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The CEO'S Surrogate Stripper

The CEO'S Surrogate Stripper

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Author: Anamika Ana
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" Mr.King, you already know that I don't sell my body.", Valentina spoke to the man, folding her arms over her chest. " Who said that I want to hire your body?", Lorenzo retorted, taking a long puff from his cigar. He continued taking slow, predatory steps on her way, " I want to hire your bump, Miss Avery." ***** Valentina Avery, the infamous Stripper Of Darknight Bar had nothing to lose in her life. Except her part-time job and daytime studies, the world no longer mattered to her after losing her family and dignity in one night. Mystery falls into her life when she meets the mysterious, famous Ceo, Lorenzo King. Between the lines and barriers of their mysterious contract, Lorenzo became an unrestrained part of her life but a love of stripper and famous Ceo were never welcomed by society.

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Latest Release: Chapter 84 Epilogue 2   10-31 16:19