he gave me a business card.

"For what stone?" I looked at the card carefully.

"Yesterday, I was going to apply to a company because I didn't have the pogi that I bumped into yesterday, but I kept it because I might use it, and yes, I did use it." his long story.

It's really hard to find.

"Great, you don't want to do this job because you're not with the pogi? Are you crazy?" I pinched its side.

"Ouch! It hurts." He rubbed his side before facing me again.

"Thank you, I'm leaving so I can apply" I drank my juice first.

"Oh okay, be careful, visit me with my son here." I nodded and left.

I walk towards the building that pin tells me about.

I looked at the building first, it's familiar to me.

I went inside and headed to the lobby.

"Uhm, excuse me, where is the interview room?" I asked the woman.

"Just wait sir" I smiled at the woman in front of me and nodded.

"Sir, fourth third floor, left side." said the woman.

I nodded and smiled "thank you."

I got on the elevator, it was really cold when I got there.

When the elevator was about to close, a hand blocked the elevator door.


I immediately averted my eyes from him, if I was looking at him.

I can feel his sharp eyes staring, it's so lonely.

He entered the elevator, we were both silent here.

"How are you blue?" He asked.

he recognized me?

Wait, is what I heard true? Isn't that delusional? He spoke to me?

"I-I?" I slowly looked at Sean, he was helping me a lot.

"Yes you, are there other people here?" It looked at me, it was cold and nice to kiss.

Oh, what the blue! That's married.

"I-I'm fine, how 'about you?" It's embarrassing.

Wait, what is he doing in our building? Him stone?

"What are you doing here?" he asked.

Well, he didn't even answer my question, he was really rude.

"I'm applying for a job." I played with my fingers, I was really nervous.

"You're hired." He promised.

The elevator door opened and Sean stepped out.

It stopped for a moment and faced me.

"You'll be my secretary starting today." I think he started walking to his office.

I immediately followed.

Our company actually belongs to him, we're okay at least I have a job for my son and me.

I immediately entered his office, the smell was really bad, this is my first time entering his office.

I looked around his office, it was clean.

"Sit down" he pointed to the table with a design, the color and design is my favorite, right? No no no I'm just assuming.

I nodded and sat down.

I looked at Sean again, he's a busy man so it's fine, he's still very tired.

You really look like our son Sean, too bad he's married.

Oh wait, what should I do? Should I ask him if he wants something? Or should I just wait for him to tell me what to do?

"Blue." when he calls me.

Focus on work, blue, not on your boss, move on, he has a wife, so stop being a jerk.

"Sir?" I looked at him before standing up.

"Copy this one." He placed a white paper on the side.

I stood up and took the white paper.

I went back to my mini office, I looked at what was written, the length is jusko keri, that's our money.


I finally finished, my hand was shaking.

I stood up and went to his table.

"Sir, here it is." I put my nopy aside and returned to my seat.

I took my cellphone and looked at the picture of my son and me.

How is he at school? Isn't he being bullied? Can he eat properly? Milo misses mom so much.

"I'm heading out for lunch."

I came back to reality when Sean spoke.

I nodded before answering "you go first, I'll be next sir" I returned my tone to my phone.

I guess time is fast now, I'll eat later.

Sean's POV

"Sean? You good? This is the fourth time you spaced out talking to us."

I came back to reality when my friend spoke.

"Just thinking about something, don't mess it up." my answer.

"Spill the tea, what's wrong?" It will mess me up.

I only gave him a cold look, he will stop.

After we ate we went back to his work.

He was about to open the door to my office when I heard blue talking to someone on the phone.

"Sorry baby, I'm not sure if I can get you at school, I'm working for both of us."

"Just like this, mom will just buy a gift for you, the godfather will just get you a pin, sorry baby I'm really busy."

I'm confused, mom? Both of us? Did his wife leave him with a kid?

"Right sorry, mother pin." blue laughed softly before speaking again "alright, give the phone to your teacher, babye baby, iloveyou mwa."

Does blue have a child? But to whom? Wait why do I even care? I mean that's his life not mine. I have Brianna anyways.

Blue's POV

By the way, I didn't ask Sean what time I was going home, I was already stressed because it was my first day.

"Blue, schedules." this is a short answer

What schedules does it say? What's the schedule?

"Check the tab" he pointed to the tablet on the side of my table, it wasn't here before.

I took the tablet and checked the schedules.

It's like the meeting he means.

"They say you have an appointment tomorrow with Mr. Hilton, 7AM." I think it's still on the tab because I'm amazed, the size of the tab is so big.

I looked at him again, he just nodded, signaling "yes".

How bad is it to balance being a CEO and an actor? It's hard, isn't it?

"Sir, I'll get some water first, how about you sir?" when I said goodbye to him.

"Nothing" I nodded and left the office.

Maybe he wants coffee, but would that help?

This is stressful.


I picked up my phone when it rang, Brianna's calling.

"What?" My short promise.

"Come home, let's play a game." she's using her seductive voice again.

"I'm too busy, maybe next time." I don't feel like answering.

"Oh come on Sean! You didn't even try to touch me once!" He answered with a shout.

Well, I don't particularly love her but maybe I will learn to love her.

I hung up because I lost my appetite when I heard or saw him.

I put my phone aside and took a break from what I was doing, I blinked for a few minutes.

I heard the office door open, it's blue.

"Sir, coffee" he put the coffee on my table.

It's my favorite coffee, he remembered.

"Thank you." I took the mug and blew on it before drinking.

Blue sat down in his mini office again, he changed a lot.

He's more blooming now.

To Be Continued...

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