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Warming The Mafia's Bed

Warming The Mafia's Bed

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CONTAINS MATURE CONTENT I get on the bed behind her, and she gasps when she feels someone on the bed behind her, but before she gets a chance to speak, I push my fingers inside her and inhale at the slippery warmth, and she falls to the bed with a moan. "Cameron? "She calls breathlessly, but I don't reply, I just lay behind her and keep thrusting my fingers inside her. "Fuck... "She moans as she begins to roll her waist, and I kiss the back of her neck. "I'm fulfilling my duties now. Does that make you happy? "I whisper as I keep pumping three of my fingers in and out of her completely, warm and slippery core, and she replies with a moan. "I'm... Going to cum... "She warns as I feel her pussy clench, but I don't stop. I've tried my best to keep away from her. But everything about her is alluring. She's seductive even when she doesn't intend to be. For so long I've tried to control myself. But with her request tonight, and the things I've seen, there's no turning back. As she said, she is my wife. And I want her. I am lusting after my wife and am longing for a taste of her. There's nothing wrong with that. As she said, there doesn't have to be any romance or emotions involved. We both get what we want, and leave it at that. She stops moving and warm, sticky, white cum begins to escape her pussy, and she exhales weakly as she becomes limb, but I'm not done with her as my cock is still as hard as a rock. I turn her over and spread her legs apart, and she stares weakly at me. ************************************ Tessa was a simple girl... Sike!! This is not one of those stories. Meet Tessa Gold. A bold, outspoken, goal oriented, dangerous seductive, and temperamental young woman. The only heir of the powerful Christopher Gold. Leader of the dangerous Born Killers mafia gang. Tessa's life is going perfectly fine, until her father suddenly falls sick. And with two weeks left to live, he gives her his dying wish. For her to get married to Cameron Heart. The ironically heartless leader of the Bloodshed mafia gang. Would Tessa agree to this union? And if she does, what would be the result of this marriage??? Love, lust, or turmoil??

Chapter 1 A Mole

Tessa's POV;

"Mmm… "I purr gently from the depths of my throat as I slide up and down on the remarkable cock of the fuckboy who is currently under me.

"Fuck… "I moan as I shut my eyes. Enjoying the feeling of raw pleasure as the hard schlong slides deeper into me when I push myself down on it, and then how it slides almost completely out of me when I pull myself up.

But despite how much I'm enjoying myself, I can sense the heavy fear of the young man beneath me.

I really don't care though. This isn't the first time I'm seeing a man get scared of being intimate with me or nervous about the fact that I'm having sex with them.

It's just one of those things that come with being the only daughter of a renowned mafia. Not only am I my father's only daughter, but I'm his only child. His little princess, and the heir to take over and rule the gang after him.

My father can do anything for me. And when I'm upset, he can turn mountains over from their very roots.

After my mom died while giving birth to me, I became his world, and he became mine. And these men are scared that if they don't satisfy me, their lives would be at risk.

They are right though. I could put an end to their lives for a bad performance if I want to, and nothing will happen to as little as a hair on my head. But I'm not so cruel. So, even if they don't satisfy me, I let them go.

"Fuck, I'm gonna cum… "I moan as feel my body shake and my eyes roll back, and the fine young man laying frozen under me like a log of wood, does nothing, and I almost laugh at the height of his fear.

I feel my pussy clench against his dick, and a torrent of curses escapes me as I let out all of my juice, with this man's cock still buried deep inside me.

I collapse on his chest to catch my breath, and then there's a knock on my door.

"¿¡Quién es!? "

*Who is it!? *I call in irritation, in Spanish. My late mother's language, and one of my father's men replies.

"Siento molestarle señora. Pero el jefe exige tu presencia abajo."

*Sorry to bother you, ma'am. But the boss demands your presence downstairs. *The man says, and I roll my eyes. Why does my father have such horrible timing??

"Dígale que actualmente estoy en una reunión y que necesito alrededor de una hora para redondear. Me acercaría a él tan pronto como terminara. "

*Tell him that I'm currently in a meeting and I need about an hour to round up. I will come down to him as soon as I'm done. *I reply, and the man answers with a yes, and leaves. Leaving me to finish up with this fuck boy who I've hired, and who is behaving more like a paralyzed man, than an actual sex worker.

I didn't tell any lies. I am in a meeting. If my dad thinks I mean an official meeting, then that is his cross to carry. I didn't say what type of meeting I was in.

"Go. Get lost from my sight. Wait for me in the bathroom. And by the time I get there, you should better have gathered some balls, and give me the services I paid your boss for.

Except you want me to cut off your dick and wear it around your neck for you! "I reply, and I watch fear wash over him.

"Yes ma'am."He replies, and rushes off into my bathroom, causing me to chuckle lightly.

Now, why won't I love being a mafia's daughter??


I walk out into the sun with my hands in the pockets of my hoodie as I walk toward our garden to meet my father.

I know why he called me down here. My birthday is in two weeks, and he always gives me pre and post-birthday gifts.

He gets me one, two weeks before my birthday, one on my birthday, and another, days after my birthday. It's been a tradition for as long as I remember, and I do the same for him.

I walk towards the bench under the tree where he's sitting, and his face lights up as soon as he sees me.

"Ah, mi cisne dorado... ¿Cómo estás? "

*Ah, my golden swan... How are you? * He questions with a broad smile. Calling me by the nickname he has called me by for time immemorial now, and I smile.

"I'm fine dad. You called for me. "I reply, as I sit beside him and rest my head on his chest while listening to him breathe. But for the first time ever, I notice that his breathing is not unstable... And a bit rough.

"Dad? ¿Estás bien? (Are you okay?) "I question him in alarm as I pull my hands out of my pocket and look up at him, and he looks down at me with creased brows.

"Why? I'm perfectly fine, Tessa. "He replies, and I give him a look as I sit up.

"Your breathing says otherwise. "I note, and he laughs.

"Oh, it must just be excitement from the gift I want to give to you today. And besides, I only just got back from jogging, a while back. "He then says, and I eye him suspiciously as I don't fully believe his claims.

"¡Matteo! ¡Tráelo! (Matteo! Bring it in!) "He then abruptly demands. His voice and aura quickly shifting from how sweet and warm it was with me, to stern and frigid.

I am not fazed by this sudden change. I've gotten used to it over the years and have even mastered the art myself.

The only person's my father and I show compassion and tenderness to, are each other. Asides from us, no one else gets to see our soft sides. We keep them locked up and away. The world only gets to see frigid versions of us.

My father is a head of a ruthless mafia gang. To the world, he is a stone-cold killer... He is, but he is still my father. My sweet, loving father and I am his heir.

His entire world. Just like he is mine. And I want nothing more than to take over from him and take after him. I want to make him proud and be the most successful female mafia leader the world has ever seen.

He tells me that my dreams are possible, and I chose to believe them. I have learned the trade and undergone all sorts of training and teaching from my father over the years. Prepping me for a role he knows I am dying to take someday.

I am still staring at my father curiously, wondering what he has gotten this time around for me, on my 26th birthday, when Matteo. One of my father's closest men comes wheeling a power bike towards us, and I freeze. It's not just a power bike, it's a 2022 MV augusta rush!!!

One of the fastest and most elaborate power bikes in the world!!

"¡Papá!? "

*Dad!? * I yell in excitement as I stand to my feet and stare at the exquisite black and red beauty. Causing my father to chuckle beside me, as he stands.

"It's beautiful... "I exclaim. So close to tears, and he laughs.

"I had hoped you would like it. Happy birthday, sugar cube. "He then says as he wraps an arm around my shoulders, and I turn to him and wrap him in a firm hug. Causing him to laugh again.

He indeed knows me well. He was right that I would like this gift. In fact, I love it.

I have been a biker since I was 9. I had this crazed love for bicycles and as I grew older, the love got diverted to power bikes. To me, it's one of the best things in the world, riding on a powerful bike at full speed with all the care in the world off your shoulders, the wind hugging your entire body, and soothing your nerves.

I've been meaning to get myself this particular make of power bike, but since I just got one bike last month, I didn't think it would be logical for me to demand another one. But I guess my dad didn't see it that way.

I am still beaming with smiles when my father suddenly begins to take shaky breaths, and when I look up at him, I see his eyelids fluttering.

"Dad? "I call in alarm as he begins to fall. But Matteo quickly rushes behind him and catches him before he reaches the ground.

"Dad! "I scream in panic, but I watch his eyes fall shut as blood begins to escape from his nose. I watch in horror as Matteo then speaks into his handheld transceiver.

"More men needed at the east wing urgently. The boss is down. Get doctor Rico here, as soon as possible. "

In less than five seconds after he says that, five other of my father's men dressed in black suits arrive at the scene and I watch in panic as they lift my father and rush him into the villa.

What is going on? I knew his breathing sounded funny.

I rush after the men up to my father's room, with my heart running several miles per second. He's bleeding through the nose. What could be wrong with him!?

He seemed so fine just a few seconds ago... What's going on!?


Cameron's POV;

I'm in my office with my back turned to some of my workers. For months now, we've had a mole problem. Someone was ratting out our plans to one of our rival gangs.

Causing that gang to always be one step ahead, jeopardizing my missions, and stealing my deliveries and my clients. It had all been dancing on my last nerves but they struck and broke the very last one when they assaulted Ezar yesterday.

EZ has been a right-hand man to me for as long as I can remember, and he's drawn so close to me, that I no longer see him as a friend, but as a brother. A brother I'm a year older than and have sworn to protect.

That is the same person the golden dagger gang attacked and hurt. They shot him in the chest but luckily, he didn't die. He is a strong young man.

It would be very easy for me to just wipe out the entire Golden dagger gang. But what's the use of that when the mole still exists? The bastard would simply betray me for yet another gang. So, to sort this issue out, I need to get rid of the mole, first. And then the Golden dagger clan.

"As we all know, there's a mole amongst us... "I say. My back turned to the six young men lined up behind me, and my eyes on the peaceful sea flowing right at the shore behind my office.

"And today, I've chosen to get rid of him. Once and for all. "I say as I finally turn to the young boys, and I see fear on their faces.

I know the innocent ones and I know the guilty one. But even the innocent ones are trembling like leaves on a windy day, and I don't blame them.

They're standing before Cameroon Heart. One of the coldest men alive. It's only normal for them to tremble. They know how cold and inhuman I can be. Especially when it comes to Ez.

"You see, I had been very patient. Till yesterday... When one of my closest allies got attacked. "I continue as I walk over to the front of my table, and gently sit on its edge.

"How could one of you think he would be able to rob me from right under my nose and get away with it! ? "I then growl, and the men whimper but my guard standing in a corner of the room is unfazed. He knows that this luckily doesn't concern him, so he's simply watching through the dark shades he has on.

"I give you one last chance. Surrendered yourself, and I might be easy on the type of death I'd give you. "I continue, but none of the men step forward, and I run my tongue over my upper teeth in annoyance, before grabbing my gun.

I knew this would happen.

Without any warning whatsoever, I pull the trigger at the blonde young boy who came to work for me five months ago.

Shooting him right in his crotch, and his agonized scream as well as the fearful shouts from the other boys in the room, rent the air.

I stare at him in silence as he struggles for a few seconds on the floor. Unable to scream, move properly, or make a sound.

The bastard had been a hypocrite I could smell from miles away. He kept overdoing everything and trying so desperately to get into my good books. He sold himself out by being a painful pest hungry for acknowledgment and praise from me, and when I placed a bug on him, I turned out to be right. He was the little informant the golden daggers has carefully planted in my gang.

If I wasn't vigilant, I would never have suspected the cunning, innocent-looking bastard.

I flag my guard over and once he's beside me, I speak.

"Get him to Louise. I don't want him dead yet. Fix him up and then feed him to the dogs at the warehouse.

Send whatever is left of him to the daggers. "I order, and my guard bows.

"Yes, boss. "He simply replies before walking up to the bleeding, dying boy on the floor and dragging him out of my office by an arm. Causing a thick trail of smudged blood to follow them.

"Get that mess cleaned up. And this should serve as a lesson to all of you. The next one to betray me, wouldn't have it so easy. "I say, and instantly, the five men left begin to scramble about. Struggling to clean the mess. And I drop my gun back on my desk.

I walk back to my chair and sit in it, and a sudden bitter feeling takes over my throat. I know why it's there. Today is my mother's death anniversary. And instead of me to be mourning her, I am acting unfazed by her death, and even just made it to be another person's death day.

It may have been 24 years since she died, but I still remember the images like it was yesterday. How she shivered to death in my arms with me crying furiously and none of the passers-by willing to help. I was just an eight-year-old child who was crying beside his dying mother, and people simply walked past.

Some spared me nothing but second, pitiful looks, and after that, they faced their fronts and went their ways. Never turning back. Not even for once.

It was at that age, I got to understand that humans are deeply wicked creatures and it would do one no good to be kind or merciful in a world as cold as this.

"All of you, get out! "I suddenly command, and within the twinkle of an eye, the men scramble out of my office, and luckily for them, they had cleaned the mess that had been on my spotless white tiles.

I open my drawer and pull out the box containing some of my most-priced possessions. I open it with my fingerprint and pull out the only picture I have of my mother. Old, and barely visible. From when she was very young.

I stare bitterly at the gorgeous woman dressed in a wedding gown, and my heart aches. I was so little when she left me, but I remember her and the moments we shared, strongly. So strongly that sometimes, I go back to her and them, in my dreams. How she'd tell me stories from her youth, and how she tried her best to ensure that I could still read, write, and do some maths.

This is only half of the picture though, she had long ripped off my father's side of the picture. The man was a bastard and indeed does not deserve to be in the picture. He is the root cause of how horribly my mother ended.

I come back to earth when my phone rings and my brows crease when I pick it up and find that it's a call from Ezar.

"Ez? "I call in wonder as I pick up the call, and I hear him grunt.

"Cameroon, you have a meeting with our Italian associates in two hours. Don't miss it. I just sent you the address. I'm not too sure about them. So, take Jim and Ted with you. "He says without stopping for me to speak, and I roll my eyes and massage my forehead with my fingers.

"Are you seriously working from a hospital bed, Ez? "I question in bewilderment, and his reply causes me to chuckle lightly.

"No, I'm taking a joy ride on a unicorns back to never land. Wanna join? "He replies, and I shake my head. He seems to be the only one who knows just how to lighten my mood.

"Keep fooling around till I come over to that hospital and rip your tongue out. "I reply, and he tries to laugh, but groans.

"Sorry, brother... "I console, and he speaks again amidst grunts.

"It's okay. I gotta go now. The doctor's here. Don't forget the meeting. And don't forget to take Jim and Ted with you. "He says, and I sigh.

"I won't, now end the call and get your test done. Goodbye. "I say to him, and with that, he ends the call.

I need to see our Italian partners to discuss the new weapons they want and when, where, and how they should be delivered. That and I have to attend to the issues with our branch on the Eastern side of the country. The cops keep getting on their trail, and a certain lieutenant is becoming a pain in the neck. I need to sort him out... And purge the branch of whatever fools they have.

My gaze falls back on my mother's picture, and mild guilt squeezes my heart. Causing me to quickly shut the box and shove it back into the drawer.

I shouldn't feel guilty for what I have become. It was the only way for me to survive. I had no other option. It was either this... Or still this.

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