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img img Romance img Beautiful fox and hunter
Beautiful fox and hunter

Beautiful fox and hunter

img Romance
img 46 Chapters
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Author: Juni
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No one would have expected that the beauty under the blood moon was a fox. Donna is a princess with a noble status and he is just a lowly hunter. The day Richard held the fox's tail in his hand, his heart truly belonged to her. The man stared in amazement at the bloody corpse of the woman he loved, her chest pierced by a sword. Her long eyelashes fell, her face pale. He thought he was going crazy. And indeed, he went mad and swung his sword to slay the wicked people. He was stunned, tears rolling down his cheeks. Richard knelt down and lifted her beautiful finger to kiss her softly, his voice strangely low. "My heart, this life belongs to you... Your Highness Princess! We die together!"

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