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img img Romance img Bride of the Demon Lord
Bride of the Demon Lord

Bride of the Demon Lord

img Romance
img 95 Chapters
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Author: pronita
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Just like every other young lady at her age, she also wants to get married to the very Man of her dreams.. but things are rather better to remain a dream... Are losing her parents in such a tender age, Li Wai young, moved in with her uncle who also have a daughter who happens to be the same age as her, thank goodness they get along so well and are considered as blood sister from childhood till when they are adults.... Her uncle and Aunt took her in like their own child whatever Li Xi'an have can also be found in her room and of course the two girls do querie like other kids their age do , but when ever that happens Li Xi'an will end up being repreminded while Wei young will be pampered, but this only made her Miss her parents more.... ******** Looking at her aunt kneeling in front of her, reminding her how good she have been treated since she moved in with them. " Wei young'er , please you have to replace Xi'an I know you are not prepared for this but now the whole of Li family is in your hands, marry young master Gu and if he didn't treat you well we promise to allow you seek devoice..." She looked at her uncle who have been sitting quietly all this while with his head bowed.. realizing that he is not planning on saying anything she slowly turned to her aunt and gently squeezed her hand, helping her up, . " Get up Aunt" using her small hands to wipe off her tears, she gave them a bitter smile, " I will marry him, I will get dressed and marry young master Gu " after her gentle voice said this she ran as fast as her legs could carry her back to her room, leaving her uncle and his wife speechless but they were happy the great storm have been cleared up by her simple reply. She cried her eyes out that very night wishing her parents where with her,her elder sister Li Xi'an was supposed to be the bride but after a long disagreement with her parents she ran away living her to take her place, the two girls never wanted to be a part of an arranged marriage but dua to some problem known only to the elders concerning the family business the elders have no choice but to arrange for one of the girls to get married to the son of their business rival Gutangxing, infact like other parents this couple wanted their biological daughter to be the lucky one but the lady thought otherwise because of her child hood crush.. some one who doesn't know anything about her existence.. ******* Father you know there's no way am marring that lady, someone I don't even know , for crying out loud ! , I also heard that she has a record of visiting a phycologist.." a crazy woman " I rather die than marry her ' he said to himself over and over again. Tangxing, cryed to his father,who remain adamant about not changing his decision, " and who said you don't know her , the both of you went to the same middle School, High school and even University, so you most have met at that time maybe you don't remember, but don't worry after the marriage you will get to know each other better" he said in a final note.. Clearly frustrated by his father, he started reminding him, when he was born,how old he is and giving him reasons why he should be allowed to enjoy his youth.. His brother couldn't help but laugh at his pedigament , for the first time he was happy that he is not the eldest son of their family..... Father please don't do this to me, he quickly went to his mom but she is clearly on her husband's side especially when who ever gets married to this lady will become the CEO of Gu crops... The offer is very entirsing but I just can't spend the rest of my life with a crazy stranger..."" He said standing up... " You better get dressed tomorrow for the wedding" old man Gu snarred at him with a serious face making the others to remain calm... "I WILL MARRY HER" In the midst of the calm living room came a very clear and arrogant voice making the entire family to shiver in fear even father Gu... SOME WHERE IN TANGXING 's heart he was very happy and grateful for the intervention of his step brother .. even with his Cold and ruthless attitude he is forever nice to him and his brother ( or so he thought because this person has no clue on what family is) but why is he suddenly interested in this marriage.. Bro..." He wanted to ask but his father bite him to it.. " Who allowed you in "? " Oh!! I forgot that I need permission to come see my father, " he said nonchalantly... The door opened again and two huge men came in with guns standing behind him, dressed in a well known uniform .. What? Who gave you the right to the underground world ? Father Gu asked Furiously.. "10 years ago the Li family members made the life of a young lady miserable sending her to her earlier grave ,I want them to feel the same pain as I did then and after that I will come for you too, don't think you will excape punishment for your crimes, " he said totally Ignoring his questions...

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