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img Werewolf
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Author: Susu Pearl
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BLURB I stared at those gorgeous eyes as he threw the weapons on the table. There was a sly smile on his face that had been accustomed to my eyes. "Your mission…your choice…the only condition is for you to be successful" The sexy baritone voice instructed. "Who is the target?" I asked, peeling my eyes from those eyes. "The target…" he slurred, puffing the cigarette in his hand. And then with a sharp stare, he whispered into my ears. "The target is…the person you want dead. Your innermost desire" I could hear my heart pounding. "Anyone?" "Yes… anyone" he repeated. "What about you? Can I attempt to kill you?" There was a dark glimmer in his eyes as he responded with a smile. " You can try".

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