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Love Is More Than Words

Love Is More Than Words

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Cassidy gave Franklyn her all. She built her whole life around him for five long years. She thought all was well until she heard the news of his engagement to someone else. In spite of the heartbreak, Cassidy chose to leave in secret. She was done loving someone who clearly didn't love her back. She started a new life somewhere else. Little did she know that the aloof and distant CEO would search for her everywhere. When their paths crossed again, she looked a hundred times more beautiful and had another man by her side. Her smile was also brighter than it was in the past. Franklyn almost sank to his knees as regret flooded his heart. He said sincerely, "I have been searching everywhere for you. I miss you a lot. Please come back to me. I promise to treat you right. I can give you anything you want. Cass, I can't live without you." Cassidy laughed out loud. She then looked at him with a disdainful smirk. "If you can't live without me, how come you are still alive? You know what? I don't want to have anything to do with you ever again. Get lost!" Franklyn's heart broke into smithereens. When he saw her glaring at him, he covered her eyes and said in a choked voice, "Please don't look at me like that, Cass. It breaks my heart. Something tells me you still love me." "How delusional!" Cassidy commented and slapped his hand away. She stared at him with complicated emotions in her eyes. Want to find out what the future holds for Cassidy and Franklyn and how they would surmount the hurdles that stood in the way of their love? Well, read this book!

Chapter 1 He Was Going To Be Engaged

In the middle of the night, the silence was pierced by a woman's pleasured moans. As she smelled the scent of the man on top of her, Cassidy Wright fell into a trance.

"What's on your mind?"

Franklyn Pierce seemed to notice Cassidy's absentmindedness. He stopped kissing her neck for a second and raised his head to look at her. His eyes were so gentle, as though he wasn't the same powerful person who ran the Apex Group.

Franklyn was undeniably good-looking. Not only did he have the perfect face, but he also had the perfect body. Cassidy felt bad for being distracted at a time like this, so she reached for his face and stroked his sexy lips gently.

"Oh, nothing. I was just thinking about how to get the order from Vanguard Enterprises."

Franklyn knew she was lying, and his expression darkened.

The next moment, his fingers wandered to a forbidden place, and Cassidy couldn't help but groan. Franklyn's thin lips finally curved up happily. "That's the punishment for your being distracted."

Franklyn knew exactly what Cassidy wanted in bed.

After a passionate round of mind-blowing sex, Cassidy only rested for a few minutes before she got up to run a bath for him.

But before she could leave the bed, Franklyn held her hand and suddenly asked, "Are you worried about money or something? Why were you thinking about work while we were having sex just now?"

As he spoke, Franklyn's eyes were fixed on Cassidy's beautiful body. Even though they had just gone at each other like rabbits, Cassidy could still feel that the fiery lust in his eyes hadn't been completely extinguished yet.

She shook her head in response to his question. Since Franklyn was always so generous, she wasn't worried about money.

On the surface, Cassidy and Franklyn each took what they needed from each other. He was greedy for her body while she loved his money.

But only Cassidy knew that deep down, it wasn't just about the money anymore. She had fallen head over heels in love with him over the years.

However, she couldn't let Franklyn know about this, lest she be kicked out.

"No." Cassidy shook her head and changed the subject. Her eyes were clear and sincere. "Are you leaving soon? If not, I'll make you a night snack."

As soon as she said this, Franklyn's phone on the bedside table started to ring. Seeing this, Cassidy immediately shut her mouth and proceeded to put on her silk pajamas.

Then she overheard Franklyn saying into the phone in a doting voice, "Okay, I'll be right there."

After putting the phone down, Franklyn turned over and got up. He was completely naked, but it was nothing to be ashamed of. He was perfectly chiseled, like a classical Greek sculpture.

"Something came up. I have to go."

Hearing this, Cassidy nodded obediently, even though she had clearly overheard the flirty feminine voice on the other end of the line just now.

She went to the cloakroom, pulled out his clothes, and helped Franklyn get dressed. When she was fixing his tie, she couldn't help but look up at his handsome face and ask, "It's really late. Where are you going, Mr. Pierce?"

Franklyn didn't answer her and simply pursed his lips. Cassidy knew that she had said something wrong. So she shut her mouth and fastened his cufflinks quietly.

Franklyn was born with the face of a nobleman. In addition, because of his work, his wardrobe consisted solely of high-end suits. As a result, he looked cold, aloof, and unapproachable.

Cassidy reached for the suit jacket and slipped it on Franklyn. In doing so, she inadvertently touched a square-shaped box in the pocket of the suit jacket.

She didn't have to look inside the gift box to know what was in it. It was obviously an engagement ring.

But it wasn't for her.

She had a hunch that her shady relationship with Franklyn would end after tonight.

Sure enough, the following day, she was awakened by the vibrations of her phone. When she checked her notifications, she saw that her chat group with her colleagues was buzzing with exciting news.

The gist of the news was this: Franklyn was going to be engaged.

Cassidy had always kept a low profile. Very few people in the company knew about her relationship with the boss, namely Franklyn's secretary and his assistant.

The discussion in the chat group was particularly lively.

Some girls talked about how they regretted not making a move on Franklyn sooner, but they were obviously just kidding.

Cassidy stared at her phone screen blankly. She had made a move on Franklyn, but where did that get her? She was still going to end up with nothing.

When she finally came to her senses, she tapped on the link in the group chat, which led her to a news website. As expected, she saw Franklyn's handsome face on the front page.

The beginning of the news article was very attention-grabbing.

"The CEO of the Apex Group is getting engaged to the only daughter of the chairman of the Ascendant Group on the 15th of this month!"

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