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img img Young Adult img My Knight in Shyning Armor
My Knight in Shyning Armor,Bobang

My Knight in Shyning Armor

img Young Adult
img 121Chapters
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Author: Bobang
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Drew liked Leslie at first sight. Knowing she’s the girl his cousins hate, he was torn between his loyalty to his cousins and his love for the girl. Leslie liked Drew at first sight. Unfortunately, the boy is hostile toward her, for reasons she is not even aware of. But they know their feelings for each other are more than liking one another. It’s deeper. It’s love. When conflict arises, Drew has proven time and time again that his love for her is more than just butterflies in the stomach and fast heartbeats. His love for her makes him willing to save her with his life. It took them more than one trouble to finally be together. But when given the chance, more problems come their way and tested their love for each other. Will they survive it or will they just let go?

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