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Divorce Has Never Felt This Good

Divorce Has Never Felt This Good

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Becky endured three years of marriage to the cold-hearted Rory. In all that time, she naively reasoned that one day, he'd gradually come to like her. But the second he forced her to kneel down and humiliate herself, she knew she had been wrong about him. This man had no feelings for her at all. So why should she still love him? When Rory gave her the choice between kneeling down and divorcing, she didn't miss a beat and chose the latter. After all, why should she waste her youth on this scumbag? Wouldn't it be nicer for her to just have fun every day with her billion-dollar family fortune?

Chapter 1 He Didn't Believe Her

The Casper family was a well-known family in Courtbush. Today was Elmore Casper's eightieth birthday party. Many distinguished guests were present and the atmosphere was lively.

However, a sudden ear-piercing scream from the garden startled everyone present.

Someone recognized that it was the voice of Babette Casper, the wife of Elmore's eldest grandson. She was pregnant, and her husband had already passed away. The Caspers rushed to the garden immediately to see what was going on.

In the swimming pool, two struggling figures came into view.

Before anyone else could react, Rory Casper dove into the swimming pool to pull the struggling Babette ashore.

Just then, the security guards rushed into the water to save the second drowning figure, Becky Casper.

When Becky returned to the house in sopping wet clothes, the servants passing by didn't bat an eyelash at her.

Nobody cared that she had nearly drowned, nor did they care about her in general.

After living with this family for over three years, Becky realized that her position was possibly inferior to that of the dog raised by Rory's sister.

Since such a big accident happened to Babette, the Casper family rushed to the hospital with her.

Becky retreated to her room, took a shower, and then put on a fresh set of clothes. Feeling unwell, she sank into bed. Just as she had drifted off to sleep, she was dragged out of bed by Rory.

When Becky saw Rory, her eyes turned red. "You're back already? How's Babette? Listen to me, Rory. I swear I didn't push her into the swimming pool."

Rory sneered coldly. "Save the excuses for Grandpa."

Becky suddenly came to her senses. "What do you mean, Rory?"

Without giving her the light of day, he said briskly, "Grandpa has questions for you."

Rory didn't want to waste his breath on Becky. Not long after Babette was sent to the hospital, her child was gone.

That child was supposed to be the only flesh and blood left by Rory's eldest brother. Because of Becky, they lost the child forever.

Of course, Elmore was furious. As soon as he came back from the hospital, he ordered Rory to take Becky to him.

Becky went stiff. Rory's words sent shivers down her spine.

She had been married to Rory for so long. Of course, she knew how Elmore would punish people who had made serious mistakes.

They would be seriously beaten.

It never occurred to her that they would turn a deaf ear to her explanation. They didn't even give her the chance to explain and just believed what Babette said.

Looking at the side profile of the man who was dragging her away, Becky couldn't help but think that he was undoubtedly handsome. But this man had never been gentle or nice to her ever since she married him.

Her high fever was unbearable, but no one cared.

Now that Babette lost her child, Becky knew everyone in this family, including her husband, wanted to skin her alive.

Becky pursed her lips in mock. "I can walk by myself."

Rory glanced at her. There was disgust and anger in his deep-set eyes, without a trace of pity or sympathy.

"Hurry up," he said expressionlessly.

Without waiting for a response, he turned around and hurried to the living room.

Watching him leave her, Becky suddenly felt that her life had been nothing but a joke the past three years.

The living room was brightly lit. She knew that the Caspers were inside waiting for her.


As soon as Becky entered, Elmore threw a teacup at her.

Becky stood there, calm and collected. "Why?"

She had done nothing wrong. Why should she get on her knees?

Her stubbornness only served to make Elmore angrier. "Rory, this is the person you married!"

Just as Becky opened her mouth to explain herself, Rory suddenly raised his hand and pressed his palm heavily on her shoulder. "Kneel."

Under his strong hand, Becky was forced to kneel. "Either you kneel or we divorce."

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