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"Gentle" Judgement

"Gentle" Judgement

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Aaron Lee is the president of the famous Lee Group while Dorothy Florence is a common girl. Originally, they should live in two totally different worlds. However, the god of destiny makes fools of the people. Dorothy’s boyfriend hit Aaron’s girlfriend accidentally with his car. From then on, their fate twisted together. Aaron thought Dorothy killed his girlfriend who was pregnant then, so he made the following judgment: First, Dorothy must have a child for him; Second, after giving birth to the baby, Dorothy should at disposal of Aaron. Otherwise, he will do something bad to Dorothy’s family. In order to keep her family safe, Dorothy accepted the trial.

Chapter 1 Free Life

As the prison gate slowly opened, Dorothy Florence looked up at the dazzling sky. She raised her hand to peep at the sun through her fingers, which made her believe that the warmth would eventually dispel the darkness.

She took a deep breath. The air of freedom which had been stripped of for three years almost moved her to tears.

"Dorothy, I'm here to pick you up."

A familiar voice sounded. Even if the woman had not heard it for long, she was able to find the source of the voice in no time.

Alan Shane opened his arms, as he did three years ago, waiting for her to rush over to him.

Behind his glasses, his eyes were reddened with a mix of excitement and guilt.

Dorothy quickly ran over to him.

She had missed his hug for three years!

Alan looked maturer. The smell of disinfectant on him was stronger than three years ago. And he had turned from an intern to a doctor.

Alan held her in his arms tightly. When he lowered his head, his tears trickled down his cheeks. "Sorry to put you through three-year hardships."

Dorothy shook her head and was too choked with emotion to speak.

She hated to recall what she had been through over the past three years. Now that she had regained her freedom, she wanted to let it go.

"Come on, let's go home."

Alan held Dorothy's hand tightly and walked with her shoulder to shoulder.

Dorothy nodded firmly. "Okay, let's go home."

An inconspicuous black Audi was parked not far away. A man in the backseat closed the window, saying coldly, "Let's go."

The driver answered, "Yes, Mr. Lee."

When the car slowly passed by Dorothy and Alan, the man in the backseat caught a glimpse of their smiles.

"The woman killed Lara Claire in a hit and ran three years ago. How could she act as if nothing happened!"

"Dorothy, you killed two lives. Do you think three years' imprisonment is enough to cleanse your sins?"

"I'll torture you forever!"

Alan opened the door of his car for Dorothy as he used to do. "Come on, get in the car. My mother has prepared all the dishes you like."

Dorothy looked at the vehicle, which must be much more expensive than her original car. She could not help asking, "Is it your new car?"

Before she went to jail, they had a humble vehicle that she bought at the price of thousands of yuan. As Alan needed to go to the hospital for an internship, most of the time, Dorothy left it to Alan. The woman herself went to work by bus.

Alan bit his lips with an embarrassing look in his eyes.

At the thought of the previous car, Dorothy hurried to say in a joking tone, "Oh, sorry. I forgot you're a doctor now. It's improper to drive my shabby car."

With that, she hastened to get in the car with hidden guilt in her eyes.

"It's right to abandon that car. It took two lives," she thought.

They had known each other from childhood and they got together in high school. Alan was an excellent student. He was admitted to South Flora Medical University in advance and continued his postgraduate study there.

Dorothy had always been proud of him. However, Alan was from a relatively poor family and the cost of studying medicine was no less than that of studying art. Moreover, during his postgraduate life, he had to go abroad to attend academic exchanges. His family could not afford his studies.

Back then, Dorothy resolutely chose to drop out and look for jobs. She had to take several part-time jobs every day. She led a remarkably frugal life while lavishing most of her income on Alan.

They had agreed to get married after Alan became an official doctor, but an accident happened.

"Don't your parents hate me?"

Dorothy hesitated for a good while before speaking. While waiting for the answer, she twisted her fingers nervously.

She was a dropout and had a criminal record. She was afraid that his parents would scorn her.

Alan pulled over and tilted his head to look at Dorothy with a serious look in his eyes. "I don't allow you to look down on yourself. You are the only one I will marry. If you had not taken the blame for me, I would have been the one who shames and disappoints my family."

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