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img img Billionaires img Swindle The Mafia Tycoon
Swindle The Mafia Tycoon

Swindle The Mafia Tycoon

img Billionaires
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“They say I’m a misogynist, but I say ‘NO!’... Then, they ask me ‘what are you?’ I smirk and I answer: I’m nothing but a human being who easily gets bored... And to all of you ladies that I have brokenhearted out there, I’m sorry but you deserved it. However, that’s what I thought, ‘till I met my match and she gave me a dose of my own medicine” ~~~~~~~~~~~ What happens when a badass sweetheart knocks off a ruthless Tycoon? What are the consequences of such a collision? Here, the heartless dissident is Aliya, queen of con; and The merciless Mafia Tycoon is Harris, the only heir to the Carter family, a cold-hearted playboy. As every rich young man with a flamboyant lifestyle and so much wealth, he promised himself never to get married. “One is not enough!”, he would always say.

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