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Their dirty plaything

Their dirty plaything

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“I’m the only one to blame! It only started as a way to express myself through my new manga and as a die hard fushoji, I had to use them. But I have never known that things might get to this. The twin discovered my secret guilty pleasure and I have to pay. The problem is that I’m already waiting and anticipating what is coming my way. I’m not afraid to be used and abused. On the contrary, I can’t wait for it.” Mila, the perfect Harvard student, has a small secret. She loves to draw BL manga, but things weren’t going well with her website. But everything changed one day when she used the two star athletes as her new characters in her fresh story. And now she had to face the consequences because the two boys were coming after her.

Chapter 1 No. 2


I sent Madison off to get our food then sat on the table behind the two girls and surprise, surprise they are cheerleaders.

I tried to listen to what the girls were saying, but all I got were a few giggles then feminine annoying shrieks.

Madi dropped my food tray in front of me and I was startled but smiled at her awkwardly.

“Spit it already. You are creeping me out right now. You have this same look you are having when you draw one of your nasty manga sex scenes.”

I laughed awkwardly, and she narrowed her eyes at me, so I just bit into my burger and just busied my mouth.

She rolled her eyes but thankfully said nothing and ate her food as she stared at her cell phone.

The two girls began to whisper again, and this time I tried desperately to hear what they were saying over the noise.

But all I got was a couple of words that made no sense to me.

‘Game, boys locker room, violent, then something about thongs.’

“Do you know these girls? Did something happen to you? You are weird. I mean weirder.”

Madison asked as she kept looking between me and the cheerleaders’ group.

They stood up, and I tried to follow them, but my friend pulled me back and glared at me.

“Ok, ok. I heard them talking about the game tonight and thought that it might be fun to just go and watch it. We have been here for a couple of months and we didn’t socialize at all. The college experience shouldn’t be like that, right?”

I asked her sweetly and my friend pinched the bridge of her nose as she stood up and just left.

I grabbed my apple juice and ran behind her, quickly talking to her and asking her questions that she didn’t answer.

“Look, you are giving me a damn headache. Spit it out already because I swear to god I will kick you out of the room.”

Mandi said, groaning, and I grinned before I jumped on her and hugged her tightly.

“I want to go and watch the football game tonight. Please, pretty please.”

I said as I fluttered my eyelashes at her and my friend slapped her forehead and just pulled her hair.

“You know that it is your ass if you didn’t do well here. You are the one with a scholarship, not me. Besides, we are here to study, not just drink and fool around, and yes, this is what would follow after. I just know it.”

I bit my lower lip and made myself sniffle pathetically as I nodded my head and went to my bed, leaving her.

“Fine, we will go, but not for long. I swear Mila if I asked to leave, and you didn’t follow me, I will leave your ass and you will spend the night outside.”

Mandi snarled at me, then she just opened one of her books and put on her headphones, and totally ignored me.

I fist pumped secretly, then went to my desk and opened my books, faking studying, but I was just googling the two names the girls mentioned.

It took me a while to find them, but when I saw them, I felt my heart thud painfully in my chest.

These two are every fujoshi dream. Two hunky males with bodies that the gods envied.

One with chocolate skin and a blinding smile, while the other was with a square jaw and vividly blue eyes.

But they didn’t look anything alike. Why did the girls call them the twin?

Anyway, they were gorgeous and I can already feel my head fill with so many ideas.

These are the perfect muse. yes, I just need to see them in person so I can be able to draw them to perfection.

I kept looking at the hour and almost screamed because it was going so slow.

But when I saw Mandi stand up and then go change, I jumped and did the same.

I wore one of my hoodies and just put my red curly hair in a messy bun and just waited for her politely.

I followed my friend silently as we headed to the stadium that I have never thought I would visit.

She handed a couple of tickets to someone, and I blinked at her. When did she get those? And these college games need tickets?

She just shook her head in a no, and I just shrugged. Whatever. It is not like that I would be frequent to this place, anyway.

A couple of girls waved at Madi and we headed to them, but we didn’t have the time to exchange pleasantries because people around us began to cheer loudly.

People began to sing with the band and I got excited as I heard people sing and cheer around me.

And there were these shouts like


‘Let’s go crimson.’

‘Go, Harvard!!’

I clapped and sang with them, and Mandi chuckled when she saw me go crazy.

Then we sat as we watched the two teams converse, then the game started.

Honestly, I didn’t understand anything and didn’t know why people got upset sometimes, but all in all, the game was interesting.

And after a couple of hours and when our team won, the game ended, and I just stared blankly at the almost empty field.

Mandi was talking with her friends, so I just crept down, trying to get a closer look when I saw the team gather and a few people join them.

I have come this far and I will be damned if I didn’t get a closer look, especially when I can see Christopher joining his brother.

And yep as I thought before, they both looked gorgeous, god how I wish to take off their clothes and see their naked bodies.

God, I sound like a damn creep. Mandi was right, but fuck it. I have a feeling that this will be epic.

I kept watching the duo, but when people swarmed them, then I just sighed in frustration. At least I got what I needed.

But then I winced when I saw my friend with her hands on her hips and glaring at me, so I just walked quickly and jumped on those few steps to reach her.

She talked with her friends as we left the football field, but we got stuck when we were at the entrance.

Some noisy boys kept pushing me aside as I tried to leave, even though I just gave them all the space they needed.

But then one of them smirked, and he pushed me with his hip, making me stagger backward and I closed my eyes, preparing myself for the damn fall.

“Are you ok? You weren’t hurt, are you?”

A man’s gruff voice said, and I almost shuddered deliciously. It

“Hey assholes, cut it off and act more properly. There are small people around you damn hooligans.”

The man said loudly, and I let him go when I found myself clinging to his arms. His thick big arms, if I might add.

I looked up at him from under my hoodie and my eyes widened when I saw him looking down at me.

I nodded my head in a quick thanks and turned around, but still; the boys gave me hard time.

“Just cut it off or I swear I will fucking kick your asses.”

Another firm voice said, and I flinched away when I saw a big red jersey slap one of those laughing assholes in the face.

I ran when my eyes meet those piercing blue ones. The two boys who were defending me were Christopher and Mathew.

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