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img img Romance img My Ex-Wife Is Pregnant?!
My Ex-Wife Is Pregnant?!

My Ex-Wife Is Pregnant?!

img Romance
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Lenny was the richest man in the capital. He had a wife, but their marriage was loveless. One night, he accidentally had a one night stand with a stranger, so he decided to divorce his wife and look for the girl he slept with. He vowed to marry her. Months after the divorce, he found out that his wife was seven months’ pregnant. Did his wife cheat on him? Scarlet was looking for her husband one night and the two unexpectedly made passionate love. Not knowing what to do, she ran away in a panic, but later found that she was pregnant. Just when she was ready to explain what had happened to her husband, he suddenly asked her for a divorce. Would Lenny ever find out that the strange girl he had slept with was actually his wife? More importantly, would their loveless marriage take a turn for the better—or the worse?

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