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Do You Finally Plead Guilty Mrs Damini?

Do You Finally Plead Guilty Mrs Damini?

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Dominica was living a charmed life until everything fell apart. Her perfect marriage was a lie, and now she's in jail for a crime she didn't commit. But there's more to the story than meets the eye. As Dominica fights for her freedom, she discovers a dark secret that could change everything.

Chapter 1 My King...

Chapter 1

I can't help it, whenever I lay on my bed, alone in my cell, the pain I feel, coupled with thoughts of the wonderful memories with Sebastian, fills me. Occasionally, I'd break into hot tears.

Revelved in my rumpled sheets… I recalled the past. My happy past!


"How your life can change in a second." The lady being interviewed on TV said amidst tears, she wiped her face with a small face towel, sniffed, then sighed.

I wasn't paying attention until now, probably Sebastian was. Momentarily I'd look at him stealthily, he was so focused on the reality show. It's titled, 'Story of our lives'.

He smiled broadly at the big screen, his arms wrapped around me and once in a while he'd look back at me.

I just laid still curled up in his embrace, we had our nighties on. A duvet over our stretched legs, a big bowl of popcorn, an untouched champagne in a bucket of ice, we had only coke.

I wasn't in the mood for champagne, probably had enough of it, you know the feeling… Sebastian doesn't like it either.

I stretched my arms for the remote control, and turned down the cold breeze coming from the air conditioner. The room was fucking freezing.

With my messy bun against his wide chest, I adjusted my head. He made a little sound, looked at me then back to the screen. I'm not a reality show lover and I recently got to know my man likes stuff like this. Who knew a guy who always held his chin high with a stern look always watched such dramatic films? I giggled silently

This got his attention again. He took a quick glance at me and smiled, showing off his perfect white set of teeth. My heart skipped and I swallowed hard.

The smiles he's been giving off, it's rare, he doesn't even smile this much in the presence of his biological mother or brother, not even at work. His cold aura and devilish demeanor get the workers terrified. But with me, it's different.

He enjoyed watching the show, I enjoyed watching him. His broad smile, his perfect teeth shone in the dimly lit room which served as our home movie theater. This made my heart skip many times.

This very moment brought waves of untold satisfaction. I just wished we could stay like this forever, wrapped in each other's arms.

Like every other Friday we had date night, last week was at a fancy restaurant in Buda. Sebastian had us flown in his private jet Northeast side of the capital.

We landed at the rooftop of the magnificent hotel. I've always enjoyed my evenings, every weekend… like this for the past months we've been together.

He previously had his secretary book us a private reservation at the top most floor.

Sebastian really gets me, before the dinner he had a gown from Gucci sent to my apartment in school, earlier on, on thursday.

The very design in the picture I screenshotted from Gucci's official page on Instagram, in one of their recent posts. I only spoke about ordering it to Madam Kate, the old cook last week.

That woman, she's something else.

This time he said we'd do whatever I want and I chose a movie date.

The home movie theater, according to Sebastian, since he bought the house, has never been used.

And I was like, why even buy what you won't use?

But since it's never been used, it was just perfect.

I had the maids clean it up yesterday. Had Madam Kate make us popcorn, went down to the cellar to get champagne and two bottles of coke from the freezer in the kitchen.

By 6:00pm as promised, Sebastian was home from work. Our date night kicked off at 8. We chose a trending horror movie which lasted one hour thirty minutes.

Sebastian was such a cry baby tightening his arms at any horrific scenes, the reverse was our case.

While I watched the movie unmoved, Sebastian made silent cries. Awkward as it is, he chose the movie, now he was acting all scared. I held my phone up to record him chickened out but was struck hard with laughter and couldn't do it. My cheeks got red, and I choked from laughter.

After the movie ended, Sebastian begged me to join him and watch his favorite reality show which aired at exactly 10 pm.

That's how we ended up wrapped in each other's arms, again.

"Babe." he called me out of my little world of fantasy.

"Hm?" I blinked, recollecting myself.

He just smiled back, kissed me lightly on my lips. What started off as a light brush, intensified. He went deep, hungrily devouring my lips and I kissed him back, responding accordingly.

Heated, he savored my whole lips. I let him take control, let his masculinity overrule my femininity.

Suddenly he pulled away, his eyes still fixed on my face, filled with satisfaction and some sought of accomplishment.

"I love you." I mustered courage to say, it felt kind of uncomfortable, but not weird, we were married. We were a couple. My head sang.

I could see how his eyes lit in the dark, he must have been astonished cause he never heard such words come out of my mouth. I never told him the words 'I love you', even after months of marriage. He smiled sheepishly, but kept mute. His little angel is all grown up.

"I love you, I really do." I drew closer for another kiss, closing my eyes.

He just wiped my lips lightly with his thumbs, as if trying to clean a stain.

I opened my eyes disappointed. I bit my lips and eyed him. He smirked at me.

"Took you long, Hun." He said, his voice sounding cracked, like someone who was amidst tears.

"Babe! Are you…?" I moved closer to him, I could see his teary eyes, I didn't understand why he was being so emotional, not his usual stern look or broad smile. These emotions gave off happiness mixed with sadness.

"Don't tell me you're crying, you're actually…" I wiped off a tear with the back of my hand.

"I love you too Mrs. Damini Sebastian Damini, you mean the world to me." He said, embracing me.

"Hehe…Mr Damini, this is too much, you added your name?" I rolled my googly eyes, trying to hold the blush forming on my cheeks. His eloquent speech got me cracking up.

I laughed it off resting my head on his broad shoulders still in his embrace.

"My king." I muttered, my eyes heavy and I fell asleep in his strong arms.

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