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The Alpha's Triangle

The Alpha's Triangle

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After two years of failing to find her mate, Zira was close to giving up hope. She decides it is time to get out and travel instead of dreading her misfortunes. Before she has a chance to leave, she acts upon feelings for someone else. However those feelings start a hoist of events that will change her life and everyone around her. Will she be able to live with the decisions she makes or will they lead her to her final destination? Isaiah is more excited to be Alpha than finding his mate. That all changed when his sister's supposed marriage proposal leads him to finding his mate. Unbeknownst to him, other events will challenge him as an Alpha and as a mate. Will he be able to choose between his duties as an Alpha or his duties as a mate? Does he have the power to protect those he loves?

Chapter 6 Isabella

While my brother angrily watches Zira dance with Hunter. I left and went to his room to look for Victoria. I checked his room and it was empty. Where the hell is she? I angrily walked back to the party and then it hit me. Like times before the smell of lavender and vanilla invaded my nose.

Mate is near, my wolf Jas purred.

I followed it to my room and hesitated before walking in. I closed the door and turned around. Less than a second later, I was pushed against the door and lips covered mine, sending shockwaves through my body. I let out a moan and ran my hands through their hair. I pulled them closer as we both fought for dominance. They finally pulled back and placed small kisses against my neck.

“What took you so long,” she growled against my neck, grazing the spot where her mark should be.

“I could ask the same for you, Victoria.”

I always knew she was my mate about six months ago. We were having a small get together with close friends and family. Her scent hit me the moment she stepped foot in the house. She wasn’t eighteen yet, so she knew nothing about the pull I was feeling. Seeing her all over my brother was forcing little growls from my mouth. My parents couldn’t figure out what was wrong, so I just excused myself from the evening. It broke my heart a bit, knowing how close she was and not having the courage to let her know.

It’s not like the pack is against same sex mates but being an alpha’s daughter makes it a bit difficult for me. My parents want me to have a strong line of babies with alpha’s blood, so they’ve been suggesting alphas from neighboring packs. I, on the other hand, had my own plans. If Victoria accepted me, we would run away and find one of those packs that didn’t care for labels and titles. I was just waiting for her to feel the mate’s bond. I knew it could possibly increase my chances of getting a yes. Today was that day and I couldn’t be happier.

She looked at me with those blue sapphire eyes that always took my breath away. I ran my hands down her face to her arms and switched places with her against the door.

“How did you know? I haven’t seen you all day,” I asked, running my hands down her body. I wanted so badly to rip this dress off of her, and fill my mouth with every inch of her body.

“I was taking a nap in your brother's room when your mom yelled and woke me. When I walked into the hallway your scent nearly made me fall. I saw you turn around the corner, but I didn't follow. I wanted to make sure so I came in here. Just like before your scent filled my nose and I knew,” Victoria said, nuzzling my neck. “You’re mine.”

She moved me back against my bed and we both fell down. She surprises me by sliding her hand up my thigh until she finds my soaked panties. She grazed against the thin material and a growled rumble through my chest. She moved them aside and quickly stroked my swollen clit, bringing a louder moan from my lips.

“Yes,” I breathed out as my desire course through my body.

I gasped as I felt her finger slip inside of me. I open my legs as far as my dress would let me. Stupid bodycon! She added another finger as I pulled her into a kiss. I can feel my insides tighten trying to grip her fingers sliding in and out of me. I can feel my orgasm slowly building before I stop her.

“Wait, wait. This is going faster than I imagine,” I said sitting up in my bed.

“I know but I can’t seem to keep my hands off you,” Victoria said, capturing my mouth.

Reluctantly, I broke the kiss and walked towards the door. “Look, I have to get back down there before my mother notices I’m gone.”

Victoria looked at me confused. “But you’ve found your mate. Surely your mom would be understanding.” Victoria closed the door before I left. “The moon goddess chose us to be mates for a reason.”

“Look, my parents won’t be as understanding as the pack. They want me to have babies and a strong line and-”

Victoria placed her finger on my lips sending sparks through them. “We can still have those things. I’m the daughter of a Gamma, you know.”

“They won’t understand,” I said, a little defeated. Victoria looked down at her feet and I hated to see her this way. I couldn't resist the urge, so I stroked the side of her face. She leaned against my hand and planted kisses on my palm. Every little touch sent sparks through my body and I didn't want it to end. “But what if we could be together with no worries about parents or stupid traditional family stuff.”

She looked at me confused. “What do you mean?”

“We could run away. Find a pack that’s more accepting and don’t care too much about our titles. We can be together and do whatever we want,” I said, grabbing her arms.

Victoria looked as if she was mulling it over. Then she shook her head. I saw tears threatening to spill as she looked at me.

“No! This is my home now and I don’t want to run away again,” Victoria yelled, walking toward the door. “And if you can’t accept that. Then reject me.”

With that Victoria walked out the door. I stood there, stunned for a bit. Hearing those words made my chest hurt in ways I never knew it could. I took a few deep breaths before fixing my appearance. I went back to the party looking for Victoria. I could smell her scent but there were a lot of other scents blocking me. I spotted Zira near the bar and made a beeline for her.

“Hey have you seen Victoria,” I asked, watching her down a couple shots.

She shook her head and looked at me. “Why? What’s up?”

I hesitated for a minute and then I pulled her close so only she would hear. When I told Zira Victoria was my mate, Zira looked at me shocked then she smiled.

“I knew it. I knew it,” she yelled before I shushed her. “What? Aren’t you excited?”

“I can’t have her as my mate. My parents would never go for it. They practically threw this party to entice other alphas,” I said, stealing her drink and downing it in one gulp.

“So what are you going to do? Reject her? If you like her, then forget about what your parents think. What do you want,” Zira asked.

“You don’t understand, Zi. Either I do it now or wait for my parents to make me do it.”

“That’s insane, Isa. You are lucky to even find a mate so early in the game. I wish I was you. I wish I could feel the type of bond you have with Vict-”

“Well you can’t,” I snapped at her. “You can’t possibly understand what I’m going through. You don’t even have a mate!”

I walked away before she could retort. I didn’t want to hear anything she had to say because I knew deep down she would be right. I should be thankful for finding my mate. I should be thankful that she wanted me back. I guess I’m just a coward. Afraid to stand up to my parents. I stayed at the party hoping to get a glimpse of Victoria and keeping up appearances. Of course my mother took this chance to introduce the two alphas to me. It was weird standing in between the two, as my mother stood there yelling my praises over the music. After ten torturous minutes, my father finally pulled her away.

“Parents, right,” I said, trying to break the ice. Alpha Zack chuckled a bit and proceeded to eye fuck me all over again. So I turned my attention to Alpha Phil, who was watching the crowd with a serious face.

Nope, not touching that I thought to myself.

"Would you like to dance, Isabella," Alpha Zack asked.

Before I could answer, he grabbed my hand and pulled me towards the dance floor. One swift move, he spun me around and pulled into his body. A body that felt very solid. I was able to feel every muscle from his chest to his abs. Stupid dress and it's thin material. He noticed me staring and I looked away. No way am I letting this aroused me.

"I can tell you are a fierce woman, Bells." Bells? Well that's a new one. While contemplating on if I liked it, I felt him moved his right hand over my ass.

"Oh, really? I'm guessing the dress gave it away." I moved his hand back to the correct position.

"Among other things," he stated as his eyes drifted towards my cleavage.

I smiled like an actual smile. "Eyes up there Alpha-"

"Zack, just Zack," he said, meeting my eyes for the first time since we started dancing.

I was able to actually see his eyes. At first, they were a deep almond color, but now I could see little hints of amber around the pupils. The way his hair swayed back and forth added a certain mysterious flair that I was starting to like.

"I'll just get down to the chase. I think you would make a great Luna for the Blue Moon Pack."

"I'm not looking into being some Alpha's arm candy. Just following him around like a lovesick puppy, having babies, and being excluded from important decisions. That's not me."

His face showed a bit of a surprise, but he recovered and laughed a bit. "I wouldn't treat you like a side character. We rule as equals."

Now it was my time to be shocked. Equals. With an Alpha. Well this is unheard of. Granted I was interested but then her scent hit me. I jumped back from Zack as if he shocked me and looked around for her.

"Are you okay," Zack asked, walking towards me. He reached out but I stepped away. For some reason I didn't want him touching me at this moment.

"You know this was fun, but I think I might call it a night. Thank you for the dance. Maybe we can do it again sometime, yeah. Cool. Bye." I hurried away, trying to look for Victoria.

"Until we meet again," Zack yelled after me.

I closed my eyes trying to catch her scent but it seemed to have disappeared as quickly as it came. Fuck this night sucks. Walking back to my room I caught Victoria’s scent. She came back. I hurried back into my room and there she was, sitting on my bed. She looked at me, tears staining her face.

“I guess I’m weak,” Victoria laughed, wiping her face. “Just let me spend one night with you before you reject me.”

She must have heard me talking to Zira. I was about to close the door until Zira drunkenly pulled through the door.

“There you are,” Zira started, pointing at a surprised Victoria. Zira stopped, then turned to me. “Woah, did I-”

“Zira, I don’t have time for this,” I growled, before grabbing her arms and pushing her out the door. I quickly closed and locked the door. I looked at Victoria for a moment, before we both started laughing. “So where were we?”

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