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Tycoon's Substitute Beauty

Tycoon's Substitute Beauty

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Ever since she was adopted into the Newell family, Sheila had been tormented by her adoptive mother and elder sister, who treated her like a lowly slave. Struggling and strapped for cash, Sheila agreed to lose her virginity to a disgusting old lecher in exchange for money to cover her dearest friend's medical bills. However, the man that she ended up sleeping with turned out to be a handsome gentleman who promised to marry her as a result of their night together. Gerald Lamont, the wealthiest man in the city, went to Sheila's house the very next day. However, to Sheila's horror, he proposed not to her, but to her elder sister, Winnie, who looked just like her. How did that happen? Worse yet, he didn't seem to remember Sheila at all. He even accused her of being a vain woman with ulterior motives. However, as time passed, Gerald gradually realized that Winnie was quite different from the woman he had slept with that fateful night. Would Gerald uncover the secret of the Newell family? Was Winnie really the woman he wanted to marry? If so, how come he couldn't seem to resist the urge to protect Sheila? If the truth was revealed, which lady would he choose?

Chapter 1 A Secret Relationship

Late one night, on the top floor of Court Hotel in Soulas.

Sheila Newell trembled with fear as she opened the door of Room 888. She held the knob so tightly that her knuckles turned white.

The air in the dimly-lit room was heavy with the smell of alcohol. Sheila uneasily walked over to the bed. Before she knew what was happening, somebody grabbed her wrist and yanked her, causing her to fall down on the bed against her will.


Sheila screamed as a hot body climbed on top of her.

The man was topless, revealing his taut muscles and perfect figure. With a straight nose, thin lips, and a pair of handsome eyes, he looked like a god from the Greek legends.

When she saw his face, Sheila's heart couldn't help but skip a beat.

The man seized the opportunity to firmly imprison her under his body. The thick scent of alcohol assaulted Sheila's nose. She felt like a small animal that had fallen into a trap, and while she tried to struggle, it was futile.

After all, this was the task she had to complete.

"Don't be afraid."

Perhaps the man could tell just how terrified Sheila was, because his magnetic voice almost sounded comforting. Despite his heavy breaths betraying his lustful desire, Sheila felt her tense body relax a little.

Then, the man lowered his head and planted his warm lips on her collarbone, slowly making its way up her neck to the tip of her chin, and finally, her red lips.

His kiss was red hot, like a spark that ignited Sheila's desire.

Sheila couldn't help but let out a moan, but her mouth was covered by the man's lips. Gradually, tears rolled down her cheeks uncontrollably.

The man paused to gently wipe the tears from the corners of her eyes.

His tenderness made Sheila lose all sense of rationality. Not only did she allow the man to do whatever he wanted, but she felt a bit of pleasure as he ravaged her.

It was past midnight.

Sheila quietly slipped out of the man's arms and picked up the clothes scattered on the floor. After hastily getting dressed, she crept out of the room like a mouse.

Winnie Newell had been waiting in the next room for what felt like an eternity. When Sheila finally stumbled inside, Winnie snapped, "What took you so long?"

Sheila tugged at the hem of her clothes uneasily and whispered, "Winnie, it's done. Ivan's medical fees..."

Winnie's eyes wandered to the hickeys on Sheila's neck and she snorted in disgust. "They've been paid. Now, if you want him to live, just keep your mouth shut."

If it weren't for the fact that the female lead role of Star of Tomorrow was at stake, Winnie wouldn't have gone to such lengths to pay Sheila to sleep with the director of the film. Although Sheila was just an adopted daughter of the Newell family, she looked similar to Winnie, which was why the latter took the opportunity to make Sheila do her dirty work.

Thinking of this, Winnie felt inexplicably irritable. She waved at Sheila dismissively and said, "You can go now."

Sheila nodded. Not wanting to stay another second, she turned around and left as quickly as she could.

The hickeys on her body were a shameful reminder of the humiliating deal she had just made. Fortunately, it was over and it would be kept a secret forever.


When it was almost dawn, Gerald Lamont awoke to the sound of running water. Almost immediately, he winced in pain from his hangover.

The memory of what had happened the night before flooded into his mind like a tide. He narrowed his cold eyes and glanced to the bathroom.

Was it the woman he had slept with last night?

Gerald dragged himself out of bed and strode over to the bathroom.

The sound of running water suddenly stopped. He pushed the door to the bathroom open and looked coldly at Winnie, who was wrapped in nothing but a bath towel.

Winnie looked shy and flustered. She had no idea that the man whom Sheila had slept with was not the fat greasy director, but Gerald, a rich and powerful man in Soulas.

What a pleasant surprise!

"I'm sorry." Gerald's cold eyes landed on Winnie's bare shoulders and neck, which were covered in hickeys. He was usually quite reserved, but for some reason, he lost all semblance of control to the woman he had slept with last night.

Thinking of this, the anger he had initially felt instantly vanished. His expression softened and his gaze was no longer cold.

He added, "I'll take responsibility for this."

Pretending to be in a panic, Winnie nodded wordlessly. The truth was that she was overjoyed in her heart.

His family influenced the city's economy. If she could get Gerald's favor, she would be set for life!

Of course she wouldn't let such a great opportunity slide!

Fantasizing about her bright future, Winnie didn't mind taking a gamble.

"What's your name?" Gerald asked gently.

"I'm... My name is Winnie Newell," Winnie answered in a timid voice, her face as red as a tomato.

"Well then, Miss Newell, put on your clothes first. I'll ask my driver to take you home. I'll contact you soon." Without waiting for a response, Gerald closed the door for her and left.

Winnie was wild with joy. She got dressed quickly and left the room in high spirits.

After Winnie left, Gerald took a shower and put on a suit. Just as he was about to leave the room, he caught a glimpse of something on the bed—it was a bloodstain. His expression softened slightly.

Next to the stained quilt, there was a shiny object. When Gerald picked it up, he found that it was a star-shaped earring.

Although the earring looked a little old, it was well maintained.

Winnie must've left it. Gerald carefully put the earring into his pocket and thought about the bright eyes he had seen last night. They sparkled like stars in the dark night.

Gerald smiled imperceptibly. They would see each other soon.

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