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Chains of marriage

Chains of marriage

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PROLONG Have you ever been sold to a marriage of a a very rich and promising man that you dont love well you're about to hear about my miserable story my name is Maya Roberts before i got married and i became Maya George, i lost my dad at a very young age and my mom raised me a single mom almost all my life but after being diagnosed with cancer i gave up my life and youth and married a wealthy man named Benjamin George ,at age 19 ......i dont love him but i dont know how he feels about me even though we have been married for three years, he never touched me or shared a bed with me or even eat my food he only checks on me every night and i was fine with my life .....everything went astray when his brother came back from the military Jason,he was very different from his Benjamin and we became friends,i regretted everyday from then onwards what misery do you think maya has gone through and still going through.....what could she possible want after having everything she wants whenever she wants

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Latest Release: Chapter 28 Season one finale   03-21 17:35