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Author: Jessinta
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❝our eyes met, and our souls caught on fire.❞ ═════════════════════ Carla Marshall is an epitome of beauty and valiant nature. Tough, smart and sarcastic yet sweet with no care on how she looked. She's very familiar with pain, after all she was a victim of constant abuse by her father. No matter how much she tries to run, she's still stuck in the tragic verse of her past. Being a freshman at CSUN means a lot, new friends and a lot of drama as she's one who wouldn't hesitate to slam her fist in your face. With her troubling past bottled up, she's determined to get through life unscathed and stay away from college trouble. But unfortunately she crosses path with Valen Monroe and it's literally hate at first sight. Valen Monroe has it all. Boxing champion, two years in a row. A sophomore with devilish looks which has all the female population at his beck and call unfortunately except the crazily beautiful and tough girl. When one of his friends get's punched in the face by her, he's determined to get closer to her and find out more than she portrays.

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Latest Release: Chapter 19 toying with boundaries   06-23 03:12
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