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The mafia king's surrogate

The mafia king's surrogate

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“I really want to hate you, but why is it so fucking hard to do just that? Sometimes I find myself hating you to the extent that I want to fuck you into submission gain, Demi. I thought what had happened to me was the only punishment I would ever get, but I found out that you are a curse, Demi. One that I don’t ever want to break, but I’m dying to break you again, wife.” “You see Demi, you say that you hate me, but do you feel how your body sings each time I touch it? You have never been a good liar wife and even if you tried to convince yourself or others, your body will always tell the truth, that I still and will forever own it.” I was sold to the mafia king to pay my father's debt. He wanted to have an heir and so he made me his wife. I had no say in it and I thought that this will be my life forever and my fate was sealed. Until one day my world came crashing down upon me. I found out that the safest place is with my husband 'Ares'. The ruthless, cruelest and coldest man I have ever met. This book is R-18. Contains sexual content, violence and mental health problems.

Chapter 1 One



We all sat around the meeting table beside my private office. The surrounding men kept stealing glances, but I kept silent.

I might have an idea about what they want, but I want them to speak up first.

We had been beating around the bushes for five months now. They must be at the end of their limits for sure.

“This is unacceptable. You are supposedly the head of this family. You carry the bloodline even though it is tainted but still, you must do your duty.”

My uncle Aetos said in an explosive, disgusted voice. And I raised a brow at him.

The man’s face was neutral, but what he said seemed like an insult, not advice.

But this anger was new to me. I used to think that he is the sound of reason in this family.

“That is why I have come prepared. I have someone suitable for him. The girl was raised to obey his commands and do whatever he wants from her. Her family is rich too and they have connections. This will add to his position and power.”

My other uncle Cenon said, and I frowned my brows in confusion. He already brought someone, too!

Hmm, this must be serious. Cenon serves only himself. That girl must be an alley to my dear uncle.

I rubbed my temples in annoyance. The whole family was gathered today to discuss my celibacy situation.

They kept saying that I’m old as if forty is my last chance to be a father or something. I’m not a woman, for god’s sake.

Cole sauntered to where we were sitting and leaned against the wall. A dirty smile graced his face.

“If you don’t want to do it, I will gladly carry on and provide the elders with what they want.”

I sneered silently as I watched them nod in approval, as if what he just said made perfect sense.

My younger brother had always wanted this position, and it is in his favor that I don’t have an heir.

He will take the throne after me, but he had always hated me, the bastard son, for taking what he thought rightfully his.

“Enough, Cole. Ares is the eldest son, and your father chose him to be his successor. There is no need for this shit now.”

My uncle, who was saying that my blood is tainted, chastised my younger brother. Interesting.

And I couldn’t help the loud chuckle that escaped me. They have lost their minds, all of them, it seems.

“This isn’t a laughing matter, Ares. This family is your responsibility and you need to work on that. If you have any problems, tell us now so we can work on it.”

Cenon said in a clipped tone while looking at my crotch. He was implying that I’m not a man or my thing wasn’t working.

Actually, I shouldn’t blame them. I have never brought a woman here or taken a girlfriend.

That thought was bound to be brought up in this lovely meeting.

“It is ok if he is gay, Cenon. He can have a surrogate or something and have a boyfriend at the same time. Our problem here is the heir, nothing else.”

My sleazy uncle stood with a big shit-eating grin on his face and opened the door.

A young woman walked inside with her eyes cast down and headed toward me.

Then, to my surprise, she kneeled in front of me and began to open the zipper of my jeans.

I looked at the men who were watching the scene closely as she got hold of my flaccid cock and began to tug on it softly.

She looked up at my face and I couldn’t deny that she was gorgeous.

Her face is white and smooth, her eyes are so blue that you would mistake them for clear sky and her hair was naturally blonde.

She opened her lightly painted lips and kissed the head of my cock. And I almost flinched.

Not because I was sensitive, or that I was enjoying this, no I was disgusted by her touch and the warmth of her hands.

When her hands touched my bare skin I felt as if thousand ants are crawling under it. I almost threw up.

She hollowed her mouth, and in one move swallowed it. The warmth of her mouth engulfed me, but that didn’t even make my cock twitch.

I gritted my teeth and held her hair in my right hand, then I pulled her away from my body. I felt as if the room walls are closing on me and the air was thin. I gritted my teeth to hide all that weakness.

“What the fuck do you think you are doing? Get the hell out of here.”

The woman licked her lips and wiped the drool that was wetting her chin.

Even though I didn’t feel anything, my cock wasn’t small, even while flaccid and dead like that.

I tucked my member away and stood up, then I walked to the door. The room was dead silent as they watched me.

“I will ignore the shit that went here today, but if it happened again, I promise you all my answer to this nonsense will be huge.”

I closed the door behind me and went to my room on the second floor.

I took off my clothes and threw myself under the shower. I need to clean myself. It felt dirty, and I was losing my mind.

I sighed as the cold water cascaded down my feverish body. This felt good and soothing.

After washing every inch of my body, I looked down at my cock. It was the only part of my body that looked unblemished.

I held it in my hand, then I tugged it twice, and it began to grow slowly. In seconds, it was up and angry red.

I looked away, repulsed by what I was doing.

They don’t know what they are talking about. I don’t have a problem with my friend down there.

I have a problem with the person who will touch my body and demand to see me naked like that.

I sighed as I wiped off the fog and moisture off the mirror and looked at my face, then chest.

No one would want to be with a man that looks like me. I’m a damaged good. I look like a monster.

But I need to do something about this issue and do it now. The elders won’t be silent forever, and my brother can use this to his advantage.

I need to get myself a woman or else I will lose everything in a blink of an eye. Even though those memories won’t let me feel the love or warmth of a woman’s body.

It is impossible for me to have those feeling with another, to be loved, happy and addicted to her touch, even if she was the most gorgeous woman on earth. My heart is dead.

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