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My Arrogant Boss Is A Dragon

My Arrogant Boss Is A Dragon

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Getting an arrogant boss can be endured, but not if the said arrogant boss happened to be a devil's incarnate. Fire stick has been Lys' dream company, but the boss in it, made him change his mind about the company. Intent on leaving the company when he found out about the boss being a fire-breathing dragon, Lys isn't ready for a turn of events. His sickly sister had an accident, and an outrageous amount of money is requested. Desperate to save his sister, Lys enlists the help of his dragon boss. The boss agreed to help him, in exchange for something else. Lys will be his pretend boyfriend for a month. A month? That's easy, or so he thought. At the elapse of a month, will things go back to the way it was, or will it change everything for Lys?

Chapter 1 Lys

Life, to others, might be a bed of roses, but to me, it's not. I've tried to be the best I can be. I've endeavoured to be the best brother I can, for my siblings, but it seems the more I try to be better, the more I think I can't ever be.



“Lys, we're off to school, love you!” Mara shouts excitedly, just like always.

She's only but a bubbly girl.

I haven't seen anyone as excited to attend school as she is, she's a cheerful spirit despite her medical conditions.

“Take care and don't forget to take your medicine,” I turn towards the silent twin, “Mikel I trust you will take care of your kid sister, will you?” I pat him on his shoulder.

Mikel murmured in reply.

“What?" I bent to hear his words. But he shrugged my hand off his shoulder.

“I will, brother, and for your information, I'm not a kid anymore. I am starting high school today." Mara rolled her eyes at me.

After the movie, we watched a week, or two ago, she has learned to roll her eyes at everything.

To her, it's the latest expression.

They both walk out the door, with Mara skipping like the little girl she is.

“Be careful!” I shout out to them.

I worry about her a lot, she's a fragile being.

“Lys, always the worried mother hen," Grys took a bite from the pancake on the plate, with his mouth full, he resumes talking, “relax for once and enjoy life," he takes another bite. His words were muffled a bit by the food in his mouth.

“You know It's not healthy to talk with your mouth full?" I caution with my eyebrows raised at him.

He waved me off,“ forget about that, nothing is.....” he starts coughing, pointing at the water on the table, he holds his throat.

I almost restrained myself from giving him water, but being the doting mother hen as he jokes, I offer him the water.

He gulped the water in two swallows.

“Take it easy, you might choke again,” I lightly pat him on his back.

Removing my hand, he glared at me, “if it were to be Mara that choked, you would have given her the water before she can ask for it”, he accused poor old me.

“If it were to be Mara, she won't have talked with her mouth full, moreover you are not Mara and you will never be.” I frown.

He stuck his tongue out at me, “someone is practising Favoritism. You're always saying you love us equally, but we know it's Mara you love most”, he pouts.

Sporadically, I have a hard time believing Grys is an eighteen years boy and not a seven-year-old. His behaviour makes a person confused.

“ I love you all equally, it's just that I give special attention to Mara based on her health issues.” I sigh.

He sobers at that.

He gets uncomfortable whenever her health issues are brought up.

“ You're dressed up today, where are you heading to?” he raised a brow at me.

I know he's trying to change the topic, but I let it slide,

“I am going for a job interview”, I smile, readjusting my tie for the umpteenth time this morning.

“Which company? Last I checked, you've gone on all the job interviews you applied to.”

He has a point there.

I wrote the application letter last two months, and I had forgotten about it until I got a mail from the company.

I didn't make my siblings aware of it, as I don't want them to be disappointed if I don't get the job done.

We're in dire need of cash, and it won't help to get their hope up.

The company have been my dream for as long as I can remember and getting an appointment was like a dream come true.

“I forgot all about it since it's been almost two months since I sent the application until I got their mail”, I check the time on my watch, and saw it's currently 7:30, and I need to be at the company by 9:00 on the dot.

“I've got to go, make sure to attend classes, it wouldn't pay to skip school”, I narrow my eyes at him.

“I will, I promise”, he raised both hands in surrender.

“ Better.”



I exited the house and walked to the bus station.

We live in the poorest area in our city and the company is located at the heart of the city, an hour's drive from my current location.

The bus was almost filled, but I managed to squeeze myself between two plump females.

I would have waited for the second bus if not for the urgent task at hand.

“Boy, why are you wearing business clothes on a school day?” the pink lipped lady asks.

I blush at her question,

“gods! You look more handsome when you blush, red's a good colour on you,” the red-lipped lady comments.

People have always regarded me as a high school student based on my petite frame, if you don't know better, you will mistake me for a female.

Most have commented on the fact I can easily pass as a girl if I were to wear a dress and no one will be none the wiser.

“ I am going for a job interview,” I smile politely.

“Is it for a play at school, darling?” the other asked?

Are you deaf, or should I say blind?

I said I am going for a job interview. And for your information, I am not a high school student!!

I wanted to shout but couldn't instead I said, “I am going for a job interview at Firestick cosmetics company.”

The red lip woman placed a palm on her heart, “bless me, I thought you to be a homeschooler, you don't look older than seventeen!" she exclaims, causing the other occupants of the bus to turn towards us.

“ So I've been told”, I murmur in answer, blushing hard at the attention I was attracting.

“Your mom must be proud of having a handsome, intelligent young man like you're. If I had a son, I would have paired you with him, you will make a beautiful bride.” I blush harder, my cheeks hot from exertion.

“ My mom's now among the angels”, I whisper. Not wanting to spoil their joyful mood,

but it was no use, as they book shared a look.

“Am so sorry, dear, we weren't aware.” She gave me a look of pity.

I hate it when people apologize for something they didn't commit, why would they apologize for my mom's death? Are they her murderers?

“It's okay, it happened a long time ago”, I force a smile,

“still dear, losing a mom is a painful thing and for someone as young as you're”, the red lip lady says.

Luckily, they didn't engage me in another conversation for the entirety of the ride.

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