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img img Romance img Love Impossible: A collateral to the mafia
Love Impossible: A collateral to the mafia

Love Impossible: A collateral to the mafia

img Romance
img 45 Chapters
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Author: Orits Shola
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"There are four major rules that govern our Mafia family, remember? And the first is, the Mafia is a point of no return; once you are in, there's no way out. The second is, the Mafia is lifetime secrecy and you have broken that already. The third is, there should be an undying loyalty to the boss but you have also failed in that. The fourth is, a Mafia member should have no WEAKNESS of any sort, not even their family. I don't need to remind you that the penalty for going against all this, is death." ************ Alexander Lawal; cold, brutal and self centered, is one of the most ruthless mafias of Nigeria and he is feared all over the country by other mafias and beyond as he is famous for his ruthless ways of torture and merciless punishments. Some even feared him more than the boss himself and they knew better than to cross him. As the underboss of the mafia, he had only focused his attention on the business and did not allow anything to distract or come his way. What would happen when his little game turned into something bigger and he finds himself craving for her? Would she pull him out of his own darkness or would she be pulled into an unending mess? William Lawal, has never gotten anything he ever wanted and all his life, he had strived to impress his father and beat his brother regardless of what it takes or whatever methods he uses. What could go wrong when he falls for the same woman he had used as bait to get his brother down? Would his fight for power become a fight for love? Kemi is a simple girl from a poor family who loved her family dearly. Her peaceful life is turned upside down when she got mixed up with the mafia family because of her father's debt. With her heart torn between the two mafia brothers, would she choose freedom or would she be caught up in the dangers of the Mafia world? Find out what happens in this impossible mafia love story and see how it brings interesting changes to their lives.

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