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img img Romance img Obsession and Desire
Obsession and Desire

Obsession and Desire

img Romance
img 93 Chapters
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Author: LauraC
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Andy Alf, a twenty-six-year-old professional multimillionaire CEO of the largest export company in town, obsessed with order, organization, discipline, cleanliness, and much more, is recognized in high society for the way he manages his business and makes good decisions. Camille, a humble twenty-five-year-old girl, graduated from the psychology faculty of a small university, manages to get a job outside her hometown in Andy's company, to take a position in the human resources area, she accepts it far from home, since the pay is quite striking, and her mother now requires treatment for cancer. A few days after working in the ALF company, she meets Andy, her immediate boss, who regardless of the fact that he is about to marry one of the most beautiful women in the world show business, becomes obsessed with that girl, taking him to the point of committing crazy things and persecutions, when he finally manages to establish a relationship with her, it becomes a toxic courtship and full of sentimental problems, reaching the point of questioning the sanity of the two of them, can Andy and Camille be together despite their problems? A thousand separations in the same relationship, only one ending.

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