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img img Romance img Pleasing His Boss
Pleasing His Boss

Pleasing His Boss

img Romance
img 71 Chapters
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Author: Sage Athalar
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WARNING; MATURE CONTENT! Lyosha had always wanted to work in a big firm so he could earn enough to pay his debts and take care of his family. But well... if wishes were horses, then beggars would ride. He stumbles upon an application for a position in the best company in the country, one of the best in the world and decides to brave the interview despite the odds stacked against him. He unexpectedly gets a job better than what he applied for as the Boss' P.A and everything was going well, till he started longing for who he shouldn't—Her. When he was caught red handed in her bed, jerking off with her underwear, he was sure he would spend the rest of his life in jail. In an unexpected turn of events, instead of being someone's bitch in jail, he became his Boss' pet. He unknowingly commits a crime that's unforgivable in a world he never knew she was part of and he's given two choices... Watch his sisters die by her hand or kill and swear his allegiance to her. What was his crime? What dark world does she belong to? What choice did he make? Well...your guess is as good as mine, let's find out. N/B; This is a D/s femdom story I.e the female lead is sexually dominant and the male lead is sexually submissive.

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