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img img Fantasy img The Vampire King's Assassin Pet
The Vampire King's Assassin Pet

The Vampire King's Assassin Pet

img Fantasy
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For years, Vampires and Werewolves has coexisted peacefully, despite both supernatural species naturally and genetically designed to hate each other. When Seline Atwood's pack is attacked on a cold winter night, she is embittered and confused. Driven by a thirst for revenge, she decides to devote her entire life to training in order to bring down Ferrara DeMarco, the much-dreaded vampire king who's responsible for her grief. The plan is simple. Seduce and stake him to death. But when she gets to know Ferrara for who he really is — a caring, loving and yet, lonely king — and not the monster he's been painted out to be, she falls in love with him. Is there a chance that he wasn't the one responsible for the attack on her pack? Most importantly, is there a chance that their love could sail through the storms of complications and enemies on it's path?

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Latest Release: Chapter 34 That Void Feeling   01-21 19:08