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img img Romance img Warming The Mafia's Bed
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CONTAINS MATURE CONTENT ************************************ Tessa was a simple girl... Sike!! This is not one of those stories. Meet Tessa Gold. A bold, outspoken, goal oriented, dangerous seductive, and temperamental young woman. The only heir of the powerful Christopher Gold. Leader of the dangerous Born Killers mafia gang. Tessa's life is going perfectly fine, until her father suddenly falls sick. And with two weeks left to live, he gives her his dying wish. For her to get married to Cameron Heart. The ironically heartless leader of the Bloodshed mafia gang. Would Tessa agree to this union? And if she does, what would be the result of this marriage??? Love, lust, or turmoil??

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Latest Release: Chapter 18 Have To Be With Tessa   01-21 16:54