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Billionaire's Substitute Beauty

Billionaire's Substitute Beauty

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Ever since she was adopted into the Newell family, Sheila had been tormented by her adoptive mother and elder sister, who treated her like a lowly slave. Struggling and strapped for cash, Sheila agreed to lose her virginity to a disgusting old lecher in exchange for money to cover her dearest friend's medical bills. However, the man that she ended up sleeping with turned out to be a handsome gentleman who promised to marry her as a result of their night together. Gerald Lamont, the wealthiest man in the city, went to Sheila's house the very next day. However, to Sheila's horror, he proposed not to her, but to her elder sister, Winnie, who looked just like her. How did that happen? Worse yet, he didn't seem to remember Sheila at all. He even accused her of being a vain woman with ulterior motives. However, as time passed, Gerald gradually realized that Winnie was quite different from the woman he had slept with that fateful night. Would Gerald uncover the secret of the Newell family? Was Winnie really the woman he wanted to marry? If so, how come he couldn't seem to resist the urge to protect Sheila? If the truth was revealed, which lady would he choose?

Chapter 1 A Humiliating Deal

"Sir, your food is here."

Sheila Newell was a slim and beautiful woman. Wearing a sexy low-cut dress, she knocked furtively on the door of a hotel room. Her voice trembled as she spoke.

She was the adopted daughter of the Newell family. It just so happened that she looked a lot like the Newell family's cherished biological daughter, Winnie Newell. Knowing that Sheila was badly in need of money to cover the medical bills, Winnie had proposed that Sheila sleep with a man in exchange for a large sum of money.

The person inside the room was an ugly, fat director who had strange sexual proclivities. It was rumored that over a dozen young models had slept with him to further their careers, only to end up dead in bed.

At this moment, Sheila wanted more than anything to turn around and bolt as fast as she could. However, thinking about Ivan York's critical condition in the hospital, she knew she couldn't give up.

Sheila took a deep breath and finally plucked up the courage to open the door.

"Hello, is somebody— Ah!" Before she could finish her sentence, a hand suddenly reached out from behind the door and yanked her in.

Almost instantly, the strong scent of alcohol hit Sheila. She looked up nervously and found a tall figure standing in front of her in the darkness. Scared out of her wits, she momentarily forgot how to breathe.

Under the dim light, Sheila could only vaguely make out the man's cold eyes. However, she could clearly hear his heavy breathing.

Swallowing anxiously, she desperately tried to calm herself down.

Thinking of what was about to happen, Sheila said feebly, "Sir, this is my first time. Please... please be gentle."

The man tilted his head slightly to the side as though he found what she said interesting. Chuckling, his cold gaze softened a bit.

He raised his hand and rubbed the tip of Sheila's ear teasingly. His voice was low and hoarse. "Then why don't you do it by yourself?"

"Sir..." Sheila blushed, feeling both fearful and embarrassed.

The man who stared at Sheila stopped talking. Instead, he picked her up and threw her on the bed.

Then he climbed on top of her and started to kiss her collarbone and neck passionately.

Finally, he made his way up to her red lips and murmured, "This might hurt a little bit."

The stiff Sheila came to her senses and she started to struggle. "No, please..."

"Don't be afraid. I will take care of you."

The man could barely control his lust for Sheila. His voice was thick with desire, and before Sheila knew it, she felt something huge thrusting inside her body.

Silent tears rolled down Sheila's cheeks.

Thinking of Winnie's promise, she finally closed her eyes, bit her lip, and put up with it without protest.

After the whole ordeal, the man fell into a deep sleep.

Regardless of the pain, Sheila dragged herself out of bed and got dressed.

Just as she was about to leave, she gritted her teeth and stole a glance at the man on the bed. Nothing but a thin quilt covered the man's waist, exposing his well-defined muscles. And even Sheila had to admit that he had a handsome face.

Sheila couldn't help but feel a little surprised, but she didn't have the time to think too much about it. She turned around and quickly exited the room.

In the room adjacent to the one Sheila just left, Winnie was waiting impatiently for Sheila to come back.

"It's done. I did what you asked me to do. The money you promised me..." Sheila's voice trailed off. She didn't want to lose whatever semblance of dignity she had left.

Winnie looked up at Sheila and frowned in disgust. Finally, she threw a card on the ground contemptuously.

With a bitter smile, Sheila squatted down to pick up the card.

Suddenly, Winnie stepped on Sheila's hand in her red stilettos.

Her shrill voice rang in Sheila's ears. "Don't let anyone know what happened tonight or I will not save Ivan!"

Sheila bit her lower lip and endured the throbbing pain in her hand. Without saying a word, she nodded quietly.

After all, she too didn't want anyone to know that she had had sex for money.

Satisfied, Winnie withdrew her foot and walked towards the next door with her head held high.


It was almost dawn.

Gerald Lamont was awakened by the sound of running water. He had a terrible hangover and winced as he sat up in bed.

The memory of last night flooded into his mind. He narrowed his eyes and looked towards the bathroom coldly.

Was that woman in the bathroom?

With a cold expression on his face, Gerald got out of bed and strode to the bathroom.

The sound of running water suddenly stopped and the door swung open.

A woman wrapped in a bath towel stood in front of Gerald.

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