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Not my wish

Not my wish

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Author: Chidindu
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At two, she did the unimaginable, she came home from school one day with her face squeezed. Her mother called and called her name but she didn't answer. why aren't you answering your name patience? her mother questioned Don't call me patience, I don't like that name, how will you call me patience? little patience she replied her mother with a question... shocked by what her little daughter said, Mrs Gold thought maybe her teacher had annoyed her in School that is why she's acting that way. it's okay my dear, come let's go patience, Mrs Gold told her daughter mummy I have told you, don't call me patience, my name is not patience She fired again. will you keep quiet my friend, if your name is not patience, what then is your name? my name is Sarah, patience replied. your name is not Sarah, your name is patience, your father and I gave you that name and nobody is changing it, not even you. by the way where did you hear that name? who told your name is Sarah? answer me quickly, Mrs Gold threatened. it's me, nobody called me Sarah, I called myself. mummy please change my name to Sarah, I don't want you to call me patience again. come to my school tomorrow and tell my teachers please mummy. I want to be called Sarah. okay, I'll discuss it with your daddy when he returns from work. still baffled with what two year old patience was saying, Mrs patience went ahead to prepare lunch for her daughter. When Mr Gold arrived from work, his wife related the drama that happened between between patience and herself. Mr Gold was shocked, how can a child in nursery two be saying all of these? After a visitation to patience school the following day to make enquires about the kind of friends she keeps and her attitude in school, her name was changed from patience to Sarah. Sarah grew as a normal child will do but the only problem she had was that she was slow at speech and as a result of this, she stays away from her friends to avoid being ridiculed. As the years rolled, little Sarah had a lot of dreams but her father was not always in agreement to her wishes. He always wanted to bend her to his side not only as a child but also when she's an adult. Sarah is now grown but her father won't let her be, she discovers that she is responsible for whatever happens in her life and that even if the decision was taken by someone else, she is the one to bear the consequences of the outcome of the decision. And as a result of her discovery, she starts taking decisions for herself. She no longer wants to consider who, what. remains in her life, what matters to her is that " she has a say in what ever happens in her life". These words were her words.

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